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Trump Clarified Rally Remarks on Sweden and Crime

President Donald Trump held a rally in Melbourne, Florida and spent some time talking about terrorism and named Sweden as a victim of terrorism. In his remarks, it appeared to the liberal media that he said there was a terrorist attack in Sweden “last night.” The liberal media gloried in this made-up attack, but neglected to […]

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Liberal Media Used ‘Anti-Abortion’ Phrase to Describe ‘March for Life’ by 19-2 Margin

Too often, the liberal media uses the phrase ‘anti-abortion’ to describe the pro-life movement. They’ve stuck to that playbook and style guide, even after Donald Trump shamed the liberal media to cover the annual pro-life ‘March for Life’ the day before the march took place in Washington, D.C. Of the thirty-plus headlines from Google News […]

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February 2017

2/21/2017 - Trump Clarified Rally Remarks on Sweden and Crime

2/7/2017 - Liberal Media Highlighted Russia’s Criticism of Fox News for Calling Putin a Killer

2/1/2017 - Fox News’ January Ratings Soar on Strength of Inaugural Coverage, MacCallum, Carlson Shows

January 2017

1/30/2017 - WaPo Media Columnist: Media Needs More Facts, Fewer Pundits, to Regain Public Trust

1/30/2017 - Surprise! Liberal Media Referred to ‘March for Life’ by Name

1/30/2017 - Liberal Media Used ‘Anti-Abortion’ Phrase to Describe ‘March for Life’ by 19-2 Margin

1/27/2017 - Morning Joe Congratulates Tucker Carlson’s Success at Fox News

1/26/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Inauguration Recap, Alternative Facts,Trump’s CIA Visit,Women’s March on D.C., Executive Orders and More

1/23/2017 - Fox News Cuts Ties With George Will, Stacey Dash, Adds Trump Supporter Nigel Farage

1/19/2017 - Bias Buzz Podcast: Trump Inauguration Day, Chelsea Manning Prison Sentence

1/19/2017 - Fox News’ Ratings Soar With Tucker Carlson, While Van Susteren Finishes Third at MSNBC

1/19/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Chelsea Manning, Dems Boycott Inauguration, Obama Blames Fox News, Limbaugh for Failures and More

1/18/2017 - Trump Tweets to Fight Back Against “Dishonest Media”

1/17/2017 - Obama Blames Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, for His Failures

1/11/2017 - Megyn Who? Tucker Carlson Slaughters the Competition in Primetime Debut

1/7/2017 - Greta Van Susteren Invites Fox News Viewers to Watch Her MSNBC Show

1/4/2017 - Bias Buzz: Megyn Kelly Moves to NBC, Trump Knows Business & Repealing ObamaCare

1/4/2017 - Megyn Kelly Goes for the Gold at NBC News

1/4/2017 - Megyn Kelly to Leave Fox News for NBC

December 2016

12/30/2016 - Fox News Tops All of Cable in 2016

12/24/2016 - Nine Feel-Good Christmas Stories

12/22/2016 - Obama Blames Fox News, Rush Limbaugh for Creating a “Fictional” Obama in the Media

12/17/2016 - O’Reilly Leaves the Door Open to Leaving Fox News

12/2/2016 - Fox News Fires Back at Obama for Blaming Network for Clinton Loss

November 2016

11/29/2016 - Former Bush White House Secretary: Trump could put Conservative Dot Com Media into Briefing Room

11/23/2016 - Tucker Carlson Mows Down the Competition in Debut Week on Fox News

11/21/2016 - AIM Editor Appears on Fox Business’s Cavuto to Talk Liberal Media Bias

11/3/2016 - Tucker Carlson to Get Own Show on Fox News

11/2/2016 - CNN Tops Fox News in Younger Viewers for the First Time in 15 Years

11/1/2016 - Fox News Apparently Only Suitor for Megyn Kelly

October 2016

10/31/2016 - Is CNN Beating Fox News? One Key Demographic Ratings says Yes

10/29/2016 - NYT Executive Editor Criticizes Fox News and CNN for Pandering Political Coverage

10/21/2016 - Biased Media Coverage of Trump & Clinton Scandals

10/20/2016 - Bias Buzz Podcast: Who Won the Last Debate, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

10/6/2016 - Family Feud? Hannity Accuses Megyn Kelly of Supporting Hillary Clinton

September 2016

9/28/2016 - Presidential Debate Was Most-Watched and Tweeted Ever

9/20/2016 - Liberal Media Adds Word “Racial” to Trump’s Profiling Comments

9/8/2016 - Bias Buzz Podcast: Trump vs. Hillary, Fox News Settlement with Gretchen Carlson, Greta’s Departure & Bill Clinton’s Multi-Million Dollar ‘Honorary’ Chancellor Position

9/8/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Gretchen Carlson Settles with Fox News for $20 Million While Van Susteren Abruptly Departs, Hillary’s Press Gaggle, Phyllis Schalfly’s Legacy and More

9/6/2016 - Greta Van Susteren Abruptly Departs Fox news

9/1/2016 - Liberal Media Bias in Covering NFL QB Kaepernick’s Remarks about Hillary Clinton

August 2016

8/31/2016 - Fox News Doesn’t Cover Some Veterans’ Support of Embattled NFL QB Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest

8/22/2016 - The Hill, Fox News Critical of Liberal Media Bias on George Bush-Katrina vs. Obama-Baton Rouge Narratives

8/16/2016 - Liberal Media Covers Black Lives Matter and Milwaukee Violence

8/12/2016 - Fox News Highlights Liberal Media Bias on Fact-Checking Trump and Not Hillary Clinton

July 2016

7/29/2016 - Why was the ISIS-Loving Teenager Under House Arrest before He Killed a French Priest?

7/28/2016 - All Charges Dropped in Freddie Gray-Baltimore PD Cases

7/28/2016 - John Hinckley Jr., who tried to kill Ronald Reagan, Released

7/28/2016 - Turkey Crackdown: Government Closes 130 Media Outlets after Failed Coup

7/25/2016 - Editorializing? Fox News Headline Claims ‘Trump Buries Bitter Rival Cruz’

7/25/2016 - WikiLeaks Exposes DNC’s Preference for Hillary Clinton

7/22/2016 - Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Resigns, Raising Questions About Network’s Future

7/20/2016 - The Trump Convention Wins Big in the Ratings

7/20/2016 - Trump: Black Lives Matter is “Essentially Calling Death to the Police”

7/20/2016 - It’s Official: Donald Trump is the GOP Nominee

7/7/2016 - Kate’s Law, which would Withhold Funding for Sanctuary Cities, Stalls due to Democrats’ Opposition

7/7/2016 - Paul Ryan: Don’t Give Hillary Clinton Classified Information Briefings after FBI’s Stinging Findings

7/7/2016 - Ex-Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Roger Ailes

June 2016

6/10/2016 - Report finds Half of DC Employers Will Fire Workers, Cut Hours after Minimum Wage Law Passed

6/10/2016 - Katie Couric Under Scrutiny, May Have Deceptively Edited Another Documentary

6/9/2016 - Hillary Clinton on Email Probe: “Absolutely…Not Going to Happen”

6/3/2016 - DOJ Decision could lead to Rehire of Fired VA Official

6/2/2016 - Ex-McDonald’s CEO: Fight for $15 will Cost Jobs, Lead to Automation

May 2016

5/27/2016 - Louisiana Passes Law that Makes Anti-Police Acts a Hate Crime

5/27/2016 - National Spelling Bee has a Tie for 3rd Straight Year

5/24/2016 - Wake County, North Carolina Decides No More Valedictorians

5/23/2016 - Taliban Leader Killed in Airstrike

5/22/2016 - Police Chief Resigns in San Francisco after Female Suspect Shot and Killed in Stolen Car

5/21/2016 - 157 Pregnant Women Tested Positive for Zika Virus in America

5/21/2016 - Some Evidence Found in EgyptAir Flight 804 Case

5/19/2016 - Obama’s “Career Killer” Overtime Rules Blasted by Businesses

5/19/2016 - House GOP Committee Chairman Moves to Censure IRS Chief

5/19/2016 - 66 Dead after Egypt Air Plane Crashes in Mediterranean Sea

5/18/2016 - Women in the U.S. Military Draft? House GOP Strips Draft Provision after Outcry

5/18/2016 - Labor Union Officials Unhappy with AFL-CIO’s Ties to Environmentalist Democratic Billionaire Tom Steyer

5/18/2016 - Fire Ben Rhodes, GOP Tells Obama and White House

5/16/2016 - Eurovision Contest Winner Sings 1944 Song about Soviet Deportation of Crimean Tartars

5/16/2016 - GOP Donor Adelson to Give Trump $100 Million for 2016 Race

5/16/2016 - ‘NeverTrump’ Republicans Try to Convince NBA Owner Mark Cuban to Run

5/16/2016 - Libyan Bank Hires People to Break Into Their Safe

5/13/2016 - Brazil’s President Suspended and Will Face Impeachment Trial

5/13/2016 - Emails: Hillary Clinton Acknowledged Security Risks of BlackBerry Use

5/13/2016 - Benghazi Committee Seeking to Contact Whistleblower over Air Force Commands

5/13/2016 - Obama Administration Tells States to Allow Transgender People in Either Bathroom

5/12/2016 - 3 Car Bombings Leave at least 66 Dead in Iraq

5/11/2016 - Trump Wins West Virginia Primary while Bernie Sanders Beats Hillary Clinton in Coal Country

5/11/2016 - Alleged Islamist Stabs Germans with a Knife at a Train Station

5/10/2016 - A Cover-Up? State Dept Claims They Don’t Have Emails from Hillary Clinton’s IT Aide

5/10/2016 - Paul Ryan: If Trump Asks Me to Step Down as Convention Chair, I’ll Do It

5/9/2016 - Alabama Justice Faces Removal over Gay Marriage

5/9/2016 - ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Transferred to Prison Close to US-Mexico Border

5/9/2016 - Canadian Wildfire Near Fort McMurray Could Double in Size

5/9/2016 - Egypt Court Recommends Death Penalty for Al-Jazeera Journalists

5/9/2016 - Homing Pigeons are Being Used by ISIS, says Jordan

5/9/2016 - UN Envoy: 50 Mass Graves Discovered in Iraq

5/9/2016 - U.S. Forces Deployed to Yemen to Provide “Intelligence” Support

5/7/2016 - Two Students Expelled from University after Race Hoax

5/6/2016 - State Dept Stonewalling Gowdy, Benghazi Panel on How It’s Using Funds

5/5/2016 - “It was Easy” to Breach Hillary Clinton’s Email Server, says Hacker

5/5/2016 - Kerry Warns Syria’s Assad about Political Transition

5/5/2016 - Obama Drinks Water from Flint, Michigan to Show It’s Safe to Drink

5/4/2016 - Following Cruz’s Lead, Kasich to Drop Out of GOP Race

5/4/2016 - GOP Governor Vetoes Campus Carry Bill

5/4/2016 - USS Cole Commander Criticizes Transfer of Detainee to Saudi Arabia

5/3/2016 - Should Jews be Worried about a Muslim Migration into Europe?

5/3/2016 - British Labour Party Rocked by Anti-Semitic Scandal

5/2/2016 - Equality in the Draft: Bill to Require Women to Enter into the Military Draft

5/2/2016 - Pro-Life Activists Reject Plea Deals in Exposing Planned Parenthood Organ Harvesting

April 2016

4/29/2016 - Green Beret Who Confronted a Child Rapist is Allowed to Remain in the Army

4/29/2016 - Curt Schilling, Fired ESPN Baseball Analyst, Blasts Former Colleagues

4/28/2016 - Liberty University: Guns are Allowed in Dorms

4/27/2016 - Pro-ISIS Hacker Group Claims They Stole Information about State Dept Employees

4/27/2016 - 690,000 Signatures on Petition to Target over Transgender Bathroom Policy

4/27/2016 - Kasich Back-Stabbing Cruz? Kasich said He Won’t Tell People Not to Vote For Him

4/26/2016 - Truce? Megyn Kelly to Interview Donald Trump

4/26/2016 - Austin School Board Asks for Name Suggestions, Gets ‘Schoolie McSchoolface’

4/26/2016 - Afghanistan Faces Humanitarian Crisis as NATO Withdraws from the Country

4/26/2016 - ISIS Pay Scale is Based on Wives, Kids and Sex Slaves

4/26/2016 - Obama Sends 250 Troops to Fight ISIS

4/26/2016 - Too Little, Too Late? Obama Administration Targets ISIS with Cyber Warfare

4/26/2016 - Cleveland Police Settle Tamir Rice Lawsuit for $6 Million

4/25/2016 - 3 Killed in Renewed Fighting in Ukraine

4/25/2016 - North Korea Launched Missile from Submarine

4/22/2016 - Prince, Pop Star and Icon, Passes Away at Home

4/21/2016 - During Black Lives Matter Protests, Fear Gripped Mizzou’s Campus

4/21/2016 - Russia Ignores Obama’s Pleas for a Ceasefire

4/21/2016 - SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Terror Attack Victims, Iran Owes Them Money

4/20/2016 - Utah Governor to Sign Bill that Deems Pornography a Public Health Hazard

4/20/2016 - Cuban Officials Blast Obama’s Cuba Visit as an ‘Attack’

4/20/2016 - Car Bombing and Assault on Afghanistan Gov’t Compound Leaves At Least 28 Dead

4/19/2016 - VA Accused of Shredding Documents Needed for Claims

4/19/2016 - ISIS Revenue has Fallen by 30% since Last Year

4/19/2016 - Obama to Send 200 Troops, Apache Helicopters to Fight ISIS

4/19/2016 - Celebrities Accidentally Register for Conservative ‘American Independent Party’

4/19/2016 - Brazil’s Lower Legislature Votes to Impeach President Dilma Rousseff

4/18/2016 - Firefighters Shot in Maryland, One Dies

4/18/2016 - Peshmerga Troops Haven’t Been Paid in 3 Months while Fighting ISIS

4/18/2016 - NBA Approves Advertisement on Jerseys for Next Year

4/16/2016 - Oops? North Korean Missile Explodes Upon Launch

4/16/2016 - Judge Sides with Newtown Families, Lets Lawsuit against Rifle Maker Go Forward

4/15/2016 - Fox News Touts Trump Lead in Poll

4/15/2016 - Heated #DemDebate between Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton

4/14/2016 - FBI Paid Hackers for Tool to Access San Bernardino Terrorist’s iPhone

4/14/2016 - Hillary Clinton Blames Racially-Charged Skit on NYC Mayor

4/13/2016 - Congress is Concerned about Hackers Attacking the IRS

4/13/2016 - Naval Officer Held in Brig on Espionage Charges

4/13/2016 - Paul Ryan: Don’t Nominate Me at the GOP Convention

4/12/2016 - John Kerry Visits Hiroshima, Japan to Push for a Nuclear-Free World

4/12/2016 - CIA: No More Waterboarding

4/12/2016 - Top North Korean Intelligence Officer Defects

4/12/2016 - ISIS Killed 21 Christians in Recaptured Syrian City

4/12/2016 - Belgian Prosecutors Believe They Have the Man in the Hat from Airport Attack

4/12/2016 - State Dept Finally Releases Over 1,100 Documents to Benghazi Panel

4/12/2016 - U.S. to Deploy B-52s to Fight ISIS

4/11/2016 - Court Strikes Down Wisconsin’s Right to Work Law; Appeal Planned

4/10/2016 - Fidel Castro Makes a Rare Public Appearance

4/9/2016 - Bruce Springsteen Cancels Concert in North Carolina Over Transgender Bathrooms

4/7/2016 - ‘Jackie’ of UVA Scandal Deposed by Judge in Trial

4/6/2016 - Megyn Kelly Unsure About Her Future at Fox News

4/6/2016 - Megyn Kelly Could Leave Fox News after 2016 Campaign

4/6/2016 - Cuba Jailed 498 Dissidents During Obama’s Visit

4/6/2016 - North Korea Can Put Nuclear Warheads on Missiles

4/6/2016 - Iceland Prime Minister Resigns after Panama Papers Leak

4/6/2016 - Bernie Sanders Takes Wisconsin

4/6/2016 - Ted Cruz Crushes Donald Trump in Wisconsin

4/5/2016 - MSNBC Hijacks Portion of Megyn Kelly Town Hall Interview with Ted Cruz

4/5/2016 - California, New York Pass Higher Minimum Wage Laws

4/5/2016 - ISIS Launches Their Own CSI Forensics Arm

4/4/2016 - Mass Grave Discovered in Palmyra, Syria after ISIS Driven Out

4/4/2016 - Air France Stewardesses Upset at Headscarves Order on Iran Flights

4/2/2016 - United Nations Sex Scandal Gets Worse

4/2/2016 - ISIS Converts Iraq University Lab to Test Bombs

4/2/2016 - State Dept Ordered to Stop Hillary Clinton Email Probe by the FBI

4/1/2016 - Scuffle Between Reporters, Protesters and Turkish Security in D.C.

March 2016

3/31/2016 - Dilma Rousseff Close to Impeachment; Biggest Brazilian Party Quits Gov’t

3/31/2016 - State Dept Apologizes for Ugly People Tweet

3/31/2016 - 12 Detroit Principals Caught in Bribery Scheme

3/31/2016 - No Charges for Minneapolis Police Officers in Shooting Jamar Clark

3/31/2016 - Taxi Cab Drivers Threaten to Boycott the DNC Convention in Philadelphia

3/31/2016 - Iran: Missile Program Matters More than Nuclear Talks

3/31/2016 - Cold War 2.0: Pentagon Outlines Plan to Defend Eastern Europe against Russian Aggression

3/31/2016 - Belgium Terrorist’s Laptop had Images of Prime Minister’s Office, Home

3/29/2016 - Segregated, Women-Only Cars to be Rolled Out in Germany over Migrant Fears

3/29/2016 - Airliner Hijacker Wanted to Deliver a Note to His Ex-Wife in Cyprus

3/29/2016 - Fidel Castro Slams Obama’s Visit to Cuba

3/29/2016 - FBI Hacks into San Bernardino Terrorist’s iPhone, Court Case to be Dropped

3/29/2016 - FBI will Try to Interview Hillary Clinton and Aides in Email Probe

3/29/2016 - Georgia Governor Vetoes Religious Liberty Bill after Hollywood Pressure

3/28/2016 - Ancient City of Palmyra, Syria Taken by Assad’s Forces from ISIS

3/28/2016 - Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Picks Own Police Chief, Spurns Recommendations

3/28/2016 - $15 Minimum Wage Deal Tentatively Reached in California

3/28/2016 - Mali Arrests Two People in Connection to Terrorist Attack in Ivory Coast

3/28/2016 - Belgian Authorities Charge Three People in Brussels Terrorist Attacks

3/28/2016 - Bombing Targeted Pakistani Christians, Kill at least 65 People

3/28/2016 - San Francisco Mayor Bans Travel to North Carolina over Transgender Bathroom Law

3/25/2016 - The Bias Buzz – March 23 [Video]

3/25/2016 - Court Slams IRS in IRS Targeting Case against Tea Party Group

3/25/2016 - NBA Threatens to Move All-Star Game over Transgender Bathroom Controversy in North Carolina

3/25/2016 - French Nab Suspect who was in “Advanced Stages” of Terrorist Plot

3/25/2016 - 2 Americans among the Dead in the Brussels Terrorist Attacks

3/25/2016 - Comedian Garry Shandling Passes Away at Age 66

3/24/2016 - Gitmo Detainees, When Freed, Have Killed Americans

3/24/2016 - Belgium Terrorist Bomb Maker Died in Attack

3/23/2016 - Belgian Police Arrest 1 Suspect, but Manhunt is On for Terrorists

3/23/2016 - More Explosive Devices Found after Belgium Terrorist Attacks

3/23/2016 - Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford passes away after Battle with Cancer

3/22/2016 - Interior Dept Spent $50 Million on Crime Database that Doesn’t Work

3/22/2016 - Congress Looks to Pass PAWS Act to get PTSD-Suffering Soldiers Service Dogs

3/22/2016 - Raul Castro Demands Return of Guantanamo Bay to Cuba

3/22/2016 - Iran to Build Statues to Remember Capturing U.S. Sailors

3/22/2016 - Attacks at Airport, Subway Rock Belgium

3/21/2016 - Captured Paris Terrorist Attacker was Planning Another Attack

3/21/2016 - What is Cuba Going to Do with U.S. Fugitives?

3/21/2016 - Donald Trump Continues Feud with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly

3/19/2016 - Dust-Up Between Trump Supporters, Opponents in Utah

3/19/2016 - Fugitive Paris Attacker Captured in Raid

3/19/2016 - Secret Meeting between White House, Benghazi Committee

3/18/2016 - SeaWorld Announces End of Breeding Captive Orca Whales

3/18/2016 - ISIS Lost 22% of Its Territory the Last 15 Months

3/18/2016 - Fired Ex-Mizzou Professor Melissa Click says Her “Inexperience with Public Protests” should Allow for an Appeal

3/17/2016 - GOP Debate Canceled After Trump, Kasich Pull Out

3/17/2016 - John Kerry: ISIS is Committing Genocide

3/17/2016 - Hillary Clinton Tried to Change Security Rules at State Dept for Her BlackBerry Use

3/17/2016 - GOP Debate in Utah Cancelled after Trump Says He Won’t Show Up

3/16/2016 - Todd Palin has Surgery, Still in Intensive Care

3/16/2016 - Maryland Police Officer Mortally Wounded by Friendly Fire during Ambush

3/16/2016 - Hillary Clinton with Huge Lead on Bernie Sanders due to Super Delegates

3/16/2016 - GOP Delegate Count: Trump in the Lead, Cruz in 2nd and Kasich in Distant 3rd

3/16/2016 - Ted Cruz: America has a Clear Choice Going Forward (after Rubio Drops Out)

3/16/2016 - Marco Rubio Suspends 2016 Campaign with a Memorable Speech

3/16/2016 - Obama to Nominate SCOTUS Candidate and Challenge the GOP

3/15/2016 - Putin Orders the Start of Withdrawing Russian Troops from Syria

3/15/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s Gaffe: We Didn’t Lose a Single Person in Libya; Benghazi Ring a Bell?

3/14/2016 - Congress to Push for Medals for WWII’s Ghost Army which Fooled the Nazis

3/14/2016 - Turkey Attacks Kurdish Rebels after Deadly Car Bombing in Ankara

3/14/2016 - U.S. Official may have been the Target of Islamist Terrorist Attack in the Ivory Coast

3/14/2016 - Open Borders Backlash in Germany: Merkel’s Party and Allies Lose Ground in Election

3/14/2016 - Trump Fires Back at Critics who say He Incites Violence

3/14/2016 - Dead Ex-Putin Aide was Attacked Outside a DC Hotel

3/12/2016 - North Korea Lost a Midget Submarine

3/12/2016 - UN Passes 1st Resolution Tackles Sexual Abuses by Peacekeepers

3/12/2016 - Oldest Man Alive is Auschwitz Holocaust Survivor, Age 112

3/12/2016 - Ron Reagan Remembers His Mother, Nancy Reagan, in Touching Tribute

3/12/2016 - Patti Davis Remembers Her Mother, Nancy Reagan

3/12/2016 - Trump Cancels Chicago Rally after it gets Violent

3/11/2016 - Two Wounded Warrior Executives Fired Amid Probe of Lavish Spending

3/11/2016 - Ex-Putin Advisor Died from Blunt Force Trauma, Not a Heart Attack

3/11/2016 - Rubio has a Strong Bounceback Debate Performance, but Trump Stirs Trouble

3/10/2016 - ObamaCare Co-Ops Haven’t Repaid $1.2 Billion in Federal Loans

3/10/2016 - ISIS Registration Form Leaked to the West, has 22,000 Names

3/10/2016 - US Special Forces Captures ISIS’s Chemical Weapons Chief in Raid

3/10/2016 - Obama Skips Nancy Reagan’s Funeral for a Music Festival in Austin, Texas

3/10/2016 - Sir George Martin, Beatles Producer, Passes Away

3/9/2016 - Europe’s Plan for Refugees: Send Them to Turkey

3/9/2016 - 2015 Full of Anti-Christian Violence, Group says

3/9/2016 - Ex-Gitmo Detainees Returning to Battle, Report says

3/9/2016 - First Chipotle, Now Starbucks? Listeria Concerns Lead to Sandwich Recall

3/9/2016 - Iran Threatens to Scrap Nuke Deal

3/8/2016 - Clinton Surrogate Jennifer Granholm Blames Hillary’s Trust Issues on Fox News and the “Right Wing” [Video]

3/8/2016 - Erin Andrews Awarded $55 Million in Stalker-Video Lawsuit

3/8/2016 - Constitutional Carry in West Virginia: No Permit for Concealed Arms

3/7/2016 - Peyton Manning Retires

3/7/2016 - Former President Jimmy Carter No Longer Needs Cancer Treatment

3/7/2016 - Marco Rubio Wins Puerto Rico’s Delegates

3/5/2016 - Hijab-Wearing Professor is Now at Virginia to Research Islam

3/4/2016 - Ben Carson Suspends Presidential Campaign

3/4/2016 - North Korea to Put Nukes on Standby

3/4/2016 - ISIS Makes Millions of Dollars on Currency Markets

3/4/2016 - Obama Considering Iowa Judge for SCOTUS to Try to Sway GOP

3/4/2016 - North Korea Fired Projectiles Off South Korean Shore after United Nations Sanctions Vote

3/4/2016 - Witness: Mohammed Cartoon Shooter was an ISIS Supporter

3/4/2016 - Rubio, Cruz Take On Trump in Last Night’s GOP Debate

3/4/2016 - Did Hillary Clinton’s Aides Share Passwords to Get Classified Info? FBI Wants to Know

3/3/2016 - Leonardo DiCaprio a Climate Change Hypocrite? Plane Flights Say Yes

3/3/2016 - Government Official Granted Immunity in Hillary Clinton Email Probe

3/3/2016 - Mitt Romney to Give a Speech on the 2016 Race

3/2/2016 - Iraqi Forces Launch anti-ISIS Offensive

3/2/2016 - Judge Rules in Favor of Apple in Battle with FBI over Terrorist’s iPhone

3/2/2016 - People Remember Rookie Cop who was Killed on First Day of Duty

3/1/2016 - Murdered U.S. Ambassador Thought About Leaving Libya 17 Months Before Benghazi Attack

3/1/2016 - Today is the Day: Super Tuesday Looms for Trump Challengers and Hillary Clinton

February 2016

2/29/2016 - Rubio, Cruz Critical of Trump Being Endorsed by Ex-Ku Klux Klan Leader

2/29/2016 - Hillary Clinton has Alleged Marine Removed from Campaign Event after Bringing Up Benghazi Attacks

2/27/2016 - 2nd Iraq War Veteran Beaten in D.C., Same Night as the Other Veteran

2/27/2016 - Marco Rubio Aims at Donald Trump Before Super Tuesday Primaries

2/26/2016 - Puerto Rico Needs Congress to Save It, says Gov’t Official

2/26/2016 - Hillary Clinton Confuses Declaration of Independence with the Constitution

2/26/2016 - Seattle’s Living Wage is Now ‘Livable Schedules”

2/25/2016 - Suspended Mizzou Professor Terminated after Board Vote

2/25/2016 - SCOTUS Rumor: Obama may be Eyeing Nevada GOP Governor Brian Sandoval for SCOTUS Replacement

2/25/2016 - Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch Confirms Lawyers are Now Helping FBI Investigate Hillary Clinton’s Emails

2/25/2016 - Texas Court Clears Rick Perry of Criminal Charges

2/24/2016 - Charlotte City Council Approves Transgender Bathroom Choice Over Governor’s Objections

2/24/2016 - Jeb Bush Donors Rally Behind Marco Rubio to Try to Beat Trump

2/24/2016 - Donald Trump Cruises Past Cruz, Rubio in Nevada

2/24/2016 - Obama Plans to Close Gitmo, Faces Stiff Opposition

2/23/2016 - Consultants Benefit from Jeb Bush’s Failed Campaign

2/22/2016 - Claire McCaskill, Democratic Missouri Senator, says She Has Breast Cancer

2/22/2016 - Kalamazoo Shooter Admits Guilt in Random Shootings

2/22/2016 - Ted Cruz Fires Communications Director over False Rubio Accusation

2/21/2016 - State Dept Releases More than 500 Hillary Clinton Emails

2/21/2016 - Obama’s Dept of Justice Wants to Force Apple to Help Them Decrypt iPhone

2/20/2016 - Kurdish Group Claimed Responsibility for Ankara Attack

2/20/2016 - Harper Lee, Noted Author, Passes Away at Age 89

2/20/2016 - Hundreds Lined Up for SCOTUS Justice Scalia’s Viewing

2/20/2016 - Paying Respects: SCOTUS Justices Remember Colleague Antonin Scalia

2/19/2016 - Austria to Go Ahead with Refugee Cap Despite EU Warnings

2/19/2016 - Freddie Gray Trials Delayed as Maryland Court of Appeals Considers Case

2/19/2016 - Go Figure: Senate Republicans May Not Hold the Line on Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

2/19/2016 - Footage Released of Iraq War Veteran Being Beaten by Assailants

2/19/2016 - Thousands Expected to Pay Respects to Late SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia

2/19/2016 - Rubio Campaign Demands Apology from Cruz over Photoshop Use

2/18/2016 - Beware the Ides of March: Obama to Visit Cuba This Year

2/18/2016 - South Korea Claimed North Korea is Planning an Imminent Attack

2/18/2016 - Manny Pacquiao’s Comments Offend Nike as the U.S. Company Drops Sponsorship

2/18/2016 - Obama Regrets 2006 Filibuster of SCOTUS Nominee Alito in light of Scalia’s Death & Succession

2/18/2016 - Hospital Pays Hackers in Bitcoins to Gain Back Access to Computer Network

2/17/2016 - ISIS Stole Radioactive Material and Stokes Fears of Dirty Bomb Manufacturing

2/17/2016 - A Hillary Clinton Email Chain Discussed Afghan’s CIA Ties

2/17/2016 - Terrorist Attack Targeting Turkish Military Kills 18, Wounds at least 45 Others

2/17/2016 - China Bans Author from Flying to America to Receive an Award

2/17/2016 - Apple will Fight Court Order to Help FBI Crack San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone

2/17/2016 - U.S. Air Force Flies Fighters over South Korea to Show Support

2/17/2016 - Band Member Returns to Paris to Finish Concert Interrupted by Terrorist Attacks

2/17/2016 - Manny Pacquiao Criticized for Comment on Animals, Homosexual Behavior

2/16/2016 - ISIS is Strapped for Cash

2/16/2016 - Jeb Bush Enlists Brother George W. on the Campaign Trail

2/16/2016 - Russian Airstrikes in Syria Levels Hospitals and Kills Civilians

2/16/2016 - Nuclear Arms Race Underway after Iran Program, Warns Israel

2/15/2016 - Stop Killing Kurdish Allies, says U.S. to Turkish Gov’t

2/15/2016 - Dummy Hellfire Missile Returned to U.S. by Cuba after Miscue

2/15/2016 - Will Obama Appoint a SCOTUS Replacement?

2/14/2016 - New York Mets Pitcher Draws 1st Lifetime Ban for PED Use

2/14/2016 - Pope Francis Meets with Russian Orthodox Leader 1,000 Years after Church Split

2/12/2016 - Guess What? EPA Gold King Mine Spill was Worse than Previously Thought

2/12/2016 - Homeless Army Veteran’s Funeral Attended by Several Hundred People

2/12/2016 - ISIS Using Child Soldiers to Try to Hold Onto Territory in Iraq

2/12/2016 - The Oregon Refuge Crisis is Over

2/11/2016 - U.S. Navy Livid after Iran Releases Video of Captured U.S. Sailor Crying

2/11/2016 - US Army Orders 500 Troops Back to Afghanistan

2/10/2016 - VW Recalls 680,000 Cars over Airbags

2/10/2016 - United Arab Emirates Appoints Woman to be Minister of Happiness

2/10/2016 - Turkey: No, United Nations, We Won’t Open Our Borders

2/10/2016 - North Korea May Have Executed a Military Chief

2/10/2016 - SCOTUS Halts EPA’s Clean Power Plant Plan

2/10/2016 - Wife of ISIS Leader Charged in Holding American Aid Worker Kayla Mueller

2/10/2016 - Obama Sends Record $4.1 Trillion Budget Proposal to Congress

2/10/2016 - Official Confirms ISIS Used Chemical Weapons

2/10/2016 - Bernie Sanders Crushed Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire Primary 60-38%

2/10/2016 - New Hampshire Primary: Trump, Kasich & Cruz were Top 3

2/10/2016 - San Antonio Observer Backs Off Plan to Publish Police Officers’ Names

2/9/2016 - Asylum Seeker Arrested in Connection with Death of American Nanny in Austria

2/9/2016 - Report: $750 Million in Taxpayer Dollars Went to Illegal Immigrants thanks to ObamaCare Subsidies

2/9/2016 - Former ISIS Sex Slaves Now are Training to Defeat ISIS

2/9/2016 - Texas’ Open Carry Law Starts with…No Drama

2/9/2016 - Today’s the Day: New Hampshire Voters Head to the Polls

2/9/2016 - Doritos Ad Depicting Baby in the Womb was Criticized by Pro-Abortion Group NARAL

2/8/2016 - At Super Bowl Halftime Show, Beyonce Paid Homage to Black Panthers

2/8/2016 - Hamas Kills One of Its Own for Unnamed Violations

2/8/2016 - San Antonio Tabloid Editor Plans to Publish Names, Addresses of Police Officers

2/8/2016 - Spanish Police Arrest 7 on Suspected ISIS Ties

2/8/2016 - Colombia: Over 3,100 Pregnant Women Tested Positive for Zika Virus, but No Suspected Birth Defects

2/8/2016 - Airline Bomb Handoff Seen on Video in Somalia

2/8/2016 - NFL Announces Hall of Fame Entrants: Brett Favre, Kenny Stabler among Entrants

2/7/2016 - Super Bowl 50 Pits Broncos vs. Panthers

2/7/2016 - Marco Rubio Takes Fire at New Hampshire GOP Debate from Opponents

2/5/2016 - Witness Claims Paris Terrorist Attacks Mastermind Brought Dozens of Fighters into Europe

2/5/2016 - Earth, Wind and Fire Founder Maurice White Passes Away

2/5/2016 - UN Panel Sides with Wikileaks’ Assange on Detention

2/5/2016 - DC is Downplaying the Threat of the Zika Virus

2/5/2016 - Let’s Tax It: Obama Wants a $10-per-barrel Tax for Oil

2/5/2016 - Hillary Clinton: “100 Percent Confident” the Email Controversy won’t Affect Her

2/4/2016 - Bill Cosby to Face Sexual Assault Charges

2/4/2016 - American Officials Suspect Al-Shabab was Behind the Bomb Explosion on a Plane

2/4/2016 - Black Lives Matter Activist Files to Run for Baltimore Mayor

2/4/2016 - Hillary Clinton on $675,000 Speaking Fee for Goldman Sachs: That’s What was Offered

2/4/2016 - Why did America Agree to Pay Iran $1.7 Billion?

2/4/2016 - Rick Santorum Drops Out, Endorses Marco Rubio

2/3/2016 - Social Media Mocks Hamas’ New Tank, which could be a Parade Float

2/3/2016 - First Zika Virus Case Found in Texas

2/2/2016 - Iowa Caucus Sets New Viewership Records for Cable News Networks

2/2/2016 - World Health Organization Declares Global Emergency over Zika Virus

2/2/2016 - Texas Asks Homeland Security to Not Cut Funding on Drone Surveillance on the Border

2/2/2016 - U.S. Airstrikes Take Out ISIS Radio Station in Afghanistan

2/2/2016 - Groundhog Phil doesn’t see a Shadow, Means Early Spring

2/2/2016 - Marco Rubio’s Speech says We’re Taking America Back

2/2/2016 - Record Turnout of 182,000 Iowans for the Caucus

2/2/2016 - Mike Huckabee, Martin O’Malley Drop Out after Iowa Results

2/2/2016 - Ted Cruz Wins Iowa Caucus, Beating Trump and Rubio

2/2/2016 - Hillary Clinton Barely Survives Bernie Sanders in Iowa

2/1/2016 - Oregon Town Still Occupied by Armed Group

January 2016

1/30/2016 - Damaging? Some Hillary Clinton Emails are Too Secret to Release

1/29/2016 - Aggressive Russian Bear: Russians Buzz US Spy Plane

1/29/2016 - English Teacher Arrested in Connection to Jail Break in California

1/29/2016 - Zika Virus is Exploding, warns UN Health Chief

1/29/2016 - Will New Orleans Remove Confederate-Era Statues?

1/29/2016 - Ben Carson Closes Debate with the Constitution Preamble

1/29/2016 - Fox News Pushes Fiorina, Gilmore Undercard Debate Highlights

1/29/2016 - Rubio: I Will United the GOP and Defeat Hillary Clinton

1/29/2016 - Cruz: I Will Repeal ObamaCare when Elected President

1/29/2016 - Despite Absence Trump Dominates Google Debate Searches

1/29/2016 - Without Trump, Cruz & Rubio Spar at the GOP Debate

1/29/2016 - Obama Administration Pushing for New Rule on Gender Pay Gap Myth

1/28/2016 - Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Love Raising Taxes

1/28/2016 - Goodbye Now: Sweden Plans to Deport 80,000 Refugees

1/28/2016 - Rand Paul says Trump’s Boycott Questions Debate’s ‘Respectability’

1/28/2016 - Bill O’Reilly Pretty Much Begged Trump NOT to Boycott the Fox News GOP Debate

1/27/2016 - Catholic New Hampshire University will Pay Student Loans if College Graduate Doesn’t Get a Job

1/27/2016 - Wounded Warrior Project Accused of Wasting Donation Money

1/27/2016 - FBI Arrests Man who Planned Attack on Masonic Temple

1/27/2016 - Donald Trump says He Won’t Participate in the Upcoming Fox News GOP Debate

1/27/2016 - Militia Leader Ammon Bundy, Others are Arrested after Gun Battle Kills 1

1/26/2016 - Air Force Clears Use of Guns on Base after Chattanooga Shooting

1/25/2016 - Suicide Attack in Afghanistan Killed 3 Officers

1/25/2016 - Arizona High School Girls in Trouble over T-Shirts with the N-Word on them

1/25/2016 - Twitter Continues to Struggle as 4 Top Executives Leave

1/25/2016 - Polls show Donald Trump Surging in Iowa, Dominating New Hampshire

1/24/2016 - Liberal Ex-NYC Mayor Bloomberg Thinking of Independent 2016 Bid

1/24/2016 - State Dept Asks for Delay in Releasing Hillary Clinton’s Emails due to Snowstorm

1/23/2016 - Ex-Gitmo Detainee Held on Domestic Violence Charge

1/23/2016 - Germany Fights Migrant Sexual Assaults with Cartoons, Signs

1/23/2016 - #OscarsSoWhite gets Support of Congressional Black Caucus Member

1/23/2016 - Major Blizzard Hits Northeast US

1/22/2016 - Professors at Wheaton College Disagree with Firing Professor who Compared Christianity to Islam

1/22/2016 - US Troops can Fight ISIS, Officially

1/22/2016 - Secret Emails: Some Lawmakers Can’t See Hillary Clinton’s Emails due to Content

1/22/2016 - Maybe Hipsters should Move to Venezuela: Socialists Start Urban Farming to Combat Food Shortages

1/22/2016 - FBI Struggles to Find Missing Hard Drive, Decrypt San Bernardino Terrorists’ Phones

1/22/2016 - John Kerry Admits Some Iranian Sanctions Relief will Go to Terrorists

1/22/2016 - RNC Cuts Ties with National Review after Magazine’s Anti-Trump Issue

1/21/2016 - Oh, That’ll (not) Work: U.S. to Pressure China to Rein in North Korea

1/21/2016 - Vladimir Putin may have had a Role in Poisoning Ex-Spy

1/21/2016 - Taliban Attack University in Pakistan, Kill at least 20 People

1/21/2016 - FBI investigating Kent State Professor’s Ties to ISIS

1/21/2016 - Michigan GOP Governor Takes Blame for Flint Water Crisis, but the EPA Knew It, Too

1/21/2016 - REAL ID Law extends to Military Bases

1/21/2016 - EU Infighting over Migrant Crisis

1/21/2016 - Sad: Search Suspended for 12 Marines in Hawaii Collision

1/20/2016 - Rifle Linked to ‘Fast and Furious’ found in Hideout of ‘El Chapo’

1/19/2016 - Finding Marines in Helicopter Crash off of Hawaii Continues

1/19/2016 - UN Report: ISIS is holding 3,500 Iraqis as Slaves

1/19/2016 - American is Still Imprisoned in Iran after Hostage Release

1/19/2016 - Glenn Frey, Founder of the Band ‘The Eagles’, Passes Away

1/16/2016 - Walmart to Close 154 Stores after Increased Competition from Amazon

1/16/2016 - Call to Arms from Police Chiefs and Sheriffs

1/16/2016 - Obama White House Proposes $3.9 Billion for Driverless Cars

1/16/2016 - Free at Last: Iran Releases U.S. Marine, Pastor and Washington Post Reporter

1/16/2016 - Suspected Islamist Militants Take Burkina Faso Hotel, 20 Dead

1/15/2016 - Baltimore Earmarks $200,000 to Make Police Vans Safer after Freddie Gray

1/15/2016 - War on Coal: Obama will Halt New Coal Leases

1/15/2016 - GOP’s Undercard Debate Highlights

1/15/2016 - Rubio Critical of Cruz’s Positions on Immigration, Snowden and NSA

1/15/2016 - GOP Debate became Trump vs. Cruz

1/15/2016 - ISIS Claims Responsibility for Jakarta Terrorist Attacks

1/14/2016 - Polish Media Takeover? Protesters Unhappy with Gov’t Takeover of Media, TV

1/14/2016 - Hollywood Celebrities Tweet Out Gun Control Talking Points from the Obama White House

1/14/2016 - Nikki Haley’s SOTU Response Criticized for Singling Out Trump

1/14/2016 - Winning Powerball: 3 People could Split the $1.5 Billion Jackpot

1/14/2016 - Paris-Style Terrorist Attack in Jakarta, Indonesia Kills 7 People

1/13/2016 - Iran Releases Captured U.S. Sailors

1/13/2016 - NFL’s Rams to Relocate to Los Angeles, Chargers could Join Them

1/13/2016 - Denmark’s Plan is to Seize Valuables from Refugees to Pay for Asylum Costs

1/13/2016 - Powerball Hits $1.5 Billion

1/13/2016 - No Timeline for Return of U.S. Sailors Held Hostage by Iran

1/12/2016 - ISIS Burns Own Fighters Alive after Losing Ramadi, Iraqis say

1/12/2016 - Hillary Clinton Criticizes Deportation Raids

1/12/2016 - Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina Cut from Top #GOPDebate

1/12/2016 - Suicide Bombing in Turkey leaves 10 Dead, 15 Wounded

1/11/2016 - Powerball Jackpot at $1.3 Billion

1/11/2016 - Pope Francis: Europe can Welcome Immigrants while Remaining Safe

1/11/2016 - Rock Star Icon David Bowie dies after Battle with Cancer

1/11/2016 - Protests in Cologne after New Year’s Eve Train Station Assaults

1/9/2016 - Maine Governor in Hot Water after Remarks on Heroin

1/9/2016 - In Hillary Clinton’s Emails, 66 Classified Messages were included

1/9/2016 - National Fox News Poll finds Trump, Cruz in the Lead

1/9/2016 - Man Tries to Kill Police Officer in Philly, Claimed Islam as Motivation

1/9/2016 - Trump & Cruz are Top Two in Iowa

1/9/2016 - Poll finds Bernie Sanders Leading Hillary in New Hampshire

1/8/2016 - 498 FOIA Lawsuits Filed in 2015, Highest Since 2001

1/8/2016 - Report: U.S. Hellfire Missile Accidentally Shipped to Cuba

1/8/2016 - Of Course: Obama Vetoes ObamaCare Repeal Bill

1/8/2016 - IRS Scraps Plan to Collect Donor’s Social Security Numbers

1/8/2016 - FAU Fires Tenured Professor for Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories

1/8/2016 - Feds Move Illegal Immigrants to Different Facilities in Texas, Won’t Provide a Head Count

1/8/2016 - Hillary Clinton Exploited Loophole in FOIA for Emails

1/7/2016 - After Sexual Assault, Robbery Rampage, German Police Report suggests Suspects Claimed They were Refugees

1/7/2016 - Alabama Supreme Court Justice Holds Off on Gay Marriage Licenses

1/7/2016 - Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Throws Hat into the 2016 Race

1/7/2016 - Grand Jury Indicts Texas Trooper on Perjury in Sandra Bland’s Traffic Stop

1/7/2016 - Keystone XL Pipeline Backers Sue Feds for $15 Billion in Damages

1/7/2016 - Flight of the Hipsters? Chipotle Hit with Subpoena in Federal Probe of Novovirus

1/7/2016 - Kentucky Governor Removes Clerk Names from Marriage Licenses

1/7/2016 - Process of Moving Guantanamo Bay Detainees Begins

1/7/2016 - Congress Sends ObamaCare Repeal to Obama’s Desk

1/6/2016 - Chicago Police Payout: $5.5 Million for Police Brutality Decades Ago

1/6/2016 - North Korea May Have Successfully Tested a Hydrogen Bomb

1/6/2016 - Support Grows for Jailed Suspect in ‘Making a Murderer’ Netflix Docu-Series

1/5/2016 - Missouri Lawmakers Call for Professor’s Firing at Mizzou after Confronting Student Reporter

1/5/2016 - Oregon Standoff Ends as Ranchers Go to Prison

1/5/2016 - Obama’s Gun Control Push Background Checks in Online Sales, Gun Shows