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  • Guy

    I hope I am wrong, but I think this guy being asked about Obamacare is all wet. His argument is that who frames the debate has the clear advantage. This makes no sense. It assumes that people have no real opinion and are influenced by who frames the debate. This is a “change people’s minds by speeches” strategy.

    In actuality people have made up their minds and the question is whose voters, and in what numbers, are going to come out to vote.

    It is unmistakable that all of our victories have occurred when and only when voter turnout is considerably higher than the numbers of voters who usually vote. Cantor is a recent example. Cochran was another example except it worked against us. The overage will bribed and preselected. NY22 is a perfect example as turnout was more or less normal and we came within 1600 votes to win.

    And of course there was Reagan where 75% of registered voters cast their ballots as compared to the usual 50% – 55% that turn out for a Presidential

    So his framing of the message doesn’t result in enough people coming out to vote.

  • Have you seen Watter’s World and the Leno street interviews? There ARE people who have no real opinion and are influenced ONLY by who frames the debate. Obama is right, everyone else is wrong. They are called “uninformed voters,” or as I like to call them, “stupid.” And there are far too many of them. They are why the democrat party still exists.

  • nodenier

    all the same BS from the right. They want to punish those that are poor for being poor.

  • madhatter46

    ???–Maybe they want to fix a problem , not just create programs that grow the apparachik control over lives. Education dollars have grown 300% since 1975, and still Johnny can’t read. The kids? Heck No, votes and dollars from public teacher unions trump student achievement. Choice in abortion–but no choice in education? Why do they send their own progeny to private schools? Arab Spring? Russian Reset? Call Bush immoral for raising the debt? Not a smidgen of corruption at the IRS? A video caused the deaths in Benghazi? You can keep your health insurance? Oaths to defend the Constitution and the laws of the land? Red-lines in Syria? Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? Transparency? No revolving door between White House and Wall Street? Demonize the evil 1%ers but vacation/party with and raise money from them all? Shovel ready jobs? Please —and you talk about right wing B/S? Unemployment–how many working part-time or just dropped out of the market? Close the monuments, but leave Andrews Air Base golf course open? How’s the War on Poverty? Didn’t President Johnson say it would make the needy tax payers not tax takers? How many are getting welfare now? Keep them dependent—it’s good for politicians and their life time employment and wealth accumulation? Tolkien’s Gollums all- seeking the “Ring of Power.”Have they ever had a real job?—- Bill/Hillary Clinton? (Sorry Hillary was fired from Watergate Commission for dishonesty). Al Gore? John Kerry (where does he park his yacht now?). Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi? Barbara Boxer? Anthony Weiner? Thought the Republicans were the “old white people party.” All these paragons of leftism; now multi-millionaires–the evil 1%ers? How many uninsured are still uninsured and how many who were insured are now uninsured–choice?—80 year old women required to have maternity coverage? Stop the nonsense lies and propaganda–the country is going down the tubes–hope the bad guys-(not talking about kids) don’t walk across the border!

  • Bertharina Rina


    A police officer’s primary duty is to guard the stolen wealth of the various fifty state ruling classes. Since the state is a master parasitic machine of professional bandits lawyers are needed in order

    to front and to secure the blood-sucking bastards that poach from mobs, of whom as cattle, kneel down to legal vipers, of which are legalized criminals to maintain as a back-up through judge-ships with the authority to jail helpless citizens that had been formerly brain-washed in that the state is a god-send in protecting any and all provinces of rule, cities, that has been allotted to them through the ballot box scheme or politically gerrymandered through landed encroachment of political gangsters favored by specific ruling elements having such robbery theoretically given power under some fraudulent opinion that the national constitution is a document that guaranteed theft by those of whom seek protection by theft as parasites via police state measures. The state is a parasite as lawyers are parasites feeding on parasites.