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Washington Post Dances on the Grave of Nancy Reagan

Obituaries are supposed to be neutral and positive, but why did the Washington Post allow a negative and critical piece on Nancy Reagan to be published? Isn’t this dancing on the grave of a deceased First Lady? It reads as if the liberal vitriol towards Ronald Reagan is extended to his wife. Class act the Washington […]

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Ronald Reagan’s Christmas Message from 1981

As we celebrate Christmas, Reagan’s 1981 address is worth reading: Nancy and I are very happy to send our warmest greetings and best wishes to all those who are celebrating Christmas. We join with Americans everywhere in recognizing the sense of renewed hope and comfort this joyous season brings to our nation and the world. […]

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July 2016

7/28/2016 - John Hinckley Jr., who tried to kill Ronald Reagan, Released

April 2016

4/29/2016 - Will Ferrell Walks Away from Reagan-Dementia Comedy Movie

4/29/2016 - Reagan’s Daughter Patti Writes Open Letter to Will Ferrell over Comedy Movie

4/28/2016 - Making Fun of Dementia: Will Ferrell to Portray an Aging Reagan

March 2016

3/12/2016 - Ron Reagan Remembers His Mother, Nancy Reagan, in Touching Tribute

3/12/2016 - Patti Davis Remembers Her Mother, Nancy Reagan

3/7/2016 - Washington Post Dances on the Grave of Nancy Reagan

3/6/2016 - Nancy Reagan, former First Lady, Passes Away at Age 94

3/3/2016 - WATCH: Mitt Romney’s Speech Blasts Donald Trump’s Proposals

December 2015

12/25/2015 - Ronald Reagan’s Christmas Message from 1981

November 2015

11/6/2015 - Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Killing Reagan’ Book has Inaccuracies, says George Will

September 2015

9/3/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: Unemployment Rates of 2-Term Presidents, from Reagan to Obama

June 2015

6/16/2015 - Ronald Reagan used to Carry a Handgun in His Briefcase, Author says

May 2015

5/4/2015 - Reagan vs. Obama Economies: Guess Who Wins?

September 2014

9/24/2014 - Reuters reports on Obama’s lack of “Reagan” Touch before 2014 Midterms

November 2013

11/5/2013 - Iranians protest outside former US Embassy on the Anniversary of the Hostage Crisis

September 2013

9/17/2013 - Happy Constitution Day!

June 2013

6/6/2013 - Reagan’s 1984 Pointe Du Hoc Speech marked 40-year Normandy anniversary

May 2013

5/27/2013 - President Reagan’s 1982 Memorial Day Address

April 2013

4/1/2013 - Ronald Reagan’s Easter Message

December 2012

12/14/2012 - Chris Matthews Accuses Mainstream Media of Being too “Balanced” Towards GOP During the Campaign

12/13/2012 - Michael Moore Is Optimistic About the Future Because Reagan Voters are “Dead Now”

May 2012

5/24/2012 - Matthews Not Thrilled with Right-Wing “Jackasses”

5/4/2012 - Soviets Funded Black “Freedom” Journal

December 2011

12/27/2011 - Christmas Message from Ronald Reagan

February 2011

2/7/2011 - Andrea Mitchell: “Republicans Trying to Appropriate Reagan”