Accuracy in Media

Barack Obama’s policies and behavior toward the State of Israel suggest a profound lack of understanding and sympathy for America’s only democratic ally in the Middle East. Through his actions and statements, the President has done much to undermine the historic relationship between the U.S. and Israel, and has seriously risked the security of the Jewish State.

From demanding unprecedented building freezes in Jerusalem, to insisting on 1967 borders as a starting point for negotiations, to flip-flopping on the status of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and engaging with the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the region, President Obama has set back the prospects for peace between the two parties.

This video, produced by Accuracy in Media, documents President Obama’s often hostile, one-sided pressure on Israel. It also shows how the President will do anything to ensure his own chances for re-election, even if it means allowing Iran to continue developing nuclear weapons while it plays a cynical game of stalling and deception.

Assisted by a biased media, Obama has turned his back on more than six decades of American-Israeli friendship.

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  • redwood509

    On the money!

  • Henry Leyva

    I am not for Obama, but when I hear about Israel, I am always reminded about the Dancing Israelis on a New York bridge, celebrating the demolition of the Twin Towers and Building 7 on 9-11. 

  • Elshpen

     Um . . . what kind of stupidity is this?  What the HELL are you talking about?

  • Kenneth Acushla

    It is Yahweh Who will help Israel defend itself no matter what Obama does. Our LORD Yahshua is not a liar. HE means what HE says and says what HE means.

  • C. Roy

    I know there were a bunch of Iranians were laughing and joking about the attacks, but never heard about Israelis doing so. What’s your source for this bullshit? What do the Israelis gain by the attacks?

  • It’s an urban myth. doesn’t even bother concerning itself with it.  But there is an audience for this type of fantasy, which goes by the name: Anti-semitism. 

  • GerryC

    What historic relationship? Read Aarons and Loftus’s book “The Secret War Against the Jews”. Establishment Repubs and Dems have constanatly tried to undermine Israel.


  • Nudge Channel

    Israelis were not there celebrating!