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Liberal Media Used ‘Anti-Abortion’ Phrase to Describe ‘March for Life’ by 19-2 Margin

Too often, the liberal media uses the phrase ‘anti-abortion’ to describe the pro-life movement. They’ve stuck to that playbook and style guide, even after Donald Trump shamed the liberal media to cover the annual pro-life ‘March for Life’ the day before the march took place in Washington, D.C. Of the thirty-plus headlines from Google News […]

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Newsweek’s Conflict of Interest Story has Flown Under the Radar

It looks like liberals and progressives love disclosure and conflict-of-interest stories about conservatives, but not when it comes back to bite them. In light of recent controversies, such as ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos’ failure to disclose tens of thousands of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation AND the Clinton Foundation’s lack of self-awareness to report […]

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Newsweek Pushes Back Print Edition to March

According to Ad Age, the return of the print edition of Newsweek magazine has been delayed until March, from an initial goal of January or February. The new cover date will be March 7. Newsweek editor Jim Impoco admitted to Ad Age that the original deadline was “aggressive,” and that while editorial content is ready, they […]

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Stop the Presses! Newsweek Returning to Print

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Newsweek, which ceased publication at the end of 2012, will be revived by its new owner next year. According to The New York Times, Newsweek’s editor-in-chief, Jim Impoco, said the magazine will return in January or February as a 64-page weekly edition, and that it will be more […]

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January 2017

1/30/2017 - Surprise! Liberal Media Referred to ‘March for Life’ by Name

1/30/2017 - Liberal Media Used ‘Anti-Abortion’ Phrase to Describe ‘March for Life’ by 19-2 Margin

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November 2012

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May 2012

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November 2011

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October 2011

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August 2011

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July 2011

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June 2011

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May 2011

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February 2011

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January 2011

1/15/2011 - Newsweek’s Evan Thomas: ‘Obamacare is a Disaster’