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This report reveals the Left’s vote fraud strategy for the 2012 elections. Like a KGB operation, it is thorough, multi-faceted and redundant. It has overt and covert, illegal and legal elements, the latter of which are designed, at least in part, to facilitate illegal activities later. It is a deliberate, premeditated, comprehensive plan to win the 2012 presidential election at all costs, and is in keeping with the organizational methods, associations and ethics of the Community-Organizer-in-Chief, Barack Obama.

The Left seeks fundamental structural change to our entire form of government. In keeping with their amoral, means-justifies-ends philosophy, they will register any voters, dead or alive, legal or illegal, who will then vote as many times as possible, in order to establish a “permanent progressive majority.” As two New York Democrats recently caught in a vote fraud scandal told police, “voter fraud is an accepted way of winning elections…”

Low income individuals are the perfect dupes for this strategy. An expanding welfare state makes them increasingly dependent on government benefits, a development that guarantees their vote for liberal-left candidates. At the same time, people with marginal attachment to society may be less inclined to report illegal activity at the polls—or actually participate. The “victim” narrative promoted in popular culture and press may even encourage such behavior. Meanwhile, a growing tax burden and public debt suck private enterprise dry—pushing ever more people onto the dole.

Politicians of both parties are not above engaging in vote fraud. But this kind of corruption is relegated to individual campaigns or areas where corrupt political establishments have been able to develop unchallenged. It is not a systematic component of overall national strategy, as it is with the Left.

This strategy has been under development for decades. They have constructed an entire industry devoted to this task and pursue a multifaceted strategy to accomplish it:

1. Swamp election officials with overwhelming numbers of registrations at the last possible minute, a huge proportion of which are deliberately fraudulent, in order to create systematic chaos. This accomplishes numerous goals:

  • Makes verification of registrations difficult, given the small size and limited budgets of state and local election offices.
  • Provides multiple opportunities for vote fraud.
  • Throws the entire voting process into question, providing pretext for lawsuits where concessions may be obtained from election officials.
  • When election officials challenge registrations, they are accused of “voter suppression.” This in turn serves complementary goals:
    • Charge of “voter suppression” reinforces the Left’s narrative about America as an oppressive, “racist” country.
    • Publicity and lawsuits intimidate election officials, who settle on terms favorable to the Left.

2. Activists sue state authorities for “voter suppression,” creating further chaos and pressuring them to become de facto taxpayer-funded voter registration operations;

3. Eric Holder’s Justice Department tacitly supports voter intimidation tactics, sues states and backs private lawsuits, and resists reform as “voter suppression.”

4. Leftist echo chamber discredits allegations of vote fraud, supports “suppression” theme, and promotes advantageous legislation.

The ultimate goal is a systematized, taxpayer-funded voting machinery that will guarantee maximum participation from the Left’s voting demographic while undermining the ability to manage elections and prevent fraud.


The ACORN Swamping Method

Key to understanding the Left’s vote-fraud strategy is the community organizing group ACORN. ACORN has become synonymous with corruption, complicity in the subprime mortgage crisis and especially vote fraud.

ACORN and its voter registration arm, Project Vote, hire marginal and unskilled workers at very low rates and use incentive bonuses or quotas to encourage them to collect as many voter registrations as possible. The resulting flood of registrations are fraught with duplicates, errors and omissions, and a large number are overtly fraudulent, including names like “Donald Duck,” “Mickey Mouse,” “Tony Romo” of the Dallas Cowboys, etc.[2] According to Matthew Vadum, the senior editor at Capital Research Center, a total of 400,000 bogus ACORN registrations were thrown out in 2008 alone.

ACORN was supposedly disbanded in 2010 but resurrected itself under a slew of new names. Former ACORN President Bertha Lewis bragged that they created “…18 bulletproof community-organizing Frankensteins…” These are reproduced in the table below. Most of these groups occupy former ACORN offices, many with the same staff.

ACORN is directly connected to Obama and the Democratic Party. Counsel to The Advance Group, a strategic planning company, is Michael Gaspard, Patrick Gaspard’s brother. Patrick is currently the DNC’s executive director and President Obama’s former political director. He has worked for ACORN, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Working Families Party, a descendant of the ACORN-founded New Party which Barack Obama joined in 1996. Obama has bragged of “fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career.”

ACORN’s former deputy regional director, Amy Busefink was convicted in 2010 of vote fraud stemming from a 2008 Nevada case. Judicial Watch found that, “while under criminal indictment in Nevada… [Busefink] managed an online program for Project Vote’s 2010 Colorado campaign, the ultimate goal of which is to allow people without a driver’s license or state identification to register to vote online.” Busefink is now national field director for Project Vote.
















Barack Obama established his organizing bona fides with Project Vote in 1992, when he registered 150,000 Illinois voters.

Zach Polett (courtesy Anita MonCrief)

Project Vote was created and run for years by Zach Polett, who bragged that he trained Barack Obama in 1992 and said of Obama, “ACORN produces leaders.” Polett is listed in as president of Voting for America, one of Project Vote’s former names, although his name is not on Project Vote’s website. Calls to that listing roll into a voice mail identifying the organizations as “CSI.” Polett’s extension is #3. CSI is the acronym for Citizens Services Inc., another supposedly defunct ACORN group that was used to hide over $800,000 paid by candidate Obama to ACORN in 2008.

This kind of duplicitous activity reflects a deliberate methodology. ACORN is a criminal organization.


The Cloward Piven Strategy

ACORN is the face of vote fraud, but its intellectual foundation is the Cloward Piven Strategy. Sociology professors Richard Cloward (Columbia University) and Frances Fox Piven (CUNY) were founding members of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Cloward died in 2001 but Piven lives on.

Richard Cloward

In 1966 Cloward and Piven penned an article for The Nation magazine titled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.” They posited that if the poor were organized into street armies to demand all welfare benefits available to them, they could overwhelm and crash the system.

It became known as the “Cloward-Piven Strategy,” and is credited with expanding welfare rolls 151 percent between 1965 and 1974 and bringing New York City to the brink of bankruptcy in 1975.


The Issue is Never the Issue

The Left’s solution to everything is socialism, although they are usually careful not to name it, instead identifying issues that seemingly only their policies can redress. But “the issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution” as David Horowitz has explained. The “issues” are mere distractions.

Cloward and Piven initially claimed to be agitating for a “guaranteed national income.” Such a policy is plainly unsustainable; however, it would institutionalize their strategy, creating an enormous, permanent drag on the whole economy precipitating an even larger crash later on. Cloward and Piven’s true goal was to find any instrument to institutionalize their orchestrated anarchy, and poor people were the tool.

Wade Rathke, a veteran of those early efforts, was mentored by Cloward and Piven. Rathke and other radicals created a new organization, ACORN,and sought ways to further extend the Strategy.

White House ACORN photo: Bill Clinton center; Wade Rathke third to his left; Zach Polett in lower left-hand corner. Courtesy Anita MonCrief

With passage of the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act, ACORN and other activist groups got in the housing business. They began pushing banks to offer high-risk mortgage loans to low/no income borrowers. The Clinton administration aggressively ramped up the effort. To encourage lenders and investors, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac underwrote the risk. Since its passage, CRA lending has exceeded $6 trillion.[ii] The mortgage crisis was Cloward-Piven on steroids.[2]

Meanwhile, Cloward and Piven had not been idle. In 1982 they created the Human Service Employees Registration and Voter Education Fund (Human SERVE) to build political momentum for a law that would turn state motor vehicle and welfare agencies into low-income voter registration offices.


National Voter Registration Act

Motor Voter Signing Ceremony - Cloward in light grey suit, Piven in green. Source: the White House

Throughout the 1980s, Human SERVE field-tested legal and political strategies to promote this plan. The fruits of its labor were finally realized with “Motor Voter,” the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA), signed into law with Cloward and Piven standing directly behind President Clinton.

The NVRA requires motor vehicle, military recruiting, public assistance and other state and local offices to offer voter-registration services.

The NVRA has become a beacon for vote fraud. Its minimal verification requirements opened the door to ACORN-style massive voter registration fraud, and in the confusion provide blanket opportunities for vote fraud.

Voter ID laws have become critically important. According to a Pew report, approximately 24 million or 12.5 percent of voter registrations nationally are either invalid or inaccurate, including about 1.8 million deceased individuals, and 2.75 million with multiple-state registrations.

And while the NRVA has provisions for purging the rolls in Section 8, they require a complex, process spanning multiple election cycles. In some cases, the NRVA replaced better mechanisms already in use. Many states have simply not followed these procedures with any regularity. The Left ignores all this, focusing on enforcing NRVA’s Section 7.


Section 7 Lawsuits

While capitalizing on the vote fraud swamping strategy enabled by the NVRA, ACORN, Project Vote and others sue states that don’t aggressively execute the voter registration activities required by Section 7 of the law. The narrative is always “voter suppression,” and settlements have forced state agencies to become de facto low income voter registration drives.

Not only must states develop, maintain and execute plans for assuring comprehensive registration, they are forced to report regularly to ACORN lawyers. A 2009 settlement between ACORN and Missouri’s Department of Social Services is illustrative. DSS must:

  • Create an NVRA State Coordinator position
  • Designate an NVRA Site Coordinator for Family Support Division offices
  • Keep detailed records of client visits and registration activities
  • Immediately send a letter offering registration to any individual who “may not have been given the opportunity to register…”
  • Report detailed compliance data to plaintiff lawyers every month.
  • State coordinator’s performance measured by NVRA compliance
  • ACORN will receive $450,000 in settlement.

In these settlements, ACORN effectively assumes an executive role over state agencies. Notably, there is no corollary requirement to ascertain the legality of registrations or to clean up the rolls.

Project Vote has taken recent actions against Louisiana, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, and New Mexico. They just announced their intention to sue Pennsylvania.

Project Vote formed agreements with Colorado in 2008 and 2010. According to Judicial Watch, after Project Vote’s involvement “the percentage of invalid voter registration forms from Colorado public assistance agencies was four times the national average.”

Though largely unnoticed until now, this litigation tactic has been used since the 1980s, when Human SERVE’s legal allies sued state authorities for settlements creating localized versions of Motor Voter.

While capitalizing on the vote swamping strategy enabled by Motor Voter, ACORN and Project Vote picked up the torch for SERVE, which closed its doors in 2000. Frances Fox Piven serves today on Project Vote’s Board of Directors. Significantly, President Obama has named the voter registration initiative of his reelection effort “Project Vote.”

Piven also has many other connections to Obama.  She was a founding member of Progressives for Obama. Her Democratic Socialists of America bragged that it was responsible for the success of Obama’s “ground game” in 2008. Piven was one of 130 founding members of the radical left Campaign for America’s Future. Many CAF members also sit on the board of the Apollo Alliance, the executor of Obama’s “Green” jobs initiative.


DOJ and ACORN Team Up for 2012

Judicial Watch obtained several documents showing coordination between DOJ, Project Vote and the White House.[i] In one email, Project Vote demanded action on NVRA cases. Less than a month later, DOJ sued Rhode Island for NVRA noncompliance. Similarly, DOJ’s Louisiana NVRA suit followed Project Vote’s by a few months. Project Vote is promoting prospective employees for DOJ’s Voting Rights section.

Voting Rights Act of 1965

The VRA outlawed poll taxes and literacy tests for voting. Section 5 requires certain states and other political subdivisions to obtain “preclearance,” or permission, from either DOJ or the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, on any change affecting voting. Currently, preclearance states covered in whole or in part include: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas and Virginia. Set in 1982 to expire in 2007, Congress extended the VRA for another 25 years in 2006.

The VRA has come into sharp focus this year as the Holder administration has used VRA preclearance requirements to stall or prevent voter ID laws from being enacted. Non-preclearance states have faced stiff court challenges from other leftist groups.

Alabama – Alabama’s new photo ID law has a 2014 effective date. Alabama has not yet applied for pre-clearance.

Arizona – 9th Circuit upheld ID requirement of new law; struck requirement that voter prove citizenship.

Mississippi – A Voter ID amendment was approved by voters with a 62 percent margin in 2011. A bill to implement the amendment passed April 10, 2012. Requires preclearance. No word yet from Justice.

South Carolina – DOJ denied pre-clearance for new ID law in December 2011. State filed for reconsideration.

Texas – DOJ denied pre-clearance for new ID law. Texas filed suit with three-judge panel seeking pre-clearance; DOJ asked court to postpone trial.

Wisconsin – State judge ruled Wisconsin’s voter ID law unconstitutional (read the opinion). State will appeal.

The Wisconsin case is an example of independent groups working to sabotage reform efforts. In a suit brought by the League of Women Voters, the NAACP and others, the judge found ID laws “unconstitutional to the extent they serve as a condition for voting at the polls.” This was a bizarre ruling. Wisconsin’s Constitution clearly allows mechanisms to establish voter eligibility.

Despite the Left’s best efforts, voter ID laws have been proposed this year in 32 states.

A Personal Testimony

J. Christian Adams is a former DOJ election lawyer who worked on the Philadelphia Black Panther voter intimidation case. He resigned in protest of Eric Holder’s race-based application of the law. According to Adams’ new book, Injustice, Eric Holder became directly involved in the Black Panther case. Mr. Adams agreed to be interviewed for this report. Some highlights:

  • DOJ is engaged in a massive campaign to force states to… become aggressive voter registration offices…
  • DOJ announced they would not enforce Section 8 because it won’t increase turnout.
  • States are infested with dead voters on the rolls.
  • Investigations into eight states with widespread voter roll problems… were spiked
  • Because of Motor Voter, voter rolls in many states seeing influx of illegal aliens.
  • Data show that illegal aliens are participating in American elections.
  • DOJ is using [VRA] Sec. 5 to stop voter integrity initiatives.
  • Every one of Holder’s 113 new attorney hires is a far-left radical.

Famed civil rights attorney Bartle Bull was a poll watcher at that Philadelphia location when the Black Panthers appeared. He testified in the case, calling it “the most blatant form of voter intimidation” he had ever seen.

ACORN’s swamping method is now being replicated all over the country, especially in swing states or those with critical elections like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s recall vote. Even local communities are affected. For example, the Wake County (Raleigh/Durham) registrar described a swamping effort conducted by North Carolina’s Public Interest Research Group (PIRG).

While these organizations are nominally independent, closer inspection often reveals interlocking directorates and/or shared staff. Many are supported directly or indirectly by George Soros foundations. The chart below, compiled by North Carolina Civitas Institute, includes many organizations that worked with ACORN there.

North Carolina Left/Liberal Organizations

A Textbook Case: Houston Votes

In July 2010, a newly-formed voter registration group named Houston Votes (HV) announced it intended to register 100,000 Houston, Texas area voters in a few months. Catherine Engelbrecht, Leader of True the Vote (TTV) and King Street Patriots (KSP), was skeptical. Her group checked about 1,000 HV registrations. The number of erroneous registrations submitted by HV and Democracia—a group targeting unregistered Hispanics—was, she said, “off the charts.”

They brought their results to Harris County Registrar, Leo Vasquez, who reviewed HV registrations. He found that of 25,640 submitted, only 7,193 were “apparently new voters.” On August 24, Vasquez held an unprecedented press conference, announcing:

Evidence shows that the Houston Votes and Texans Together organization is conspiring in a pattern of falsification of government documents, suborning of perjury and a deliberate effort to over-burden our processing system with thousands of duplicate and incomplete voter registration applications.

He raised concerns that HV was, like ACORN, paying employees based on the number of applications they turned in, and cited specific examples of problematic registrations:

3,531   No match for SSN or driver’s license number

1,597   Multiple apps for the same person

1,014   Pre-existing voters

1,030   Incomplete apps

25        Non-citizens

325      Minors

129      Ineligible felons

1,133   No ID

1,323   Filed past deadline

Three days later, a massive warehouse fire destroyed Harris County’s 10,000 voting machines. The fire’s timing bred suspicions, fed almost exclusively by the Left, which sought through innuendo to implicate KSP. A Huffington Post headline two days later was typical: “Possible Arson and the Right’s Texas Voter Suppression Effort.” This theme was repeated ad nauseam in the liberal media echo chamber. The Houston Fire Department later cited “an unspecified electrical short” as the cause, an explanation that satisfied no one.[iv]

Maria Isabel, One of Houston Votes’ “non-partisan” Leaders

HV held a press conference the day of the fire, calling Vasquez’s allegations “reckless and false” and “an apparently coordinated, partisan effort to suppress voter registration and to intimidate citizens into not voting…” They demanded the Justice Department investigate.

HV dismissed mistakes with the familiar ACORN refrain, blaming a few low-level employees who were fired when errors were discovered. However, Vasquez specifically cited 180 erroneous registrations turned in by Directors Sean Caddle and Neil Hudelson—more errors than usually submitted in total by traditional voter registration drives.

HV boasted their group was “non-partisan” but an attentive blogger quickly proved otherwise. One of the people training volunteers for Houston Votes was Maria Isabel, an Obama operative made famous by the photo of her office sporting a poster of Che Guevara. advertised HV’s “volunteer” deputy training. Participating groups included, Atascocita Texas for Obama, Houston For Obama, Houston Obama Leadership Team, Houston Women For Obama, and other similar groups.

HV Directors Hudelson and Caddle were quickly discovered to be long-time Democratic activists. At last notice they had returned to Caddle’s home state of New Jersey, working for Democratic Jersey City Council-at-Large candidate Sue Mack. She lost.

A little more digging revealed Houston Votes to be part of America Votes, a Soros-funded organization tied to ACORN, SEIU, and a universe of other leftwing groups.

America Votes specifically targeted Texas in its 2010 Redistricting Control Project. With 38 electoral votes, Texas is only exceeded by California’s 55. Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic group in Texas, not coincidentally home to the second largest illegal immigrant population in the U.S.

One quarter of Texans reside in the Houston metropolitan region and there are 25 state house seats in Harris County. Prior to the 2010 elections, Republicans held a slim majority of three seats in the Texas House. Winning in Houston had the potential to flip the House, giving Democrats control over redistricting. They wanted to “turn Texas blue.”

The Advisory Board of HV’s parent organization, Texans Together Education Fund, included a number of prominent left-wing Democrats. One was Grande Dame of Texas politics, Sissy Farenthold, who worked with the radical left Institute for Policy Studies in the 1980s. Another was Democrat Kristi Thibaut, a state legislator trying to hold her District 133 seat. She had worked for ACORN and was under investigation by the Texas Ethics Commission. Yet another was Sue Schechter, running for Harris County Clerk. Not only was HV extremely partisan, but plainly the Texas arm of Soros’s project.

America Votes failed in 2010. Republican control of the Texas state house increased by 44 seats in a nationwide sweep that brought Republican control to statehouses not seen since 1928. America Votes is targeting Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in 2012.

But the Left still wasn’t finished in Texas. The Texas Democratic Party sued the Harris County Registrar’s office, the Registrar and other employees.

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee illegally campaigning at Houston poll during early voting in 2010. Credit: Warner Todd Huston

Harris County had settled another suit with the Democrats in 2008 stemming from 67,554 rejected applications, mostly submitted by ACORN. Democrats had charged “voter suppression” then too, over registrations rejected for incomplete or inaccurate information—the kind ACORN excels at.

Because Texas is a preclearance state, redistricting maps must be approved. This year’s maps were challenged in court by Latino groups. This delayed the primary, neutralizing any impact Texas may have had on the Republican presidential primary process.

Voter Intimidation

KSP organized approximately 1,000 poll watchers for the 2010 elections. This outraged the Left, unused to having its inner city monopoly threatened. Texans Together Education Fund sued the King Street Patriots, True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht and her husband. On the first day of early voting, the Texas Democrat Party also filed a suit, a move characterized by KSP’s legal team as a naked effort to intimidate KSP-trained poll watchers.

Throughout the 2010 electoral cycle, the Left hurled accusations of “voter suppression” and “voter intimidation” at Catherine Engelbrecht, TTV, KSP and the volunteer poll watchers they trained. This narrative was promoted uncritically by the local press. Blogger Ann “Babe” Huggett, writing for, reported:

  • ABC Channel 13 quoted Democrats suing KSP that KSP leaders could see jail time for voter intimidation. ABC’s own video, however, shows otherwise.
  • Channel 26 reporter Isiah Carey asked repeatedly if the King Street Patriots hadn’t created a hostile environment. KSP offered witness testimony that it was “the other side” doing the intimidating.
  • New Black Panther leader, Quanell X, threatened that his men would “protect” people from the TTV-trained poll watchers.
  • Emails from communist Van Jones’ Color of Change circulated through liberal circles, charging poll-watcher voter intimidation.
  • Local radio station Magic 102.1 FM repeated bogus charges about assaults on black voters… including spitting and physical assault… on black grandmothers.

But it was actually poll judges, poll workers and Quanell X’s Houston Black Panther group, who did much of the intimidating. Assistant County Attorney Douglas Ray disclosed after an investigation that Harris County poll workers and election judges had committed the violations blamed on KSP. He was silent on the Panthers.

Poll Watchers submitted 763 incident reports, detailing over 3,000 violations, to Harris County. These included intimidation, harassment and illegal voter assistance conducted by poll judges and workers. To date there has been no response from the County. Three poll watchers were willing to be identified by name and spoke to reporters at a KSP press conference. KSP invited the Justice Department to witness what was happening. Justice never responded.

Independent of KSP, poll judge Carmen Cuneo gave compelling video testimony about how the chief judge had her removed and threatened with arrest after she confronted Quanell X about his group’s activities at the poll.

True the Vote and the Wisconsin Recall

Union groups used the swarming method earlier this year in a recall petition of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. They reportedly submitted one million petitions, needing only 540,208. The Democrat-controlled Government Accountability Board (GAB), responsible for verifying petitions, flatly refused to do so.

In an astonishing, heroic effort, True the Vote joined an effort called Verify the Recall and developed a method to verify recall petitions online. They built a nationwide network of 14,000 volunteers almost overnight, who checked 92 percent of the petitions in 22 days. The findings were stunning:

819,233 records (not 1 million)

534,685 verified legitimate (65 percent)

In addition to numerous bogus “Donald Duck” petitions, signers included:

  • 29 Wisconsin judges—one who later issued a restraining order against Walker’s Voter ID law.
  • A deputy DA, 19 attorneys and dozens of other DA employees. Some had been working on a heavily criticized “secret” John Doe investigation of Governor Walker at the time.
  • 25 Gannett News journalists
  • Several members of WTMJ-4 news staff
  • School board members
  • Four University of Wisconsin regents and the university’s chief spokesman.
  • A Democratic activist charged with seven felony ID theft counts and two of felony vote fraud. He signed up family members and neighbors, including a deceased man, without their knowledge or consent.

The GAB refused to consider VTR’s work and certified 900,000 petitions, but it was clear that Walker opponents had committed extensive vote fraud. The fraud would have gone undetected if not for the work of TTV.”


Leftwing “Reform” Efforts

Universal Voter Registration (UVR)

Cloward and Piven saw the NVRA as an intermediate goal. They made that clear in their book.  The flurry of lawsuits and systemic fraud generated by the NVRA all build momentum to find a permanent solution. And the Left had the answer before they started: Universal Voter Registration.

UVR calls for automatically registering voters listed on various state and federal databases. Leftist groups argue it will solve all voter registration problems, but the left created most of them. UVR would create more:

  1. UVR undermines the Constitution.
  2. UVR facilitates illegal alien voting
  3. Homeowners with more than one property create duplicates.
  4. The many state & federal lists will create duplicates
  5. Because so many lists exist with little or no cross-checking these duplicates are likely to go uncorrected.

UVR would institutionalize the crisis strategy, and provide countless opportunities for vote fraud.

National Popular Vote

The National Popular Vote bill seeks to effectively abolish the Electoral College by enacting state laws that give all electors from those states that have passed the bill to the winner of the national popular vote. Direct elections would become universal when enough state legislatures have passed legislation to make up a majority of the electoral vote (270 of 538). Eight states and the District of Columbus, totaling 132 electoral votes, have passed NPV laws. The Electoral College was created to ensure that less populous states would not be overlooked in presidential elections. If successful, this effort will make vast swaths of our nation completely irrelevant to presidential candidates, as they would then focus all their efforts on large population centers.

Felon Voting

Project Vote disingenuously argues that rights should be restored to former felons. Almost every state has provisions to restore voting rights to former felons. claims about 5.2 million felons are “disenfranchised.” But only current prisoners have no recourse—about 1.4 million. They exaggerate the problem for unclear reasons. The “wise Latina,” Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, favors felon voting.

Same Day Voting

Same-day voter registration in Ohio led to ACORN’s permanent expulsion from that state. Then-Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, an alumna of George Soros’s Secretary of State Project (see below), announced a “Golden Week” for same day registration and voting. ACORN submitted thousands of bogus registrations, including the notorious case where one man was paid to register 73 times.

Former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold proposed a nationwide same-day voting law in 2009, but his state’s experience with it has been disastrous. An investigation into the 2004 elections by the Milwaukee Police concluded the only way to prevent widespread fraud is to discontinue same-day voting. A 2011 study found errors in one-third of same-day voter registrations in Milwaukee County.

Nine states currently have same day voting laws.

Secretary of State Project

The Soros funded Secretary of State Project seeks to elect leftist Democrats to that critical post. SoS Project-backed Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie demonstrated the value of this program when comedian Al Franken eked out a victory in his 2008 U.S. Senate race amidst numerous, well-documented allegations of vote fraud.

The SoS Project did poorly in 2010, however. Ritchie was one of only two SoS-backed candidates to survive the Republican tidal wave.

The project’s website,, is no longer operational. There is a Facebook page: It does not appear to get much traffic. This may reflect a temporary lull in activity, or Soros and his minions have moved to more promising initiatives.

What Is To Be Done?

The 2012 election may be the most important election in American history. American citizens acting in the best interest of our country must be the bulwark against fraud. There are many things people can do, suitable to their time and resource constraints. Here is a list of options:

  • Volunteer with True the Vote ( and join your state’s affiliate. True the Vote is conducting training all over the country. Find your state affiliate.
  • Bookmark Protect Your Vote! ( This website provides state-by-state information about voting laws, vote fraud risk, and updated information about voter ID efforts.
  • Judicial Watch has done more than any other organization to expose the activities of this corrupt administration and Justice Department under Eric Holder. Sign up for email alerts at
  • Read, print and distribute the Patriot’s Handbook. This free resource contains a wealth of information on how people can participate at any level.

The National Voter Registration Act was crafted specifically to bring calculated chaos to our elections, open the door to vote fraud and force states to become de facto voter registration drives heavily favorable to one political party. Similarly, Attorney General Eric Holder and his allies have abused the Voting Rights Act, turning preclearance into a political weapon to sabotage voter integrity efforts. The results are a voting system vulnerable to systemic fraud.

Our most fundamental right as Americans, to determine the size, scope and indeed the very nature of our nation, is being threatened. This must not stand.

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  • Dima

    I observed voter fraud 3 ways when I voted early in 2008. Non citizens voted, poll workers marked ballots for them and pre marked ballots were handed out to those standing in line , including me. All the names marked in advance were for Dem candidates. I called the state election commission and left detailed info and contact numbers etc. I have never heard a word from them in almost 4 years now. God save us from
    this Marxist thugocracy !

  • Thank you…

    There is overwhelmingly convincing proof everywhere you look regarding voter fraud and the problems it is creating…

    I suspect Americans are going to be armed and dangerous on November 6, 2012… I’ll be voting by overseas ballot this year, hoping my vote will count, but knowing with an ineligible person occupying the white house, and liars, cheaters, thieves and frauds in alliance with him, it may not happen.

    I’d like to tell all fraudulent voters and illegal occupiers of our government seats that Americans have been seeing what has happened and they are waking up and they may just see you as the last straw, so I suggest they get out of town now, before they don’t have a chance to hide.

  • Nason

    This is all so painfully reminiscent of the 2004 governor’s election here in Washington State, when Dino Rossi (R) lost to Christine Gregoire (D) but 100-some votes on the third recount. Rossi won the original election and the first two recounts (admittedly by small margins). The votes that pushed Gregoire over the top came at the last minute, all from King County which is the liberal geocenter of the state.

  • pjean

    I’ve heard someone say recently that this next election cannot be close in defeating our sitting president. Any wiggle room will leave the door open for voter fraud tactics to sway the election. Everyone who wants this president and his incompetency discontinued, must unite against those forces who wish to take the rights of the individual away, diminish the power of our individual vote and make our decisions for us, whatever those decisions happen to be.

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    Obama and his advisers have simply discovered and made the major decision that there are enough votes to win re-election: from the lower classes,brainwashed college students and occupiers, non-taxpayers and bail-out receiving supporters, illegals and free food stamp recipients of welfare and free health clinics, and clamoring homosexuals!

    Doing this- they can actually
    ignore the claims of forged birth certificates and confiscated social security numbers-dismiss the middle class and educated voters (except those in the liberal academia and various supporting unions), and not even attempt to pass a budget,or follow up on the possible crimes of his administration-all the while blaming the Bush administration for the “worst” ever depression and terrible economy- as he tip toes around same-sex marriage and forces acceptance of sodomy in our military,plans for radical nuclear disarmament,and raises our debt higher than the combined totals of every other American President in our history!

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    Furthermore, there is no evidence that either Soros or Obama has any connection to the Spanish company Scytl, which has virtually no ability to affect voting in any way, even if it were inclined to do so, as some commenters here allege.

    There are enough real problems that we don’t need to be getting frothy about non-problems, burning energy on efforts with no potential for any real payoff.

  • Voter Fraud Proof

    Click on this to see PROOF of VOTER FRAUD: With Attorney General Eric Holder continuing to claiming that voter fraud does not exist in America, all one needs to do is watch this shocking documentary. Now that it is in your hands, I trust you will expose it to the rest of the America people.
    “We Will Not Be Silenced” is a film by Gigi Gaston and Produced by Bettina Viviana. To Bettina’s credit, she is the former VP of Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Recently she produced the films: Jack & Jill and Three to Tango.
    Bettina says, “We Will Not Be Silenced” is about the people who fight back by simply telling their stories: Teachers, professors, civil rights activists, lawyers, janitors, physicists, ophthalmologists, accountants, mathematicians, retirees – all bound together by their love of America and Democracy. They will tell us their experiences and how they feel betrayed by their own party. They will discuss how their party has disenfranchised them and how, when they saw and reported multiple instances of fraud, everyone turned a blind eye. Rather than support and protect the voices and votes of its loyal members, the DNC chose to sweep this under the rug by looking the other way, or using ceremony and quasi-investigations to assuage angry voters. It is our opinion there never before has been such a “dirty” campaign; the campaign that has broken the hearts and spirits of American voters, who once believed in the Democratic voting system.” “We are not angry liberals; we are disappointed Democrats, who love our country and feel the DNC needs to stand for truth, care about its voter base and stop committing actions worse than what we only thought possible of the worst Republicans. The DNC and the Obama Campaign need to be held accountable for the catastrophe of the 2008 Democratic Primary. We must right their wrongs…after all, this is America, the Land of the Free, where every American has the right to a fair, honest voting process, and to have his or her vote counted.”

    I thank you in advance for watching this… then sharing it

  • Post169

    “In keeping with their amoral, means-justifies-ends philosophy, they will register any voters…” Isn’t that “end-justifies-means”?

  • Carpenter

    isn’t it way past time for the US MILITARY to intervene?  They swore an OATH to protect the Constitution from enemies foriegn and domestic. 

  • Audrey_I

    Joseph Stalin said, “It is not important how the people voted.  What is important is to control those who count the votes.”

    The Democrat Party seems to better adapt at casting illegal votes and manipulating elections. 

  • James Simpson

    Taxpayers fund the Registrar’s office. There is no reason they should be funding bureaucracies like the motor vehicle department to engage in activities totally unrelated to their core mission. More importantly, it is not the job of government to lead you by the nose to register. That is one of our most important duties as citizens. This is a nation of individuals that cherishes the notion of individual rights – which requires individual responsibility. Like everything else the Left does, this puts the onus on government to do what you as an individual are responsible for yourself.

    Finally, I never said anything about Scytl. Soros and his crew are very much supporting the organizations that promote vote fraud, including America Votes, the Secretary of State project and many more.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Everyone knows that trying to supress voter fraud is a racist construct.  Only the Klan and the Tea Party would worry about Diveristy voters who are just trying to use their voting strength to struggle against White privilege.

    “The call it ‘voter supression’ when we want ballot integrity. I call it voter suppression when an illegal Diversity vote cancels out my White Tea Party vote.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “What I saw on voting day made me a racist,” 2008

  • Notreally

     Somebody told ME that you are a frothing loon moron.

  • Notreally

     Of course no actual solid numbers are presented – because there are none.

  • Notreally

     You know who else used the military to enforce… oh nevermind.
    You’re just an a**hole:
    “I’m hoping and praying for 25% UN-Employment before the end of summer.”
    And you have the balls to call yourself a Christian?
    Your’re insane.

  • Notreally

    It’s the BS repellant.
    Thank goodness it’s functioning properly.

  • Monumental, extremely well documented exposure of the massive, never ever seen in America, vote fraud the left has in store for us on November 6. What we must do is to make more people aware and encourage those who do not vote to vote this time, and against Obama in particular, against Democrats in general, and for grassroots-conservatives.

  • MinutemanCDC_SC

    I’m sorry, but I see no likelihood of improvement until God repeals the 2nd law of thermodynamics.  Politics, elections, and government will continue to corrupt and decay, and get worse and worse until then.  The normal life expectancy of nations being roughly 200 years, the United States appears to be about 36 years overripe to fall off the tree of nations.  It seems to me that it already has; only the name has not been changed, to protect the guilty.

  • WyoFlycaster

    Worst voter fraud I ever witnessed was in December 2000 with a 5 to 4 vote.

  • Roadwarrior_panthrox

    Damn right we should be defended by our military!  The constitution is for the people of the country, not for people against it.  If anyone is against it, then we are at war with them automatically!!!

  • Rturcer

     You my friend, are horribly misinterpreting the constitution.  It is ironic, but what you are saying about the left is what you are practicing on the right.  You are against the government, which by the way, is the basis of this country.  Yet you are in complete disagreement with everything the duly elected president stands for.  Should he, as the legitimate commander in chief, order the military to intervene with you and your organizations that are actively working against him? 

    As far as voter fraud is concerned, wake up and admit the truth.  The incidence of actual voter fraud can barely be calculated, but the truth about voter suppression is documented and CAN be calculated.  Why don’t you at least admit to yourself that you only like this country when YOUR way of thinking is in charge?  You cannot stand the fact that conservatives are not in power right now.  I bet you had no problem with GWB being APPOINTED not ELECTED. 

    Finally, people on the left are NOT against this country.  I wouldn’t say that people on the right are either.  We differ on what the best way to move this nation forward is, but it is ignorant to say that we’re against the country.  For folks that think the way you do, ONLY your way of thinking has any legitimacy and ONLY your way of thinking is right.  You are wrong.  Period.

  • Rturcer

     You are horribly misinformed.  Lower classes?  Excuse me asshole, but lower classed people are people and have the SAME rights as you do.  You want only people who think like you do to have legitimacy.  Let me tell you something, pal.  You have just as many non-taxpayers, bail out recipients and food stamp recipients as the other party.  What you have MORE of is closeted gays, divorce, pornography recipients, pretend Christians, uneducated bigots and fundamentally stupid people in red states.  You and your ilk are the reason that FOX news (propaganda, but brilliant in identifying it’s target audience and playing on their fears) is doing so very well.

  • Rturcer

    Armed and dangerous, huh?  You sound like a child who, when he does not get his way, takes his toys and goes home, but then comes back with a gun and shoots everybody.  You are making terrorist threats against people. 

  • James Simpson

     Ha, ha. Good catch! You can review an article a dozen times and invariably something still slips through.

  • Poptoy1949

    YOU know…if we would not have the history books to teach us of what happened to the Roman Empire, among others, that would be one thing. However when a society becomes more and more GOD-less, greedy and corrupt how in the hell do you fight PURE EVIL.

  • Houston I think is number 3 or 4 in total number of illegal immigrants. And many Republican law makers in Texas didn’t do much to discourage illegal immigration. Perry gave them in-state tuition. Houston and Dallas and the cities are going to be problems in the next decade making Texas a New Mexico with the demographic changes, since Hispanics have a much higher poverty rate than whites in the state.

  • freeinaz

    Just plain scum.

  • Beverly Alfonso

    Why would anyone want to be or be proud of being a Democrat? It boggles the mind that with what the party now stands for and has become, any decent American (including Christians) would have nothing to do with this perverted and immoral bunch of hoodlums + marxists/socialists/communists! I don’t care if everything is handed to people by the government – right is right and wrong is wrong. People from both parties know the difference, so why are the nation’s leaders and those who support them in their agenda so intent on destroying America. They thumb their noses at God and are not true patriots and are taking us all down with them! What a shame!! God will not put up with what our nation has become much longer. Surely He won’t! 2 Chronicles 7:14

  • Hans

    The OBAMA administration is the most corrupt government ever in the U.S.

  • Kdiity

    All I have to say to you is……. VOTER ID !!!! What are you afraid of?? It’s very easy to do if you’re not LAZY and you truly are an honest person !!!!

  • Kdiity

    We are not against gov’t, per se, just against a FASCIST out of control gov’t that is obama. Go see 2016, then make up your mind…. but that probably won’t happen because you’ll think it’s all lies, when in fact, it is all well documented !! Go ahead, vote for oBOZO and I’ll see you in the bread line soon, comrade !!!

  • Kdiity

    Don’t bother trying to reform the misinformed and uninformed, they being the libs !!! Even when you present them with FACT, they still don’ believe IT !!!

  • Kdiity

    And you and your ilk are the reason this country is going down the CRAPPER !!! Give me ONE good reason why we shouldn’t have Voter ID….. Just one, you flaming oBOZObot butt kisser ??? BTW, who do the lower class usually vote for more than once? Correct, the libs, who want to give them everything for doing nothing. But I guess that’s the kind of America you want……. well, I DON’T !!!!!!

  • Kdiity

    Wah,WAH,WAH….. get over IT !!!! If gore had won, we probably already have been flushed down the crapper. Take your ball and go home and cry to mommy !!!

  • deanrd

    Who possibly believes this nonsense? Republican leaders already admitted to voter suppression. Do they really think blacks are going to take it from the Confederates again?

  • just the facts ma’am.

    What is your evidence to back up your claims. Please just references so that i can research for myself. This thread is really partisan and i would rather look it up for myself.

  • ali3nation

    Sad but oh so true.

  • Alex

    Excellent and illuminating article that I’m sure will never grace the pages of The Washington Post or New York Times!

  • Hey the names like ‘Mickey Mouse’ are just like the fraudulent names on Obama’s campaign donations! They have their web program hacked (they did in ’08 too), where it does not require the CCV number to make sure it’s legit. I don’t know how they get away with it. Chicago mob tactics I presume, but Pamela Geller has written on this both in 08 & now at her site; . Worst part is, most his donations come from outside the US. Worse than that, more come from the Gaza / Palestine area… I’m afraid it’s so blatently obvious he is a usurping criminal put where he is for a purpose that is not in the interest of these United States & her citizens. Amazing I ask myself every day how the hell we got here. And how in the face of all this evidence (including his words & actions), can these Obamabot idiots still fawn over this illegal commie occupying the WH?!

  • mark2win

    The numbers and the facts are right in front of you, but apparently you are a leftist that believes the leftist agenda must be advanced at any cost. lying, cheating, and stealing are all okay with you, as long as it furthers your socialist aims. It doesnt matter what the majority wants, you believe that the people are too stupid to pick the course of our nation, and that you and your kind must do it for us. It also doesnt matter to you that socialism/communism have failed everywhere it has been tried, you believe that it is what this country needs, and you probably hope to be one of the people in charge if it ever comes about. But in most of those countries where communism has taken over, those who helped bring it about are the first ones executed.

  • Huapakechi

    Open season, no bag limit.

  • Huapakechi

    As a resident and registered voter in Minnesota, I can attest to epidemic vote fraud. Those of you supporting the left are nothing less than the canon fodder for socialism.

  • 1930s_all_over_again

    “The incidence of actual voter fraud can barely be calculated, but the truth about voter suppression is documented and CAN be calculated. ”
    You remind me of my 3 year old, wearing winter boots, who told me, it’s not summer dad, it’s Friday. It was a Sunday in early August…but to her, reality is whatever she wants it to be. No amount of facts or evidence will change her mind and screaming louder makes her more right.
    Liberals just live in an alternative universe. They can’t get along with the rest of America because thay hate everything about America and their collectivism is anti-American. Obama is here to put a mighty hurting on us. Name ONE thing Obama likes about America…you can’t. It’s that simple. See 2016 for an explanation.

  • 1930s_all_over_again

    Why don’t you try this neat invention called Google? Start with the Chevy Volt, then GM, Chrysler, GE, Solyndra, Acorn, the lawsuit that started the crash, Fast and Furious, Communism (you’ll find Obama’s mentors here), Eric Holder, and, well there’s enough to keep you busy for a while…and read information from more than the NYT…
    Just see 2016…if you have the guts. Obama hates America.

  • 1930s_all_over_again

    You will just dismiss anything you don’t like, so why bother? Go ahead and vote for Obama again…

  • 1930s_all_over_again

    You are in your basement naked again with farm animals, vaseline and Obama posters, aren’t you?

  • 1930s_all_over_again

    Try Google…or just vote for Obama again…

  • 1930s_all_over_again

    So, you support fraudulent voting, then…good Democrat, good Democrat…

  • 1930s_all_over_again

    Yeah, you hate the way the reat of America voted…

  • David

    Thanks, Rturcer, your sensible remarks alleviate some of the stress caused by dogmatic fools.

  • David

    Yea, Audry, just like when when Bush stole the presidency from Gore — oops — Bush is a Republican!

  • Lytingale

    How conveniently you forget tampered voting machines, “hanging chads”, and the election of G.W. Bush stolen for him by the Florida republicans.

  • And let’s not forget Strategic Allied Consulting, the GOP firm the party had to fire after its fraudulent activities in Florida came to light. (This was before SAC’s activities in Colorado came to light.)

  • By the way, “The Cloward Piven Strategy” sounds like a paperback spy novel from the ’50’s, or like something out of an episode of “Get Smart.” “The old Cloward Piven Strategy. And I fell for it…”

  • Tommy Maq

    Sharing your sexual fantasies isn’t making someone else look weird.

  • justme

    and now he has labeled the video of Libia as TOP SECRET!!!! PEOPLE!!! WAKE UP!!!! look on youtube and watch the young black men as they sing, chant and march to the o- it looks like Nazi Germany!!!! WAKE UP!

  • Nonaks9

    If it is so easy to do then Jim Cramer wouldn’t have had to use his celebrity and mass twitter appeal to get PA state officials to pull strings and get his dad (a veteran who is elderly, doesn’t drive and can’t prove his citizenship) a voter ID card in spite of his not having proof of citizenship. What about all the others who don’t have celebrity sons or daughters. Voter ID=voter suppression!

  • Kdiity

    BS !!! Voter ID = Voter Honesty !!! Does his father have a SSN?

  • Nonaks9

    You are wrong. Voter id laws are an election strategy created to treat a virtually non-existent problem. Justify away, but you will still be wrong about this.

  • Kdiity

    You need ID for every facit of life. Why are you so afraid of making your vote legal? There are plenty cases of voter fraud so far but you’ll never see or hear from the LSM. Why not, because it benefits their boy, plain and simple.

  • jim

    the frothing loon MORONS are you Obamabot Idiots who, like your Liar in chief ole barry have a Strong Aversion to TRUTH and FACT!!!!

  • jim

    LOL!! like when the LIB DEMS were found with THOUSANDS of VOTES in their trunks for algore the Moron??!!!!! is that the algore you are talking about davie boy!!!!???

  • Read your history. LBJ first got into office fraudulently here in Texas. Not a big secret, just a part of history. Pick up “Lone Star” by T.R. Fehrenbach (1968). It was known over 40 years ago and still known today…at least by those who know the facts.

  • Our country is crippled. It has gone from a cane, to crutches, to a wheelchair. The next step will be on it’s death bed. We have let crooked politicians get by with so much that I don’t believe America will be able to pull out of this mess. When a group can fix elections it will be hard to get America back on track. We have sold our souls for the almighty dollar and I don’t see getting it back.

  • and people still wonder why we need another American Revolution in this country to flush out the system of the SCUM! I hope they enjoy what they are doing, when the CW starts, none of them will see the end of it!

  • JonHelm

    New article 1-22-2013———————————————————–

  • bob kruman

    I couldn’t have said it any better. While not exactly a dog-and-pony show, the massive corruption originating from the democratic party side of the equation is so prevalent that an honest state or national election is all but impossible now unless enough good men & women stand up and say “enough!” Will that happen? That’s the million dollar question….

  • A P

    What a joke. The GOP openly admits that there would be a Democratic majority in the House if voters had their way, but they have successfully thwarted popular will through redistricting, and mean to similarly rig the next presidential election by tying electoral college votes to districts won as well. Oh, and then start frantically grasping at straws and trifles to claim “Well Democrats are also cheaters!” knowing the brainless mainstream media (yes, even those supposed “liberals”) will never go out of their way to criticize one party or the other for fear of being called biased — even when one party is actually, uniquely, on its own, doing something horrible unlike anything the other is doing. The Republicans know that their numbers are dwindling, not because of tricks or cheating or misinformation but simply because they are locked in one direction and We The People are by-and-large moving in another.

  • Tucker43

    The Saud’s own 7% of FOX.

  • tucker43

    Quoting the bible, promoting bigotry while demeaning a political group of people. And you call yourself a real Christian? Read the Bible as a Christain, understand the real meaning of Christ and you might discover something about yourself.

  • american945

    Voter fraud is minimal to the tune of as an example .0009%(Washington State) and .00004%(Ohio) in one study from The NYU School of Law. There are scattered incidences of fraud claims. In Missouri in a 2000 election, 79 claims of voter fraud (over a miilion votes cast) were presented where voters addresses were vacant lots. The “vacant lots” were found to have brick and motar buildings and housed valid and legitimate residences. In Maryland a claim arose claiming votes were cast by the deceased and others were cast by convicted felons. An investigation showed all names claimed to be fraudulent were valid live persons and felony free. Politicians have perepetuated this for partisan reasons and apparently you are one of their marks. This list of what President Obama likes about this country is as long as yours.

  • American945

    “Out of the 2.9 million Minnesota voters who voted in 2008, or about 0.004 percent of the 2008 voting population.”(from MinnPost.) That is 1160 claim with only 113 convictions. There should not be any, but 113 is hardly epidemic.

  • Invictus43

    Well said.

  • Invictus43

    You stated the case very well. But the quasi-conservatives will still listen to Fox, not realizing the Saudi’s own 7% of the company.

  • olddog

    And where is the US Military to intervene? Maybe Ted Nugents bunker? Maybe the drug store they call Hank Williams Jr’s house.

  • Invictus43

    What state are you in?

  • invictus 43

    If you insert the word bush wherever President Obama’s name was used, I would agree with you.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    More than two years after Minnesota Majority filed complaints with county attorneys throughout
    Minnesota citing evidence of ineligible felons voting in the 2008 General Election, convictions for these
    election crimes are still emerging from our legal system. The statute of limitations for these 2008 crimes
    will run-out this November after which no additional illegal voters will be able to be charged.

    As of August 10th, 2011, 113 individuals are now known to have been convicted for voter fraud
    committed in 2008. We believe this is the highest number of voter fraud convictions obtained in any
    state for a single election cycle since 1936. In fact, according to a 2006 Justice Department report, there
    have been more convictions for voter fraud in Minnesota from just the 2008 election than the DOJ was
    able to prosecute over a five year span, nationwide.

    While this number may seem a small percentage of the 2,803 suspected ineligible voters originally
    submitted to county prosecutors for investigation, there is a wide gap between voting while ineligible and
    voting while knowingly ineligible.

    A report produced by Citizens for Election Integrity titled “Facts About Ineligible Voting and Voter Fraud in

    (November, 2010) included survey data from the county attorneys in Anoka and Dakota

    Counties that indicated the primary reason suspected ineligible voters were not charged was because the
    attorneys could not prove these individuals knowingly violated election law. A total of 83% of suspects not
    charged in Anoka County and 53.5% of suspects not charged in Dakota County fell into this category.

    In other words, most of the suspects

    on Minnesota Majority’s original list did, in fact,

    vote while ineligible,

    but the standard for prosecution in Minnesota is “ineligible voter knowingly votes.” If an ineligible voter
    claims not to have known they were breaking the law, it’s difficult for prosecutors to prove otherwise. In

    essence, to be convicted of voter fraud, the suspect must generally admit willful, knowing guilt.

    Minnesota Ma

    jority’s survey of county attorneys revealed an additional

    112 suspected ineligible voters

    who had been charged and were awaiting trial as of August 10


    , 2011. Another 73 were reported to be

    pending charges.

    While some ineligible felon voters registered in advance of the election and should have been flagged for
    challenge, the overwhelming majority who evaded detection used Election Day Registration, which
    currently has no mechanism to detect or prevent ineligible voters.

    Of particular concern is that it required the research of a non-government agency to detect and prompt
    investigation and prosecution of ineligible felon voters. There is evidence of other types of voter fraud,
    such as non-citizen voters, double voting and identity fraud. In instances of false-identity voting,
    prosecutions are unlikely because identifying a perpetrator who voted with a false name is impossible
    after the fact.

  • jodypear

    Not more adept. Just more willing.

  • Precipitating a even larger crash with socialist bankers (as Madoff?) ofering high risk loans to no income borrowers. !! a piece o fine and clear fairness writing.
    What for we need enemies with friends like J.Simpson advising us

  • Is anyone actually surprised? One man One vote ONE TIME ONLY
    Since I have been born I guarantee there wasn’t a single pure election in this country. Remember everyone leftists love trumpeting the virtue of “democracy” when they are winning…….

  • Lev Bronstein

    lol truth and fact. Nonexistant qualities in today’s culturally marxist america.
    Replace Powers with Obama and Hartigan with Breitbart.

  • scc10182

    if we want to remain free we should start killing these traitors.

  • MaxEffectUSA

    Tyranny is not forward. The left is destined to repeat history. Trying the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

  • DB1954

    There was not so much as a sparrow’s FART in a wind storm’s worth of evidence that the 2000 election was stolen.

  • DB1954

    It didn’t have to be this way.

  • MinutemanCDC_SC

    Max, your chart only has one entry since 1981. It also makes no mention of Is|amist terrorism. Is there an updated version of this chart or a similar one?

  • MinutemanCDC_SC

    There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

  • MaxEffectUSA

    I haven’t researched it any farther. This was found through a search engine. If I remember correctly I just typed in “democide”. I realize the chart is entitled genocide.

  • James Simpson

    And suppressed about 10,000 military votes in Western Florida. Dems, including Gore, should be in jail for what they did.

  • James Simpson

    Absolutely false.

  • James Simpson

    Do you know how difficult it is to convict just one person of this? And they convicted 113! Likely a tiny subset of the actual vote fraud count.

  • James Simpson

    This is false. Few cases are investigated and fewer convicted. Inner city poll locations regularly stuff ballot boxes with votes when necessary. They can do this because there is no oversight, and like democrats everywhere, they are systemically corrupt.

  • Guest

    You werent old enough to even understand the politics of the Bush years — you are a punk plant and fed posting points – You have not talking points as others do your “talking” for you or TO you and you bite at every fraudulent word.

  • William Fisher

    I live in NC and my precinct is largely black and intimidating. The last time I voted there my ‘machine’ automatically switched to Democrat party votes when I had voted Republican… I went to the people keeping track there to help and told them and they ‘adjusted’ the ballot machine. I’ve voted by absentee ever since (a lot of good it did).

  • Brian Coons

    Uh…well…speaking the truth is not a sin. Even Jesus took issue with frauds and corruption. Heck…he even got angry and violent with some! So…sounds like perhaps YOU need to learn a little something about Jesus Christ.