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On March 30, 2013, at the national conference of the Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association, held at the Washington, D.C. Marriott-Wardman Park Hotel, AIM Editor Roger Aronoff was moderator for a panel that examined Oliver Stone, as an artist and historian. Stone and Peter Kuznick, his co-author of The Untold History of the United States and his co-producer of the Showtime TV series of the same name, were honored at the conference and spoke and took questions the evening before this panel discussion took place.

The panel was organized by Dr. Peter Rollins, a former AIM Fellow who produced the AIM documentary, “Television’s Vietnam,” part one of which aired on PBS in the 1980s. Rollins, an author, former professor and Marine, with a Ph.D from Harvard, has written and taught about films in popular culture, particularly as they relate to war and politics. He was also the president of the Popular Culture Association in the 1980s.

The other panelists were Ronald Radosh and Richard Raack. Radosh is a Prof. Emeritus of the City University of New York, an Adjunct Fellow at the Hudson Institute, and a columnist for PJ Media. He is the author or co-author of over fifteen books, including The Rosenberg File, Red Star Over Hollywood and A Safe Haven: Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel. He writes regularly for The Weekly Standard, National Review, and major newspapers including The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times and many others. He has been instrumental in waging a challenge to the distorted history of Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick.

Richard Raack wrote a Stanford Press book, Stalin’s Drive to the West, 1938-1945, published in 1995. Raack says that today’s censorship in academia is worse than scandalous, especially notable at the big name schools. He says it is just as bad among journalists who write history.

Raack taught “Analyzing the History Film” at Cal State U, East Bay, where he was involved in the creation of an M.A. program in Media and History, and has done film research for history shows on German TV, and for UK Channel 4. He did volunteer film research for the National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis, and worked as a producer, consultant, sound man, film cutter, historical researcher and music composer.

You can also read the entire transcript here.

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  • Enlightened

    Watched the first episode. As an amature historian the red flags were up several times in the first episode. It appears to me that this was going the way most revisionist historians go. First decide what you want to believe and then collect only information that supports that beleif even if out of context. I would be willing to continue with this series if Stone was willing to debate his film with opposing experts. I would look forward to seeing this. The fact that they would not tells me all I need to know. Now I can delete the other 10 hours from my dvr and be wiser for it
    Propagandist film is a very dangerous form of persuation. Assertions are made as fact and go unchallenged. Film footage taken out of context adds credibility to the point being driven across. Activists such as kurtz need us to hate our past and present in order to accept their future. Thank you for saving 10 hrs of my life.

  • WOOF

    Why do we persist in waxing astonished that a dedicated servitor of international communism repeatedly produces pernicious anti-American agitprop? Mr. Stone served bravely in Vietnam and was twice wounded—and in his bitterness against an establishment that subjected him to these importunities,he completed a familiar psycho-dynamic rotation, becoming his own former enemy—insert familiar Pogo quote here. Subsequently, as what Ruth King has called “a neo-communist,” he devotes his life to pumping out glitzy rubbish with the full faith and credit of the left-wing media and entertainment establishment backing his knavery—so why bother rebutting him again and again when it is sufficient merely to understand him and shrug him off? (And to mock him routinely, of course, but that’s what we do at WOOF!)

  • Manfred

    Stone and Kuznick have portrayed the truth.The arguments brought by opponents are familiar and neo-conservative

  • Scott Binns

    You just described the School of Micheal Moore film-making to a tee.

  • physicsnut

    so Oliver Stone likes Henry Wallace
    but – Wallace was going to keep ALGER HISS and HARRY DEXTER WHITE
    who were working for Stalin.
    well – i guess that settles that.

  • Marshall Goodman

    Craig Ferguson (former host of “The Late Late Show”) a couple months ago was saying Oliver Stone might make a movie about Vladimir Putin. Imagine that, Ferguson said, that crazy Communist. And, he added, Putin is not all that sane, either.