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John Hardwig
Professor of medical ethics and social political philosophy at East Tennessee State University.

People should die to save resources.

“[To conserve scarce resources, there is a] responsibility to end one’s life in the absence of any terminal illness . . . a duty to die even when one would prefer to live. . . . A duty to die is more likely when you have already lived a rich and full life. You have already had a full share of the good things life offers. . . . To have reached the age of, say 75 or 80 years without being ready to die is itself a moral failing, the sign of a life out of touch with life’s basic realities.”

Source: “Insider Report,” The New American, July 7, 1997, page 6.
Hardcopy: Copy of page 6 from the article.
Where: In his essay that appeared in the March/April issue of The Hastings Center Report, a journal covering medical ethics.
When: 1997.
Contributor: AIM.

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