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Trump Criticizes New Mexico’s Governor, who is a Republican

GOP-on-GOP criticism? Par for the course in this election cycle, apparently: Despite his promise to unite the Republican Party, Donald Trump attacked New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez — the chairwoman of the Republican Governor’s Association — on Tuesday night and accused her of “not doing the job.” Martinez has been critical of Trump and did […]

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Washington Post Makes Excuses for Obama’s Manufacturing Jobs Promise from 2008

Read it for yourself: During President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, he told voters that manufacturing jobs would be a crucial part of the American economy’s resurgence. His administration set a goal to “create 1 million new manufacturing jobs by the end of 2016.” At the time, manufacturing insiders cheered. The national unemployment rate had fallen 3 […]

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Protesters Storm Iraqi Parliament, Chaos Ensues

A state of emergency was declared over the weekend when protesters barreled into the government’s parliament building, which is located in the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad. Several lawmakers were beaten and verbally abused, sending others scrambling and hiding throughout the building.

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Study: Police Officers are Hesitant to Shoot Black Suspects

It’s an interesting finding, but one that won’t be broadcast on national news stations because it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative that police officers are racist. Note the following paragraph, which is the opening paragraph of the article: The conventional thinking about police-involved shootings, and some scientific research, has been that black suspects are more […]

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Georgia Passes Religious Liberty Bill, Which Offends Hollywood

Hollywood, specifically Marvel and Disney, have criticized the religious liberty bill as being discriminatory. However, the bill protects religious leaders from performing homosexual marriage ceremonies and being forced to attend these events. Additionally, the bill allows religious organizations to deny use of their facilities if they have religious objections, in addition to exemptions over hiring or […]

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May 2016

5/25/2016 - Trump Criticizes New Mexico’s Governor, who is a Republican

5/24/2016 - Washington Post Unhappy with Voter ID Laws in Effect This Fall

5/24/2016 - Feds Investigate Virginia Democratic Governor with Clinton Ties over Donations

5/23/2016 - Activist: Poll on Washington Redskins Name “is Absurd…Trivializes” Native Americans

5/20/2016 - Washington Post Article Lamenting the Fall of Venezuela Mentions Socialism Once

5/20/2016 - Poll: 9 in 10 Native Americans Not Offended by Washington Redskins Name

5/8/2016 - Washington Post Makes Excuses for Obama’s Manufacturing Jobs Promise from 2008

5/2/2016 - Protesters Storm Iraqi Parliament, Chaos Ensues

5/2/2016 - Study: Police Officers are Hesitant to Shoot Black Suspects

March 2016

3/25/2016 - Georgia Passes Religious Liberty Bill, Which Offends Hollywood

3/8/2016 - Washington Post Edits Nancy Reagan Obituary Quietly

3/7/2016 - Washington Post Dances on the Grave of Nancy Reagan

3/6/2016 - Ted Cruz Wins Maine, Kansas Caucuses while Trump wins Kentucky, Louisiana

3/2/2016 - Donald Trump’s Rise could be Similar to Hitler’s, said Washington Post

February 2016

2/29/2016 - Virginia Democratic Governor Signs Gun Bill into Law

2/25/2016 - Nevada Governor Withdraws Name from Obama’s SCOTUS List

2/25/2016 - Rubio Rising: Leads Trump, Cruz in Poll of Hispanic Republicans

2/22/2016 - New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan to Join Washington Post

January 2016

1/18/2016 - Is it Trump vs. Cruz? Some Think So

1/16/2016 - Free at Last: Iran Releases U.S. Marine, Pastor and Washington Post Reporter

1/12/2016 - Washington Post Realizes that Obama’s America is an Unhappy One

1/11/2016 - The #GoldenGlobes weren’t Impressive, Huh?

1/4/2016 - Washington Post Drops Liberal Columnist Due to Lack of Readers

December 2015

12/31/2015 - Overwhelmed by Immigrants, Sweden is Turning Them Away

12/31/2015 - Washington Post’s Police Shooting Study Debunked

12/28/2015 - Everyone is Offended: Panel Recommends Replacing the Civil War-Era State Song of Maryland

12/28/2015 - Washington Post Article on Maryland Syrian Refugee is All Sentiment

12/28/2015 - Washington Post Runs Op-Ed on Pushing for Gun Violence Stats at the CDC

12/28/2015 - Washington Post Shifts Blame in Deaths of Knife-Wielding Palestinians who Attack Israelis

12/23/2015 - No, Liberal Media, the Right wouldn’t Draw Obama’s Kids in a Tasteless Political Cartoon

12/23/2015 - Secret Service Member has Gun, Badge, Radio Stolen

12/23/2015 - Washington Post Issues Apology for Ted Cruz Political Cartoon

12/23/2015 - Washington Post Writes Extensive Piece on Obama’s Christianity

12/23/2015 - Team Cruz Unhappy with Washington Post’s Fact-Check of Ad

12/22/2015 - Ted Cruz criticizes Washington Post Cartoonist for Cartoon of Him, His Girls

12/22/2015 - Virginia won’t Honor Out-of-State Gun Permits

November 2015

11/23/2015 - Washington Post Reporter Jason Rezaian Sentenced to Prison Term

11/16/2015 - Father Sacrifices His Life for Daughter, Others by Shielding Suicide Bomb’s Blast

11/9/2015 - Mizzou President Resigns after Outcry over Handling of Race on Campus

11/6/2015 - Wall Street Journal Mocks Martin O’Malley as an Unidentified Man in Photo

11/4/2015 - Progressive Vision for Virginia’s MacAuliffe Flounders as GOP Holds State Senate

October 2015

10/12/2015 - Washington Post Reporter Convicted in Iran in Closed-Door Trial

10/1/2015 - Planned Parenthood Mammogram Lie

September 2015

9/24/2015 - Liberal Media Covers Pope Francis’ Climate Change Comments more than Religious Liberty

9/15/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s 2015 Full of ‘Worst Weeks’ and Outpaces Other Politicians, Brian Williams, Planned Parenthood

9/3/2015 - Democratic and Elected Kentucky Clerk Jailed over Marriage Licenses

August 2015

8/31/2015 - DC’s Homicides Tally Matches all of 2014 with 105 Homicide Deaths

8/5/2015 - Washington Post’s O’Keefe: It’s “Very Clear” Clintons Play by a Different Set of Rules [Video]

8/5/2015 - FBI Launched Probe into Security of Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

8/3/2015 - Washington Post calls Pro-Life Movement “Antiabortion”

July 2015

7/22/2015 - VIDEO: Obama Butchers Name of American Held Hostage in Iran

June 2015

6/1/2015 - WATCH: Hillary’s “Monarch in Waiting” Strategy is a Failure, says WaPo Columnist

May 2015

5/29/2015 - AIM Fact Check: Hillary Clinton on Gender Pay Gap Myth

5/27/2015 - Washington Post says Clinton’s Finances Too Hard to Understand, but what about Mitt Romney’s?

5/23/2015 - Puff Piece by WaPo Highlights 44% Underemployment Rate by College Grads

5/18/2015 - Washington Post: Conservatives give Better Commencement Speeches than Liberals

5/7/2015 - VIDEO: Clintons are Tone-Deaf and Out of Touch with American Voters

March 2015

3/20/2015 - WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart Says Racial Abuse Over His “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Column Won’t Deter Him

3/17/2015 - WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart Admits “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Was Built on a Lie

3/3/2015 - Washington Post Fact-Checker calls out Obama’s Keystone XL Pipeline Remarks

February 2015

2/15/2015 - More Brian Williams Myths Exposed by Washington Post

2/13/2015 - Washington Post Drops Saturday Newsstand Edition

2/4/2015 - Obama’s anti-Netanyahu Campaign Falls Flat on its Face

2/3/2015 - Washington Post is Bored, so they Publish an Article about Rep. Schock’s Downton Abbey-themed Office

January 2015

1/8/2015 - Maria Shriver Praises Alzheimer Film on NBC- Omits She’s Executive Producer of Film

October 2014

10/30/2014 - Washington Post Creates Award to Honor Editor Who Returned Pulitzer

10/12/2014 - Mary Landrieu replaces Manager, Washington Post says Not to Worry

September 2014

9/26/2014 - Journalists Complain About White House Meddling With Their Reports on Obama

August 2014

8/13/2014 - WaPo’s Dana Milbank: Obama’s 39% Approval Rating Isn’t That Bad Considering How Miserable America Is [Video]

July 2014

7/31/2014 - Left-Wing Media Matters Criticizes Washington Post for Being “Obsessed” About Hillary Clinton’s Wealth

April 2014

4/22/2014 - Who’s Crazy? NBC Hired Psychological Consultant to Evaluate Meet the Press’ David Gregory

4/8/2014 - Washington Post Won’t Admit Report on Koch Brothers is Wrong—Just “Complicated”

January 2014

1/2/2014 - SeaTac $15 Minimum Wage partly struck down by Courts

December 2013

12/11/2013 - Washington Post Announces Rachel Maddow Column

October 2013

10/20/2013 - EBay founder Hires Snowden Reporter Glenn Greenwald

10/7/2013 - Justice Scalia Canceled Subscription to “Slanted,” ‘Shrilly Liberal” Washington Post

10/7/2013 - Hey Obama, Putin approves you cutting Asia trip short!

10/2/2013 - About Face: Washington Post Reverses Itself—Decides GOP is Solely to Blame for Shutdown

September 2013

9/25/2013 - Jeff Bezos Uncertain About Long-Term Future of Print Version of Washington Post

9/3/2013 - Jeff Bezos Hopes to Usher in a “New Golden Era” at The Washington Post

August 2013

8/9/2013 - New York Times Not For Sale—But It Should Be

8/5/2013 - Shocker! Washington Post Sold to Jeff Bezos

June 2013

6/13/2013 - Media Downplay Their Conflicts of Interest

6/10/2013 - WaPo’s Ignatius: Holder a “Mediocre” Attorney General

May 2013

5/27/2013 - Left Tries to Redefine IRS Scandal

5/23/2013 - Obama’s Leak Obsession Leads to Privacy and Free Speech Abuses

5/23/2013 - New York Times Dumps on Obama Administration for Threatening Press Freedom [Video]

5/22/2013 - IRS Scandal Reaches the White House

5/10/2013 - Washington Post Tweets Expose Liberal Bias on Benghazi

5/2/2013 - The Washington Post’s Liberal Image and Record

April 2013

4/15/2013 - Washington Post Puts Headquarters Up for Sale

4/9/2013 - Media Misrepresenting Judicial Confirmations

March 2013

3/4/2013 - Washington Post Replaces Ombudsman With Reader Representative

February 2013

2/25/2013 - WaPo Ombudsman Confirms Post’s Liberal Bias

2/19/2013 - WaPo’s Ombudsman Calls Paper’s Move to Cut Position “Shortsighted”

2/12/2013 - Washington Post May Axe Ombudsman

January 2013

1/30/2013 - Washington Post Launches “Truth Teller” App

November 2012

11/27/2012 - The Washington Post Likes Pot

11/14/2012 - Washington Post Reboots, Names New Executive Editor

August 2012

8/6/2012 - Losses Mount As Washington Post Continues Downward Spiral

July 2012

7/3/2012 - Washington Post Fact Checker Won’t Fact-Check Post Stories

May 2012

5/17/2012 - American Family Radio; Logan Churchwell on the Media’s Bullying of Romney

5/14/2012 - How Our “Gay President” Learned About Sex

5/14/2012 - Alias Marx and Alinsky

5/11/2012 - What About Obama’s High School Years?

April 2012

4/24/2012 - Washington Post Ombudsman Says Paper Failed Former Blogger

4/17/2012 - Washington Post Burned Again by Blogger

February 2012

2/25/2012 - Washington Post Earnings Plummet in 4th Quarter

2/13/2012 - Washington Post Ombudsman Concerned About the Paper’s Future Amidst Buyouts

2/1/2012 - Matthews Calls The Washington Post the “Most Hawkish Paper in the Country”

December 2011

12/29/2011 - Washington Post Also Apologizes for Story Linking Romney to the KKK

12/17/2011 - New Study Predicts the Death of Newspapers in Five Years

November 2011

11/2/2011 - The Washington Post Gets “Occupied”

October 2011

10/22/2011 - WaPo Ombudsman Hits Paper for Poor Copy-Editing

September 2011

9/25/2011 - Slow Website Load Time Irks WaPo Ombudsman

9/11/2011 - WaPo CEO Graham “Disappointed” in Stock Price

August 2011

8/19/2011 - WaPo Executive Editor may Have to Eat His Words

8/10/2011 - Post: London riots caused by cuts to “youth centers”

June 2011

6/6/2011 - The Post Reports on the Poor Republican Tax Heretics

May 2011

5/11/2011 - More Bad Press, Cable News Beating Print on the Web

5/9/2011 - Media Bias in Layout

April 2011

4/21/2011 - WaPo’s Capehart: ‘I Care Deeply About the Democratic Party’

4/13/2011 - Props to the Washington Post…Seriously

4/12/2011 - Surprise! WaPost Continues PR Fight for Obamacare

March 2011

3/29/2011 - WaPo Publisher Gets a Fat Paycheck, Newsroom Gets Cuts

3/17/2011 - Washington Post Website: Fair and Balanced?

3/8/2011 - New WaPo Ombudsman Likes What He Sees

January 2011

1/24/2011 - WaPo Ombudsman Yearns for Journalistic Excellence

1/17/2011 - Washington Post Explains Away Reporting on Giffords Shooting

1/5/2011 - Former Washington Post Executive Editor Says Paper Has No Point of View

1/1/2011 - Washington Post Hires New Fact Checker