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Obama Advisor Boasts He Tricked Liberal Reporters in Buying the Iran Deal

A great op-ed by the New York Post’s John Podhoretz on how Ben Rhodes, a former Obama speechwriter-turned-foreign-policy-advisor, fed reporters propaganda about the Iran deal. Rhodes drips with contempt for almost everyone but his boss. He consigns all those who do not share every particular of the Obama-Rhodes foreign-policy perspective to a gelatinous mass called “The […]

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ObamaCare Rates to Go Up More than 4%

The writer for the Upshot of the New York Times warns of higher insurance premium increases this upcoming year. Thanks, Obama: It already looks clear that many Obamacare insurance plans are going to raise their prices significantly… Over the last two years, I’ve written articles warning against scary headlines that exaggerate premium increases. Next year, […]

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New York Times Company Reported Earnings Losses

The downfall of the liberal media continues: The New York Times Company reported a $14 million net loss for the first quarter of 2016 as it continued to grapple with how to offset falling revenue in print advertising. Digital subscriptions remained a bright spot for the company, showing robust growth. In its earnings release on […]

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May 2016

5/26/2016 - Asian Actors Take Issue with a Whitewashed Hollywood

5/12/2016 - White House: Sorry for Lying to You, Press, but Want Some Doughnuts?

5/11/2016 - Ben Sasse in Op-Ed: Americans Shouldn’t Be Happy with Propaganda

5/10/2016 - White House Fights Back Against Allegations They Misled the Public on the Iran Deal

5/9/2016 - Obama Advisor Boasts He Tricked Liberal Reporters in Buying the Iran Deal

5/8/2016 - New York Times Article Asks if Prostitution Should Be Legalized in the Name of Feminism

5/6/2016 - ObamaCare Rates to Go Up More than 4%

5/4/2016 - New York Times Company Reported Earnings Losses

5/4/2016 - New York Times Highlights Some Police Chiefs’ Opposition to Gun Laws

5/4/2016 - Donald Trump Sweeps Indiana, Almost Assured the GOP Nomination

5/4/2016 - Sheldon Silver, Democratic State Lawmaker, to Serve 12 Years for Corruption

5/4/2016 - New York Times Does Feature Article on “Climate Refugees”

April 2016

4/28/2016 - No More ‘Bern’? Bernie Sanders Rumored to Fire Staffers after Primary Losses

4/27/2016 - Hillary Clinton Takes 4 of 5 States in ‘Acela Primary’ and Bernie Sanders Wins Rhode Island

4/19/2016 - Trump Camp Turmoil? Trump Aide Resigns after Communications Team Additions

4/18/2016 - New York Times Glances Over Bernie Sanders’ Private Charter Flight to Rome

4/11/2016 - Liberal Media Pounces on Pope Francis’s Latest Document, Focuses on Divorce, but Not Pro-Life Statements

4/9/2016 - New York Times’ Paul Krugman Sides with Trump over Cruz

March 2016

3/18/2016 - Bernie Sanders Backers Blast New York Times for Hillary Clinton Bias

3/9/2016 - Hillary Clinton Loses Michigan after Leading Polls by 31%

3/3/2016 - Latest Bias Buzz Podcast is Up! CPAC, Super Tuesday & Hillary Clinton’s Transcripts

3/2/2016 - Bias Buzz: Beyonce, CPAC, Hillary Clinton News and the Supreme Court

February 2016

2/29/2016 - New York Times Calls on Hillary Clinton to Release Wall Street Speech Transcripts

2/22/2016 - New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan to Join Washington Post

2/17/2016 - New York Times Claims No Proof that $15/Hour Wage Hurts Employers

2/16/2016 - A Tribute to Justice Antonin Scalia

January 2016

1/28/2016 - 12 Days Later, New York Times Corrects Erroneous Article on Israel

1/19/2016 - Huh?! Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump

1/18/2016 - No Koch Brothers? New York Times Praises NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

1/18/2016 - Low Gas Prices? New York Times Calls for Gas Tax Increase

1/16/2016 - Cruz Hits Liberal Media at GOP Debate

1/12/2016 - Hillary Clinton Struggles to Close Democrats’ Enthusiasm Gap for Bernie Sanders

1/11/2016 - Rolling Stone Strikes Again: Sean Penn Interviews ‘El Chapo’

1/11/2016 - New York Times Writes about “Jewish Terror” Group in Israel

1/3/2016 - New York Times Proposes Taxing Guns, Ammo

December 2015

12/28/2015 - Obama Uses Special Forces as His ‘Boots on the Ground’

12/28/2015 - Chicago Police Under Fire Again after Officer-Involved Shooting

12/22/2015 - Grand Jury doesn’t Indict Anyone in Sandra Bland Case

12/22/2015 - Over 1 Million Migrants Entered Europe in 2015

12/21/2015 - NY Times Issues Nonsensical Explanation for Edits on Obama Article

12/18/2015 - Blitzed! DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz Annoyed at CNN Question on Limited Number of Debates [Video]

12/17/2015 - More Secret E-mails? Obama’s Defense Secretary Used Personal E-mail for First Few Months

12/15/2015 - EPA Violated Rules in Pushing Propaganda on Water Rule

12/15/2015 - New York Times Goes All-In on Gun Control

12/13/2015 - Even After NY Times Editorial, Majority of Americans Oppose Assault Weapons Ban

12/6/2015 - More Gun Control, says New York Times

November 2015

11/29/2015 - New York Times Editorial Board says GOP is Full of ‘Nativist Bigotry’

11/16/2015 - New York Times Criticizes Hillary Clinton’s Comments Linking Wall Street Ties to 9/11

11/6/2015 - New York Times: Iran Deal May Not Improve Relations After All

October 2015

10/30/2015 - New York Times Botches Important Fact in Chris Christie Editorial

10/29/2015 - Analysis: New York Times Calls Jill Biden a Doctor 3X as Much as Ben Carson

10/26/2015 - New York Times Highlights the Futility of Banning Online Sports Gambling

10/6/2015 - Free Beacon: New York Times Piece Mistates Federal Background Checks, Hillary’s Gun Record

10/5/2015 - Truce? Donald Trump Thanks Megyn Kelly on Twitter

10/2/2015 - CNN Reports New York Times Made Five Big Errors in Trump’s Wife Story

September 2015

9/25/2015 - New York Times Defends “Jew Tracker” on the Iran Deal

9/25/2015 - BREAKING: John Boehner will Resign from Congress at the end of October 2015

9/24/2015 - Liberal Media Covers Pope Francis’ Climate Change Comments more than Religious Liberty

9/16/2015 - New York Times Profile of US Pilots Fighting ISIS Hints at Bad Strategy

9/16/2015 - Charts of Hillary Clinton’s Dwindling Support pre-Iowa Caucuses

9/11/2015 - New York Times Launched ‘Jew Tracker’ in light of the Iran Deal

August 2015

8/28/2015 - Carly Fiorina Super PAC Takes Out Full Page Ad to Defend Fiorina against New York Times Op-Ed

July 2015

7/27/2015 - New York Times Editorial on Planned Parenthood was Distasteful

7/27/2015 - Former New York Times Journalist now works for Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

7/25/2015 - New York Times Altered Hillary Clinton Story

7/24/2015 - CNN Anchor Calls NY Times Report on Potential Criminal Investigation into Clinton Emails “Pretty Damning” Politically [Video]

7/17/2015 - Cruz Book Finally Lands on New York Times Bestseller List

7/7/2015 - Marco Rubio Blasts New York Times Hit Piece against Him

7/6/2015 - New York Times Reporter Rips Hillary Clinton Campaign for Roping Off Reporters [Video]

7/1/2015 - New York Times Fawns over Hillary’s Pinterest Page

June 2015

6/16/2015 - “Morning Joe” Panel Criticizes Clinton Campaign for Denying Pool Reporter Access [Video]

6/11/2015 - Andrea Mitchell Questions NY Times Stories on Rubio: “How Is This Front-Page News?” [Video]

6/10/2015 - New York Times Calls Rubio’s Fishing Boat a “Luxury Speedboat”

6/10/2015 - Top New York Times Shareholder is a Clinton Foundation Donor

6/9/2015 - New York Times Won’t Answer Question on Date of Clinton’s Donation

6/9/2015 - Remember When the New York Times Used Democratic Opposition Research?

6/8/2015 - Clintons Donated $100K to New York Times in 2008, when the Paper Endorsed Her

6/6/2015 - Conservatives Blast New York Times’ Piece on Marco Rubio’s Driving

6/6/2015 - New York Times’ Hit Piece on Marco Rubio is a Big Swing and a Miss

6/3/2015 - WATCH: Head-in-the-Sand State Dept Oblivious about Iran Nukes Program Speeding Up

May 2015

5/11/2015 - VIDEO: CNN said Clinton Foundation’s Current Defense of Scandals Are Indefensible

5/4/2015 - NY Times Public Editor Gives Journalism Students Advice—Fairness Over Objectivity

April 2015

4/25/2015 - New York Times Defends Obama’s Drone Strikes Policy, which Killed 2 Hostages

4/25/2015 - VIDEO: Now CNN says the Clinton Foundation Scandal “isn’t going away”

4/24/2015 - NY Times’ Jeremy Peters: Media Matters Exists to “Misdirect” Attacks on Hillary Clinton [Video]

4/24/2015 - WATCH: New York Times Reporter says Clinton Allies Live to “Misdirect” Attacks on Hillary

4/14/2015 - New York Times Misfires In Editorial Blasting NRA Meeting

4/9/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept Downplays Obama Criticism by Former Secretaries of State

4/6/2015 - Columbia Journalism Publishes Investigation of Rolling Stone UVa Story

4/1/2015 - NYT’s Confessore: “Even the Most Ardent” Clinton Supporter Should Be Concerned About Wiping Email Server [Video]

March 2015

3/28/2015 - New York Times questions if GOP is More Loyal to Israel than America

3/27/2015 - Harry Reid to Retire and Not Seek Re-Election

3/26/2015 - Hillary Supporters Warn NY Times Reporter About Using “Coded Sexism” Language

3/24/2015 - NY Times Public Editor “Reconsiders” Her Post on Ferguson After Justice Department Report Clears Police Officer

3/19/2015 - Terrorists Take Foreigners Hostage, Kill 19 People at a Tunisia Museum

3/11/2015 - James Carville Accuses New York Times of Using “Right-Wing Talking Points” for Clinton Email Story [Video]

February 2015

2/26/2015 - Former New York Times Executive Editor Abramson Receives $1 Million Book Deal

2/23/2015 - New York Times: Hillary, Stop your Foreign Contributions and Donors

2/17/2015 - Hillary’s Op-Ed: A Lobbyist’s Dream

2/13/2015 - New York Times Media Critic David Carr Dies Suddenly

January 2015

1/28/2015 - Hezbollah hits Israeli Military Vehicle with Antitank Missile, seriously injuring Israeli Soldiers

1/23/2015 - Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Tried to Buy The New York Times

1/22/2015 - The New York Times writes a Decent Piece on Fox News’ Megyn Kelly

1/14/2015 - Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Scores Big with New York Times Investment

1/14/2015 - New York Times applauds Atlanta Firing their Fire Chief for Printing His Own Book

1/12/2015 - NY Times Public Editor: Paper Could Do a Better Job of Separating “News” vs. “Opinion”

1/8/2015 - Liberal News Media Scared of Airing Mohammed Cartoon

1/7/2015 - NY Times Executive Editor Vows to Fix What the “Buyouts Broke”

1/6/2015 - Harvard Profs Who Supported Obamacare Revolt over Increased Costs of Obamacare

1/5/2015 - New York Times runs Pro-Obama Golfing Puff Piece

December 2014

12/17/2014 - CNBC Anchor Blasts NY Times for “Moral Superiority” in CIA Interrogation Reporting [Video]

November 2014

11/26/2014 - New York Times published Home Address of Ferguson Police Officer Wilson

11/25/2014 - Harper’s Publisher Accuses New York Times of Marginalizing the Left to Promote Hillary Clinton

11/4/2014 - New York Times runs videos of “Why I’m Not Voting” in the Midterms

October 2014

10/9/2014 - Warren Buffett: Newspapers No Longer Primary News Source

September 2014

9/26/2014 - Hillary Presidency Preview?—Journalists Escorted to Bathroom at Clinton Global Initiative

9/5/2014 - NY Times Executive Editor Says He Thinks Paper Will Survive

August 2014

8/28/2014 - NBC News President Ignites a Firestorm by Saying Division Had “Gone To Sleep”

8/1/2014 - New York Times’ Profits Slide 52% as Digital Subscriptions Slow

July 2014

7/25/2014 - Hillary Clinton Admits That She Might Need to Work on Press Relations

7/21/2014 - Former NYT Executive Editor: Hillary is “Unrealistic” to Expect Journalists to Back Her “100 Percent”

7/15/2014 - Maureen Dowd Decries Chelsea Clinton’s “Money Grab”

June 2014

6/25/2014 - Court Forces Obama Admin to Release Drone Killing Memo

6/25/2014 - NY Times is “Confident” Intern’s Reporting is Accurate, Despite Democratic Ties

May 2014

5/29/2014 - AP’s Julie Pace: Obama West Point Speech “Odd” [Video]

5/27/2014 - NY Times’ Jonathan Martin: Obama Administration Going Through a Rough Patch [Video]

April 2014

4/24/2014 - NY Times Executive Editor Denies Gun Control Bias—Says News Coverage Isn’t “Ideological” [Video]

March 2014

3/25/2014 - NY Times Reporter: Obama Administration is “The Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom” in a Generation

3/19/2014 - NY Times Chairman Says the Paper is Not for Sale

3/10/2014 - Barbara Bush Honors Late Vet’s Wish—Cancels New York Times Subscription

3/7/2014 - NY Times Public Editor Encourages College Journalists to Be Accurate [Video]

February 2014

2/25/2014 - NY Times Public Editor Falls for Goldman Sachs Elevator Joke

2/6/2014 - Putting Perfume On A Pig? NY Times Ad Revenue Down, Yet Things Looking Up

2/6/2014 - Liberals at War? Observer Says NY Times Reporters Are In “Semi-Open Revolt” Against Andrew Rosenthal

2/4/2014 - NY Times Public Editor Blasts Paper’s Christie Story Edits

January 2014

1/28/2014 - NY Times Public Editor Wonders What Happened to Real News on Front Page

1/25/2014 - Say What? NY Times Public Editor Questions Paper’s Scant Coverage of March for Life Rally

1/24/2014 - NY Times’ Jill Abramson Calls Obama White House the “Most Secretive” That She’s Ever Dealt With [Video]

November 2013

11/14/2013 - New York Times Says President Made an “Incorrect Promise” on Healthcare Coverage

11/5/2013 - New York Times Editor Defends Editorial Saying Obama “Misspoke”

September 2013

9/27/2013 - Seymour Hersh: American Media is “Pathetic”

9/24/2013 - New York Times Reinstates Dividend, Enriching Sulzberger Family

9/9/2013 - New York Times CEO: We’re Not Twitter

August 2013

8/26/2013 - NY Times Executive Editor Abramson ‘Chafing’ at CEO Thompson’s Moves

8/22/2013 - New York Times Issues Major Correction of Maureen Dowd Column

8/21/2013 - NY Times Public Editor Admits Paper Has a Liberal Bias [Video]

8/9/2013 - New York Times Not For Sale—But It Should Be

July 2013

7/23/2013 - NYT Public Editor: Nate Silver Never Fit Into the Times “Culture”—Was “Disruptive”

June 2013

6/25/2013 - Prosecuting Glenn Greenwald

6/13/2013 - Media Downplay Their Conflicts of Interest

6/7/2013 - Second Thoughts: New York Times Editorial Changed to Soften Criticism of Obama

6/3/2013 - New York Times’ Jill Abramson: “Concerned That the Process of News Gathering is Being Criminalized”

May 2013

5/23/2013 - Obama’s Leak Obsession Leads to Privacy and Free Speech Abuses

5/23/2013 - New York Times Dumps on Obama Administration for Threatening Press Freedom [Video]

5/21/2013 - Robert Gibbs Takes a Swipe at Maureen Dowd—Dowd Fires Back [Video]

5/15/2013 - Obama Gives New York Times the Chills

5/13/2013 - Maureen Dowd Hits Obama on Benghazi

5/9/2013 - NYT Public Editor Says Fox News Has Helped Foment Criticism of Times’ Benghazi Coverage

April 2013

4/29/2013 - New York Times Doubling Down on Digital, As Ad Revenue Continues to Sag

4/26/2013 - Breitbart Was Right: NY Times Admits Pigford Was Rife With Fraud

4/16/2013 - New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof Blames GOP Senate for Boston Bombings, Then Backs Off

February 2013

2/27/2013 - He Loved New York City, But Not the New York Times

January 2013

1/11/2013 - New York Times Gives Environment Desk the Axe

December 2012

12/21/2012 - Soledad O’Brien Is Betting CNN Will Stay Focused on Hard News—Not Turn Into “Ice Road Truckers”

12/10/2012 - NYT Reporter: White House is “So Much Cockier” Than in 2011

12/4/2012 - New York Times Axing Newsroom Jobs

November 2012

11/28/2012 - NYT Executive Editor Still Betting on Print

October 2012

10/26/2012 - New York Times Stock Suffers Its Biggest Single Day Loss in More Than 30 Years

10/12/2012 - NYT Public Editor Criticizes Paper for Libya Coverage

September 2012

9/25/2012 - Former NYT Public Editor Doesn’t Regret “Truth Vigilante” Column

9/21/2012 - Four in Ten Newspaper Jobs Have Disappeared in the last Ten Years

9/6/2012 - New York Times Public Editor Embraces Facts

August 2012

8/27/2012 - Parting Shot—NYT Public Editor Says that Progressive Worldview “Virtually Bleeds Through the Fabric of the Times”

8/22/2012 - Media Credibility Hits New Lows

8/9/2012 - Liberal Media Struggle to Defend Obama Campaign Ad

8/7/2012 - NYT’s Bill Keller: Fox and Friends Very Opinionated, Unlike the Other Morning Shows

June 2012

6/27/2012 - New York Times’ Charles Blow Says Voter ID Laws Could Lead To a “Stolen Election”

6/19/2012 - New York Times Editor Compares Adelson, Koch Brothers to Watergate Era

6/11/2012 - Exposing the New York Times’ sins

6/8/2012 - Media Bias Against Faith Reporting

May 2012

5/29/2012 - Is The Boston Globe For Sale?

5/9/2012 - New York Times Pulitzer Prize Winners Ask Paper to Meet Union Contract Demands

5/7/2012 - NYT’s Bill Keller: “Fox Is Murdoch’s Most Toxic Legacy”

5/5/2012 - Ted Turner: “I Wanted CNN to Be The New York Times For the News Business” [Video]

April 2012

4/23/2012 - NY Times Public Editor Admits Paper Has a Pro-Obama Bias

March 2012

3/10/2012 - Former NY Times CEO’s Exit Package Tops $23 Million

February 2012

2/28/2012 - Former NY Times CEO’s Consulting Gig Worth at Least $25,000 Per-Hour

2/26/2012 - In Search of Revenues, More Papers Erect Paywalls

2/23/2012 - NYT’s Bill Keller: “If We Were Objective, We Would Be Tedious to Read”

2/3/2012 - New York Times Revenue Slides in 4th Quarter

2/1/2012 - Matthews Calls The Washington Post the “Most Hawkish Paper in the Country”

January 2012

1/15/2012 - NYT Journalists to Cruise With Readers This Fall

1/13/2012 - The New York Times Struggles with the Truth

1/5/2012 - Sign of Discontent: NYT’s Largest Union Sends Letter to Sulzberger With Over 500 Signatures

December 2011

12/28/2011 - New York Times Staffers in Open Revolt Against Management

12/22/2011 - New York Times Set to Pay Departing CEO Over $15 Million

12/17/2011 - New Study Predicts the Death of Newspapers in Five Years

12/16/2011 - More Turmoil at The New York Times as CEO Retires Unexpectedly

October 2011

10/14/2011 - N.Y. Times New Motto: All the Staff That’s Fit to Cut

10/12/2011 - Bill Keller Calls The New York Times “Socially Liberal”

10/10/2011 - Slim Pickings as Mexican Billionaire Increases His NY Times Stake

September 2011

9/25/2011 - Slow Website Load Time Irks WaPo Ombudsman

9/22/2011 - The Gray Lady is Singing the Blues

9/21/2011 - NY Times Bill Keller: “Obama Is In Danger of Being A One-Term President”

9/16/2011 - NY Times Exec Editor Abramson: “Our Mandate Is to Keep the Paper Straight”

9/15/2011 - Liberal NY Times Trashes New Anti-Palin Book

9/13/2011 - Rumsfeld Cancels New York Times Subscription Over Krugman 9/11 Comments

August 2011

8/30/2011 - N.Y. Times Biz Editor Can’t Take the Heat From Paper’s Public Editor

8/28/2011 - NY Times’ Keller Compares Religion to Belief in Space Aliens

8/22/2011 - NYT’s Friedman: “Three Years Is Too Soon to Tell If the Media Blew It on Vetting Obama in 2008” [Video]

8/17/2011 - N.Y. Times Frustrated With Obama

July 2011

7/25/2011 - NYT’s Keller Kills His Magazine Column

7/22/2011 - L.A. Times Grows Digitally, Lags Otherwise

June 2011

6/29/2011 - New York Times Still Misrepresenting Gaza Flotilla Story

6/25/2011 - A Little Less Free Speech at the New York Times

6/16/2011 - Israel Targeted Again by New York Times

6/11/2011 - New N.Y. Times Executive Editor Gets Social Joins Twitter

6/10/2011 - N.Y. Times, HuffPo Squabble Over Web Traffic

6/3/2011 - Why Did NYT’s Keller Resign?

May 2011

5/31/2011 - Media Elites Dig Dry Holes

5/13/2011 - Huffington Disses NY Times Paywall

5/1/2011 - Money Losing Boston Globe Attracts A Buyer

April 2011

4/27/2011 - NYT Ignores Atlas Shrugged

4/22/2011 - What Recovery? N.Y. Times Earnings Fall 58%

4/14/2011 - New York Times is Reduced to Giving Away Free Umbrellas

4/12/2011 - New York Times Paywall Up, Web Traffic Down

4/8/2011 - NYT’s Sulzberger:’Paywall Will Make It Harder for Poor People To Access Content’

March 2011

3/19/2011 - New York Times Faces an Uphill Battle with Paywall

3/18/2011 - N.Y. Times- HuffPo Battle Rages On

3/11/2011 - New York Times’ Keller Declares War on HuffPo

February 2011

2/4/2011 - All the Sexism That’s Fit to Print

2/2/2011 - NYT’s Keller: ‘Fox Creates Cynicism of News’

January 2011

1/25/2011 - NY Times May Become Leaker of Record

December 2010

12/18/2010 - NY Times Hit Hard By Defections

September 2010

9/24/2010 - Fox News Getting More Hits Than New York Times?

9/16/2010 - NYT Hating on Republicans Again