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Brock Evans
Vice president, National Audubon Society.

There should be no private property.

“I think [private property] should be in the public domain. We should get it all. Be unreasonable. You can do it. Yesterday’s heresy is today’s common wisdom. So I would say, let’s take it back, let’s take it all back.”

Source: Environmental Overkill, by Dixy Lee Ray with Lou Guzzo, 1993, page 131. Also: This Land Is Our Land, by Richard Pombo and Joseph Farah, 1996, page 78. Also: “Rewilding America,” eco-logic, November/December 1995, page 23.
Hardcopy: Copies of pages (with the quote) from the referenced source documents.
Where: Spoken during a “Growth Management Forum” at the New England Environmental Network at Tufts University.
When: November 1990.
Contributor: AIM.

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