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  • TxRancher

    It’s funny how some are comparing the Occupy protesters to those of the 60s. This video proves how different they are. Most anti-war or Make Love-Not War protesters were not aggressive unlike these protesters. I remember the photo of a young woman sticking a flower into a Guardman’s rifle barrel. Now if you believe all 60’s protesters were like to ones on the West Coast that spat on our returning soldiers at the airport, I might agree, but these were the minority then. I hope these aggressive bullies are the exception too.

  • Kay Haas

    You walk in there confronting them with your signs and end up evoking argument. What does that prove? The difference between tea party and Occupy is in the numbers, a thousand Occupiers for every tea party member. Who represents more people?

  • dizum

    unions as the problem. Understand American citizens have starved to death protesting for workers rights, the same rights that you laughingly claim to be the enemy.

  • James F. Davis

    Keep up the good work! The video had me laughing but still wondering how to get to these people. I wrote what follows over a year ago but the insight might help in your future “interviews.” Recently I attended a lecture explaining the “Liberal Mind” by PhD. psychologist, Timothy C. Daughtry. He gave his explanation as to how such a minority (30%) in the United States has been able to impose its politics on the majority. When using the word Liberal below we are talking about the political Liberal.
    Liberals dominate our institutions, i.e., the schools, universities, media, arts, cinema, nonprofits, government bureaucracies, etc. Anyone challenging their monolithic views is ruthlessly attacked to be silenced.
    Daughtery stated there are two types of liberals. First are the hard liners. He suggested one is wasting his time trying to convince them of anything since they will not or cannot think about their underlying contradictory assumptions, for example, their contradictory belief in equality for all and affirmative action, i.e., special preferences for a favored group.
    If you try to discuss facts, they generally respond with personal insults, try to marginalize you by getting a group of like-minded individuals to condemn you, demonize you by suggesting you have dark motives, make you a laughingstock, etc. Sara Palin comes to mind. One can always tell who in the mainstream that Liberals are frightened of by the ferocity of their person attacks.
    The second type of liberal is the uninformed liberal. That person may listen and analyze factual information if you can get them away from their monolithic liberal group.
    In his overview Daughtry explained that the liberal character is all about dominance and power. They use the rules and the goodness of their opposition against them. For example, most people do not like conflict.
    So the liberal lives on the offensive. They are intense; they demand, whine, blame, accuse, threaten, intimidate, escalate and have tantrums so there cannot be a discussion of the facts.
    Just watch any cable news show debate. The liberal is virtually always the one interrupting the mainstream person. They don’t debate, they attack.
    In order to avoid conflict, the mainstream gives in a little at a time. The result has been an erosion of our liberties. The Liberal always demand 100% of the pie, but they take whatever they can get and come back to get more of the pie that was not theirs in the first place.
    Liberal tactics are about breaking the rules, causing a ruckus, polarizing, play the victim, playing one group off another, dividing and conquering. Arizona passed a law to address the overwhelming number of illegals in their state because the liberal federal government refuses to do it.
    Liberals responded by saying the law is racial profiling even though the law specifically prohibits racial profiling. And prohibiting racial profiling in this case is politically correct ridiculousness because over 90% of illegals in Arizona are Mexicans. It just makes the job harder.
    Liberals use words that mean nothing, for example, hope, change, equality, diversity, unfair, racist, sexist, hater, greedy, etc. When you are called this it is because you made a liberal angry because he had no logical answer for your fact based argument.
    They hide their real agenda. For example, Senator John Dingle slipped when asked about the new health care program when he responded, in essence: It will take a number of years to get the systems in place to “CONTROL” the people.”
    The Judeo-Christian culture, that made the United States the most powerful generous country in history, believes in absolutes, reality, right and wrong, people are responsible for their actions, and that the Golden rule is a check against man’s natural narcissism. Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.
    For the liberal, reality is subjective. There are no absolutes, yet they are so dogmatic.
    Liberals see God when they look in the mirror each morning. Remember when Barak Obama said, we will be ready to “RULE” on day one. He didn’t say govern.
    Liberals believe that if something goes wrong, someone else has to fix it. Therefore we got Obama care, even though high medical costs are directly attributed, in large part, to high administrative costs caused by government imposed regulations and mandates.
    In a future column, I will discuss ways to counter the Liberal tactics discussed above.
    James F. Davis

  • John

    This is a less funny, conservative version of Bradblog’s “Rise of the Tea Bags”.

  • Savannah

    Great video! I just donated because of it. Keep it up!

  • Anthony

    That is the power of indoctrination, mind control, leaving our kids in the classroom of Liberal teachers who sole objective is to instill in their subjective minds the seeds of their own destruction.
    Communism pure and simple and subtly planted as Liberalism when in fact it is repression of freedom and thought.
    Americans need to spend quality time in those countries the Liberals love and feel the reality of their twisted consiousness