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“What Liberals Say” was developed by Accuracy in Media as a unique and comprehensive resource for statements made by liberals. The objective is to showcase hundreds — and eventually thousands — of statements by high-profile liberals on controversial subjects like gun control, multiculturalism and global warming.

On the ideological battleground, liberals often attempt to define conservatives by distorting what conservatives have said. Repeated distortions in the mainstream press leave the public with an inaccurate perception of the original idea.

However, when liberals say things that are embarrassing, foolish or just plain wrong, the mainstream press often turns a deaf ear. A quotation may receive some attention, but it is frequently hidden or downplayed.

“What Liberals Say” is dedicated to defining liberals not by the accusations or distortions of conservatives, but rather by what liberals themselves have actually said. These quotations paint a picture of liberals and liberalism untainted by mainstream media spin.

Considerable time and effort have been devoted to ensuring that these quotations and their references are accurate. However, not all quote sources are impeccable, so it may be possible on occasion to find flawed information on this website.

Should you encounter a quotation you believe to be in error, please send us an e-mail with a full explanation, and include documentation supporting your perspective. Direct your material to Deborah Lambert: Deb@aim.org.

Please note also that most of the photographs displayed here were found on the Internet and are considered in the public domain. No copyright designations were found with them, or prohibitions limiting their use. We are sensitive about the use of copyrighted material and we wish to maintain copyright protections. However, as best as we can determine, the Internet images we’ve found are in the public domain, so their use is allowed.

If you have reason to believe the display of any photo is improper or inappropriate because of copyright factors, please send us an e-mail with an explanation. Direct your remarks to Deborah Lambert: Deborah.Lambert@aim.org.