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Huffington Post Reverses Course—Trump No Longer Considered “Entertainment”

The Huffington Post, which was derided by some political observers when they decided to cover Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in its entertainment section last July, announced that they are reversing course and will now classify him as being political, following his remarks about Muslims this week. According to Arianna Huffington: Our decision in July was […]

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MSNBC’s Morning Joe Calls Out HuffPo Hypocrisy on Covering Trump as Entertainment, Not Politics [Video]

The Huffington Post’s editorial director, Danny Shea, took some heat on Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe for his decision to classify Donald Trump’s presidential campaign as entertainment and not politics. Shea said the decision is based on their opinion that Trump isn’t a serious candidate, and that it’s his celebrity that is responsible for the […]

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HuffPo to Drop AP in 2015, Build In-House News Service

The Huffington Post announced last week that it is planning to stop using Associated Press stories once its contract ends in 2015, and instead plans to build an in-house news service while relaunching its website and expanding internationally. Huffington Post co-founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington made the announcement in a year-end memo to the staff: […]

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Blurred Lines between Journalists and Activists

While there have long been different types of journalists—most notably reporters whose job it is to report the facts and stories in a fair and balanced way, and opinion journalists, who are still supposed to be fact-based, yet their job is to express their opinion, and, in essence, make a case for something—what is relatively […]

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Liberal Media Calls Obamacare Launch “Disastrous”

One of the largest liberal websites—The Huffington Post—has weighed in on the launch of the Obamacare website, and they don’t like what they see . A broken website imperils the largest expansion of the American safety net since the Great Society. More than two weeks into the disastrous rollout of, the website created by President […]

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