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Mary Grabar
Mary Grabar, Ph.D., is founder of the Dissident Prof Education Project, Inc., which is committed to “resisting the re-education of America.” Sign up for “dispatches” at www.dissidentprof.com. Her other publications can be found at www.marygrabar.com and include Accuracy in Media, PJ Media, Weekly Standard, Minding the Campus, and many others. She teaches English at Emory University.
  • Linda Strawn

    This smacks of Agenda 21. It’s upsetting to realize my choice of Windows based computing is funding the likes of leftist Soros. Any time the government uses words like “common” it’s to move us closer to “communism”. You’re right about the “Common Core” being an obscure threat. I’m not in education, my kids are grown and although I am well read and think I’m aware of what’s important, this is all news to me. Add this to the ever growing and insurmountable “threat list.” Will November even matter?

  • James Dunlop

    I really wish Andrew Breitbart hadn’t gone to a dinner prepared by Bill Ayers.

  • gawxxx

    no linda it will not !!! it is over for this cesspool of a country!!! and when it finally does the rest of the world will be on fire anyway !!! , the “CREATOR” of it all has had enough of us ” arrogant ” humans and “HE” is about to teach us all a lesson in humility !!!!!!!

  • Dean

    Some people haven’t been listening for 3 years. Obama started his campaign in the Ayers home. An UNREPENTENT terrorist. C’mon people get you heads out of your backsides!

  • http://twitter.com/stevor_h steve holmes

    It’s in God’s (not “god’s”) hands now.
    Since the banksters/war mongers are now backing romney, we don’t really have a decent choice for “president”.

  • HowdyNeighbor

    This is terrifying! Obama plans to take control of the curriculum at all schools, including private (religious) schools and the homeschooled? Can you imagine the propaganda the kids will then be exposed to? Does this reek of Hitler or what?!?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gmallast Gary Mallast

    Something tells me they are NOT going to be encouraging critical thinking by having students studying Sister Miriam Joseph’s “The Trivium: The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric” (1938). The best logic book I have seen.

    Lest anyone is ignorant enough to be confused by the title, from Sr. Miriam:

    “The liberal arts denote the seven branches of knowledge that initiate the young into a life of learning. The concept is classical, but the term liberal arts and the division of the arts into the trivium and the quadrivium date from the Middle Ages.”.

    Might be interesting to compare a sixth grade reader from the “Core Curriculum” with the contents of an old McGuffey’s Sixth Reader I have (1868, Sargeant, Wilson, and Hinkle, Cincinnati.)

  • moebellini

    Welcome to North Korea. The brain washing has already started, this is just the finale. Children, bow to your leader Kin Jung Un Obama and his mentor Pisa Garbaga Ayers. Many people in this country have already been dumbed down and are to ignorant to see the threat. These people and their children can barely read or write, they only understand what their great leader tells them. They have no contact with the outside world due to their educational limitations. You see, the democratic cities and states throughout our country have become the breeding grounds for democratic votes. The fact is that each generation is dumber than the one before it. That’s why democrats are so against school choice and voucher programs that would improve education. These programs are a threat to their breeding grounds. Democrats hold their voters back by design. This is how communist governments keep their people in line. The open mind is being shut down. This country better wake up, real soon.

  • Enchanted

    During the Bush election my daughter was attending college. She had a little sign that she brought to a class not sure what the subject was, however when she held it up, her professor said, Morgan I thought you were a better person than that. Needless to say, her grade was not as good as it should have been because she chose to show her political affiliation. When she began her masters at the same university she ended up changing to finish because the profs were so liberal and her conservative (think for yourself) upbringing was not working. She has gone on to be very successful in her career because businesses actually like someone that can think for themselves, be creative and innovative and don’t follow others off the cliff. I am very proud of my daughter.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GZSRESKJH6RCCL34OOFLLRVBVI RetiredKansan

    So that’s what a pile of crap looks like.

  • LeRoyDaniels

    This is all part of Obama’s (and Ayers’ and Soros’) plan to “level the playing field” by dumbing everyone down to the level of the lowest achievers. In this way, the lowest achievers do not have to feel “left out.” As you may recall, not long ago Obama explained his desire to end trditional “testing” in schools. He wants there to be occasional overall testing to gauge student progress as a group, but no individual test results are to be distributed to students.

    The reason for the far left’s position on education is clear. For years, it has been the contention of the far left that the only thing that was keeping minorities back was the inherent racism of the system. Now that there is very little racism, and in fact minorities receive preferential treatment in almost all spheres of society, it is very hard for the far left to keep banging on the drum of racism to prove their thesis. Their new approach is an alternative strategy. If equality of opportunity is not enough to achieve overall “equality” (i.e., everyone has the same “stuff”), we will just lower the standards to a level that all can achieve. Problem is, this kind of psychotic left wing thought is what destroys societies. Societies that promote and foster people to operate at their highest capabilities thrive and grow (i.e., the traditional US model). Societies that promote mediocity typically turn into cesspools (Cuba, USSR, Greece, etc.).

    The funny thing is, the very people that are most likely to vote for Obama and the far left, are the ones that have the most to lose. No one ever questions aid to the poor when the economy is rocking. When we have Obamalaise (i.e., Jimmy Carter malaise on steroids) on the other hand, aid to the poor begins to be questioned as there is no money to pay for it (even if we tax all of the evil 1%ers at 100%).

    It’s time for Americans to grow up, become mature, and recognize the poisoned pablum they are being fed by the far left. If not we are doomed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.mclellan.39 James Mclellan

    But gee “he’s only someone he knew from the neighborhood” lol what a joke.If only the media would have done it’s job then we would’nt have this problem like being down graded twice with our credit rating losig millions in useless companys like solyndra and others having the fast and furious scandel with a dead agent no jobs in america except in the admin. and d.c. politics them just printing money to make up for bad economy real unemployment rate of upwards 11% national debt 16 TRILLION AND CLIMBING owing the bank of china untold amounts for the next eon WAKE UP AMERICA STAND UP AND BE PROUD OF AMERICA AGAIN.peace through strength not weakness don’t let any walk on us again or our flag.

  • YouDidntBuildThat

    And to think my grandparents escaped both Nazism in Poland/ Hungary and then communism in Cuba. They had a dream to come to a free America. Now they must be rolling in their graves over Obama and his dictatorial leadership. Lets make sure this election counts. Its for our American freedom. Amen.

  • Guest

    “It isn’t a coincidence that governments everywhere want to educate children. … to be evidence of the state’s goodness and concern for our well-being. The real explanation is less flattering. If the government’s propaganda can take root as children grow up, those … They fasten the chains to their own ankles.”–Lew Rockwell

  • Chauncey Freeman

    “It isn’t a coincidence that governments everywhere want to educate children. Government education, in turn, is supposed to be evidence of the state’s goodness and concern for our well-being. The real explanation is less flattering. If the government’s propaganda can take root as children grow up, those kids will be no threat to the state apparatus. They’ll fasten the chains to their own ankles.”–Lew Rockwell

  • Chauncey Freeman

    The ONLY way we can take America back is by having a better GET OUT THE VOTE apparatus than the kleptocrats. We don’t. Democrats have an army of people who don’t work and have all the time in the world and a goverenment check to go to nursing homes, welfare shelters etc…threaten them all that the evil republicans want to take away all their freebies and get the 47% dependent folk to vote straight party line. UNTIL THE REST OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MAKE A SACRIFICE OF THEIR TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY the democrat neo-Bolsheviks will win and get closer to their dreams of forsaking elections altogether. Have you volunteered your time, energy and money to the Romney/Ryan campaign? Election day it the only day that counts. Can we count on all of you to spend at least as much time as you do on these mostly meaningless forums toward the victory effort? VICTORY WILL NOT HAPPEN ANY OTHER WAY!

  • Chauncey Freeman

    PS: It is WAY past time that ALL conservatives and libertarians read and study Bill Ayer’s mentor Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. What is good for the Marxit pig is good for the righteous American eagle. We need to employ the tactics of the left but unlike the left do it peaceably and within the law and WITHOUT blowing up anyone or anything. (See Bill Ayers/B Dohrn)

  • angelccorr

    I can’t stand these old radical yippies that never grew up. They have been a bain on society since the 60’s. I am on the lower end of the baby boomer generation, and as a kid and teenager, watched these idiots cause all kinds of trouble in our society. Some of them had communist parents who brought them up this way, and the rest were spoiled rich kids. The working-class “boomers’ served their country in the military and became hard-working adults. Now that they (we) are getting to retirement age, the radical part of our generation, who got into the White House, has made sure we have nothing to retire on!

  • SandyLester

    This has got to be a joke. Ok, it’s not, but very typical of leftest to teach to the lowest common denominator instead of the highest. Never fear, their children and grandchildren will be education in the best private schools.

  • http://twitter.com/educatt Bruce Deitrick Price

    RE: “We are left, however, wondering about the precise nature of the role that Ayers is playing in the development of this federal education plan.” Not at all. He will be working for more mediocre education in the name of fairness. If they had 2 Obama terms, all this dreck would be locked in place.
    Mary Grabar should start drawing up Romney’s withdrawal plan: Retreat From Dumb.

  • SJ

    Teachers will be the new patriots.

  • exleftist.com

    The silent majority remained silent allowing Leftists control of
    everything. You yawned as Leftists seized the schools, universities and
    the media. You only cared about the big game or your vacations.
    It wasn’t until Obama eyed your retirement and
    healthcare did the Right speak up. Complaining now is
    absurd. You’re old and raised pornographic, illiterate children.
    You’ll stand in line at the free clinic with everyone else. You’ll face
    a death panel. Socialized medicine is the new apple pie and it falls
    squarely on your shoulders. You’re wimps.

    None of you stood up when it mattered.

    Conservatives allowed the defeat in
    Vietnam, open borders and an affirmative-action President. Had conservatives
    fought back decades ago, perhaps a good black man would be President.
    Not the bitter Obama. The Left controlled whitey with PC language
    and you surrendered. History will identify all of you as willing accomplices.
    Together you’ve allowed the destruction of our country. Everyone here
    will get theirs.

  • James Dunlop

    The only thing that is apparent is these guys Obama, Ayers, Soros don’t like America or Americans. This has been the mantra of the left which has taken over our Education system, the Democrat party, the News media and the entertainment industry. Those three and many others don’t care about minorites, they use them along with idiots and Useful Idiots.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ace.boogie.142 Ace Boogie


  • Bernecky

    What kind of communist could Ayers have been, if he never bombed the business with which he was most familiar, and to which he’d have had the greatest access: his father’s. Commonwealth Edison.

  • concerned educator

    I think bob needs to be sent to one of these re-education camps for the way he writes about others.. I for one will spend some of my retirement years educating parents to these agendas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Thompson/1701622313 Mark Thompson

    You fail to mention that Ayers holds the highest position of influence in curriculum today. He is the VP of Curriculum Studies of the American Education Research Association, the AERA. He influences professors and researchers, 25,000 of them belong to this organization, the largest of it’s kind. In other words; a radical, revolutionary, secular, communist, terrorist, bomber, has the highest position in curriculum that is of the greatest influence from pre K to post grad in the United States of America. How insane is this? For more information on Ayers and my effort to have him investigated for academic misconduct, visit campconservatism.net. This site has a wealth of knowledge on Ayers. If you want a cheap thrill, utube Bill Ayers meets the new activist. Watch it all the way through, the end is a very fond memory of mine. To know Ayers is to know Obama. Ayers is a political pedophile, and he rapes the minds of our students and idealistic teachers. One other thing, he and his ilk planned on killing 25 million in their failed coup. He is a violent revolutionary, prepare for the worst, it is more than likely going to happen as history repeats itself. It can happen here, it is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Thompson/1701622313 Mark Thompson

    You might also enjoy the demand for an investigation given to the University of Illinois board of trustees. Google this with my name on utube. Ayers should hang for treason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Thompson/1701622313 Mark Thompson

    Nice article, always love to see his name in the limelight, as he is Royalty in his circles. A foundational player that needs to be fully exposed for what he truly is, a declared enemy to our Republic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Thompson/1701622313 Mark Thompson

    It seems I have seen your name with Cliff Kincaid a number of time’s. Thanks for all the work you do.

  • Beverly G.

    Can’t believe this only got 4 “likes”!! LOL!

  • Sharon Sewell

    I have just read this article for the first time and I want to thank you for your hard work in putting this information together. It is excellent. I knew about some of the information, but the more I read, the more I realized how little I knew. I am fighting Common Core here in Alabama and it is so hard to help people understand what this Initiative is. Many teachers see it only as standards that need to be taught. Vendors see it as one person wrote me “education is the currency of the 21st Century.” I fought Hillary Clinton and Marc Tucker’s Goals 2000 and it was a piece of cake compared to this. The Ayers crowd has had 20 years to perfect their plan. It just breaks my heart to see people buying into this hook, line, and sinker. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

    I taught school for 32 years. I would not recommend any young person go into teaching right now, at least not in a government run school. Anyone with conviction could not teach in the atmosphere that is being prepared and perpetrated on the American classroom.

    Again thank you for putting into words so effectively what is happening to education in America.

  • Interesting

    Why would someone who has gone against the U.S. Government for most of their life (Ayers) buddy up with the president?
    Is it a change of heart, a card up the sleeve, or perhaps … something else?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ace.boogie.142 Ace Boogie

    Eat a dick fag

  • http://www.facebook.com/grammyapples Sheila Squires

    Core is “EVIL” and this, as well as other propaganda programs have been poisoning the minds of our children for years. The Government took control of our children when parents Did Not Object to these “so called groups” who decided they were more able to Parent our Children than WE were! And so it began~~~~It does NOT take a village to raise a child, it takes Moral, Dedicated Parents!!!

  • NU Chemist

    How much energy have you expended on this page defending Bill Ayers? Get a fucking life.

  • Max

    Wow. While the Common Core may be bad policy (see Diane Ravitch’s concerns: http://dianeravitch.net/2013/02/26/why-i-cannot-support-the-common-core-standards/), this stuff is complete and utter, absolute whack-job, conspiracy theory bullshit. Ms. Grabar’s Ph.D. obviously came as a prize in a packet of Red Scare Kool-Aid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenan.walker.1 Kenan Walker

    So Mikey, you sound like a union,hippy, racist union thug who’s an advocate for BHO’s race/civil war. Better watch what you ask for hero.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenan.walker.1 Kenan Walker

    So you also sound like a union,hippy, racist union thug who’s an advocate for BHO’s race/civil war. Better watch what you ask for hero.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenan.walker.1 Kenan Walker

    And, you sound like a union,hippy, racist union thug who’s an advocate for BHO’s race/civil war. Better watch what you ask for hero.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenan.walker.1 Kenan Walker

    They are doing it all on purpose, so when the country is finally destroyed, they can step in and make it in their own image, you know, like the Lord did, except they aren’t God, but they think they can be.

  • concerned teen

    Yes, yes it does. And I would know because I just researched his entire career and use of the Hitler Youth movement.

  • http://theoldadam.wordpress.com/ Steve Martin

    We need to get off Obama’s back.

    He knows what’s best for us. He will change everything and make this into a great country. Our Founders didn’t have a clue. Marx and Lenin and Mao…now there’s something to aspire to.



  • Katie Bell

    Excellent article. Common Core is receiving much more attention than its UN predecessor the International Baccalaureate (IB) which was also funded by Ayers and Obama via the Annenberg Challenge back in 1998, expanding IB in Chicago through Arne Duncan from one to 26 public schools.

    “Are these higher standards or dumbing down? Will Common Core produce well-educated Americans or indoctrinated pacifist global citizens?”

    IB’s goal is to create “global citizens”. Common Core and IB are nothing more than national and international educational BS. Wake up people!


  • pookieamos

    Although you won’t read this , you are one fucked up dude just like all leftist, freak.

  • pookieamos

    UN AGENDA 21 , better be prepared to be told where you will live , what you will eat , how much you’ll eat. Better prepare to be forced into tiny Eco apartments. Where you will work will be controlled. There will not be air conditioning and reliable heating as we have known in modern times. They will dictate whether you may have a baby or even a family. This is a complete and utter destruction of the United States of America and their end goal. Depopulation is high on the agenda by 5 billion people. Doubt me ?All one must do is read their past statements , especially George H.W. Bush and Maurice Strong. Doubt Agenda 21 is true , find it at United Nations.You can find Nancy Pelosi speaking of Agenda 21 on the floors of Congress in 1992 in the CSPAN Library. BUT FIRST THEY MUST DISARM US !

  • airboss1

    Bob, Most people know nothing about Common Core. That doesn’t make them “morons.” Common Core was purposely launched with low fanfare purposely to slide it in under our noses. Personally I’ve been very concerned about this for years and I’ve been trying to make as many people as possible aware of this insidious program. But it does no good to be so nasty. Let’s try to keep up an intelligent conversation.

  • little emmie

    No one knows what goes on behind (bo’s) closed doors.

  • http://rationalmathed.blogspot.com Michael Paul Goldenberg

    Any of the geniuses here, including the author, care that Ayers wrote an open letter to Obama after the 2012 election criticizing every aspect of the latter’s educational policy? Just another clever commie tactic, of course. http://www.good.is/posts/an-open-letter-to-president-obama-from-bill-ayers

  • http://rationalmathed.blogspot.com Michael Paul Goldenberg

    The playing field could never be leveled enough so that morons like you would have a fighting chance to get the facts straight.

  • http://rationalmathed.blogspot.com Michael Paul Goldenberg

    Bob has you nailed. So “Boston Commons” was named that in anticipation of Karl Marx. . . ? I will bet you have never read a single word of any book about communism, because if you did, you’d have a clue that Obama is so far from being a communist that it’s laughable to suggest otherwise. He’s part of the neoconservative/neoliberal alliance that has been buying the country and the government for a long time. They’re not socialists. They’re not communists. They’re just rich, powerful, and greedy. Get a clue.

  • Steven Butterbaugh

    Reading through the comments, I must say, you do not know a thing about Obama and Ayres relationship. Your assertions that they barely know each other is so unprovable it isn’t funny. They worked together on the Annenburg Trust education project for one.

  • Steven Butterbaugh

    Further, I notice that you offer no information. You only deride and undermine. So, I declare you a fraud – acting like you have something valuable to say. Get lost, bully.

  • http://rationalmathed.blogspot.com Michael Paul Goldenberg


  • Randall

    There is nothing “liberal” about the Left. They usurped the term after people caught on to the true fascist mission of the “progressives”. The only true liberals are the conservatives.

  • Randall

    Actually the Nazis were left wing socialists. Obama is starting off just as Hitler did with a nationalized healthcare plan, corporatism, gun control, a private army and verbal slander of opponents

  • Nate Whilk

    “He’s part of the neoconservative/neoliberal alliance that has been buying the country and the government for a long time.”

    You spout this BS, and YOU tell US to get a clue?

  • Patrick Ray

    That’s the first time I have seen “conservative” and “think for yourself” used to describe the same thing. Of course, they were used by a person whose grammar is worse than a third-grader’s.

  • Al47

    Oh, you’re so self-righteous.

  • Al47

    Even if there’s school choice, vouchers, etc, it wouldn’t matter since all will be taught the same.

  • Barbara

    You chose to miss the point.

  • jma

    They sat on multiple discussion groups together, O wrote blurbs on Ayres’ book, and most unfortunately wasted over $1 million on the Annenberg Challenge to reform Chicago schools. The U. of Chicago evaluation noted not one wit of difference for all their effort.

  • jma

    Social justice.

  • dfrank

    Hiding individual ability serves to conceal the stupidity of those on the left — of course,only until they speak their minds.

  • dfrank

    Guest, They invision no remaking of America. A destroyed America IS their image.

  • Proofreader

    And “biggoted”

  • Mark N Starla Traina


    Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama’s Federal School Curriculum


    Three years after the Department of Education announced a contest called Race-to-the-Top for $4.35 billion in stimulus funds, some parents, teachers, governors, and citizen and public policy groups are coming to an awful realization about the likely outcomes:
    • A national curriculum called Common Core
    • Regionalism, or the replacement of local governments by federally appointed bureaucrats
    • A leveling of all schools to one, low national standard, and a redistribution of education funds among school districts
    • An effective federal tracking of all students
    • The loss of the option of avoiding the national curriculum and tests through private school and home school
    Working behind the scenes, implementing these policies and writing the standards are associates from President Obama’s community organizing days. In de facto control of the education component is Linda Darling-Hammond, a radical left-wing educator and close colleague of William “Bill” Ayers, the former leader of the communist terrorist Weather Underground who became a professor of education and friend of Obama’s.
    When these dangerous initiatives are implemented, there will be no escaping bad schools and a radical curriculum by moving to a good suburb, or by home schooling, or by enrolling your children in private schools.
    How was it that 48 governors entered Race-to-the-Top without knowing outcomes?
    It was one of the many “crises” exploited by the Obama administration. While the public was focused on a series of radical moves coming in rapid-fire succession, like the health care bill and proposed trials and imprisonment of 9/11 terrorists on domestic soil, governors, worried about keeping school doors open, signed on. Many politicians and pundits praised Obama on this singular issue, repeating the official rhetoric about raising standards.
    It stands to reason, though, that education policies would be consistent with Obama’s agenda. After all, one of his most controversial associations, highlighted during the 2008 presidential campaign, was with an education professor, Bill Ayers. As a terrorist, he and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, had dedicated their Prairie Fire Manifesto to Sirhan Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Robert F. Kennedy. It was for this reason that Kennedy’s son, Christopher Kennedy, chairman of the University of Illinois board of trustees, voted against bestowing “professor emeritus” status on Ayers after he retired. “I intend to vote against conferring the honorific title of our university whose body of work includes a book dedicated in part to the man who murdered my father, Robert F. Kennedy,” he said.
    Back then, the former bomber and co-founder of the communist terrorist Weather Underground organization was Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The two had worked together closely from the year Ayers hosted a political launch party for Obama, in 1995, to 2002. At the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, “the brainchild of Bill Ayers,” they funneled more that $100 million to radical groups like ACORN and Gamaliel, which used the funds to promote radical education.[i] This initiative was also promoted by Arne Duncan, now Secretary of Education. Also as board members of the Woods Fund, Ayers and Obama channeled money to ACORN and the Midwest Academy.
    When initial White House visitor logs were released in 2009, the administration quickly dismissed speculations about visits by “William Ayers.” That was a different William Ayers Americans were told. The Obama administration is appealing an August 17 order to release the other visitor logs in response to a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch and others.

    BILL AYERS: http://www.aim.org/special-report/terrorist-professor-bill-ayers-and-obamas-federal-school-curriculum/


    Naawp et., al., all rights unreserved

  • simplynotred

    You have a funny hat, is that were you keep all your thoughts? Maybe you should get a bigger hat.

  • simplynotred

    I thought that hat was too small. Seems like there are many people who haven’t got a single honest thought in their head/hat. Get a bigger hat you idiot.

  • simplynotred

    Your mind is very small. Your thinking is laughable. Small minds need fixing. Communism, Obama, Bill Ayers, Collectivism, Socialism, Statism. The evidence is there each day. Sounds like a denying reality twit.

  • simplynotred

    Wrong. As identifying a lazy a$$ who won’t think beyond the socialist mantra that you must be your brothers keeper first, ignoring the fact that the quality of your “keeping skills” are at best mediocre.

  • simplynotred

    Let me see, you were in the neighborhood and saw both Ayers and Obama never talk with each other, because you were watching these two knowing that one day they would be significant personalities in the political arena. Get a life. You haven’t a clue as to what these two jerks were doing. I doubt if you are able to remember what you were doing.

  • simplynotred

    You socialist scum, you, like Obama could care less about your neighbor, based upon your scribbling here the only thing you have been interested in, is you own printed words.

  • simplynotred

    I believe the word is progressive and socialistic. Classic Liberal is definitely not in you brain waves (what few you have), Progressive, like Carter, Clinton, Obama, who promote a socialist agenda THATS YOU. Your naivete renders you ignorant on many subjects. Socialism & Ignorance usually go hand in hand and in your case in your silly hat.

  • simplynotred


  • http://www.marktraina.webs.com Mark N Starla Traina

    the following REASONS:

    COMMON CORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXRBW8Fm7qA&feature=player_detailpage

    It PROMOTES alternative LIFESTYLES
    through its PROMOTION of the ADL & SPLC’s LGBT AGENDA, which CONFUSES our



    It is DESIGNED to make our CHILDREN to
    feel GUILTY about being WHITE, being CONSERVATIVES, being AMERICANS and being

    It is loaded with SEXUALLY EXPLICIT
    CONTENT that is not appropriate for any PUBLICLY FUNDED SCHOOL SETTINGS at any

    It is DESIGNED to produce PRODUCTS of


    our CHILDREN that the GREATER GOOD always takes PRESEDENT over INDIVIDUAL



    This is what happens to anyone who COMPLAINS about what’s in the



    Are we LIVING in CUBA?

    Have the COMMUNISTS already infiltrated

    Do we have any CIVIL RIGHTS in U.S.




    “The PAST
    is the PAST, but the PRESENT is a GIFT from GOD ALMIGHTY!” (TRAINAISM)

    CHILDREN are a GIFT lent to U.S. by GOD and GOD ALMIGHTY has EMPOWERED U.S. to

    “If we as


    are not just our FUTURE, they are also our PRESENT!” (TRAINAISM)

    comments on the DISPLACED VALUES of the COMMON CORE CURRICULUM in MAY of 2014:
    “Our CHILDREN’S FUTURE is AT STAKE today, and what we do NOW will DEFINITLY
    impact them LATER in LIFE!” (TRAINAISM)

    “They say fatuous1, One man can’t STAND UP against TYRANNY, but I
    say, I will STAND UP against TYRANNA at least until the LORD LAYITH me DOWN!”

    “OPINION are like the fatuous1, EVERBODY has ONE!” (TRAINAISM)

    “If the WORLD we LIVE in was less POLITICALLY CORRECT, then maybe
    we could just STOP LYING to one another!” (TRAINAISM)

    “The TRUTH is sometimes UNCOUTH, but the TRUTH is the TRUTH – none
    the less!” (TRAINAISM)

    “The WORLD’S GREATEST WRITERS are more often then not, also the
    WORLD’S GREATEST READERS – If you want to WRITE better READ more” (TRAINAISM)


    “Whenever an ISSUE or EVENT CAPTURES my HEART, I never have to

    DIG, PUSH and be BOLD: http://features.aol.com/video/connie-chung-dig-push-and-be-bold?icid=aol|carousel|dl1


  • oicu

    I don’t know where your degrees are from, but you apparently didn’t learn anything but the Marxist mantra. I don’t know your age, but some of us lived through the Ayers/Dohrn years and know that it is poison! He is an idiot and I don’t care how rich his daddy was and how many millions that know-nothing spoiled brat has! You weren’t taught to think, apparently. You, unfortunately swallowed the sugar-coated poison and I guess you’re spreading those lies like one recent graduate told me he learned about our founding fathers: Geo. Washington was a slave holder and all those rich white men were slave holders, that some were homosexual and that Islam is a peaceful ‘religion’ (mere view of the idiot box refutes that). Islam is NOT a religion, it is a political ideology based on deception. Zebras don’t change their stripes! Hey, what’s black and white and red all over? I suggest you do some research and find out exactly what communism/Marxism/progressivism/ ‘liberalism/Democrats — are all about! The Democrat party has not been ‘liberal’ in the true meaning of the word for a very long time! Reagan said,, “the Democrats have gone so far Left, they’ve left America.” And that was a long time ago. Go to youtube and look up what the long ago private (before he was a politician) Reagan said about socialized medicine. I think it was spoken in 1965! I think you’ll see the truth of what he warned of then. Hint: Anytime anything is done behind CLOSED DOORS, ask yourself ‘why’? You can bet you bottom dollar there deception! I have a education degree also….but that was before the MEN went to Vietnam and the rich communist (Clinton is a communist too) took over the colleges and universities! I well remember the daze of the Weathermen aka Weather Underground. Notice that communist keep changing their names? Notice that what you think of as ‘liberal’ (today’s Democrat Party – the anti-God squad) never address any issue! All they do is whine about fheir feeeelings and engage in slander and defamation of character. You better wake up! The hour is verrrry late. And if you don’t see what’s already been said, then I pray that you never find a teaching position, for the poison of deception is already too far and wide. Have you not noticed that it’s all one-sided? How would you like to go into a courtroom and as the accused (falsely) the only side that’s heard is that of the prosecution attorney? That’s what’s happening and has been happening (today’s teachers have been brain-washed and don’t even know it) for decades! Go on youtube and watch the History of the Bloody Communist! Go read “Disinformation” —- go READ! Communist take over (seepy, creepy – the frog in the pan of water on the stove) I 4 steps: 1)Demoralize (destroy the family, relationships, all that’s good and decent; witness the radical homosexual agenda with its RAPIST (they’re all about FORCE – you will or else! Abortion, all that’s decadent and immoral. 2) Destablize (takes 15-20 yrs – only one generation); 3) Crisis (manufactured — as in Boston Marathon bombing, Benghazi (international illegal gun-running for campaign funds! Even resurrect a dead man (Osama bin-Laden) and with great fan fare announce you’ve killed him! Just go read about pre-Hitler Germany! I’m not being dramatic! The so-called HealthCare (not about health and definitely not about care of any type) it is nothing but Hitler’s T-4 program. Hitler said, “to control a nation you must first disarm them”. He also said ‘ tell a BIG lie and keep repeating it and people will believe it. And with the corporate media (I thought you said you hated big corporations? All are nothing but propaganda machines and we are experiencing the largest blackout ever know in this nation! I guess you think Che Guavara is a hero too, huh? He was a cold-blooded murderer who took a gun to peoples’ heads after he made them kneel in front of him! An MD, yes, but a cold-blooded murderer – just like all communist. It’s like a drug dealer! He’ll give you the first few hits…until you’re addicted…and in desperation you appear wanting another ‘free’ hit, but now he’s got you! So he demands a huge amount of money!

  • oicu

    The communist in our government and its institutions (appointed) today aren’t just in one political party! That Saudi oily money has all kinds of finger prints on it and all kinds of campaign coffers filled. Boehner didn’t keep Benghazi (international gun running, drug dealing and money laundrying — been going on a while) from coming the Hse Floor for nothing. Perhaps too many golf outings with the Usurper in Thief! Obama is a third world Kenyan and intends to destroy America! The wagons are circling and the noose is growing tighter! So it’s going to take more than a mere numbers game to root out this rot! Forget political party! Find out what they are about – for real – not political slogans. Find out how they voted on certain issues and bills. Obozo didn’t do much voting. Go check out the similarities in the early lives of Hitler, Stalin and Obama aka Soetoro aka Frank Marshall Davis Jr, aka numerous names and social security numbers, and he didn’t teach constitutional law (Alinsky commieCore is all he knows) and the extremes they went to to keep those early lives SECRET! Why? Only one reason! if the voters knew…the truth!!! Stalin’s early life only came out recently — with the declassification of Communist documents. And Obama — You don’t know him! Forget his words (empty meaningless rhetoric) and look at his actions! The US Constitution means nothing to him. He and Biden have already spent $40 million dollars on vacations – and in this economy!!! He and Valerie Jarett (Mao is her hero – she was born in Iran), Axelrod et al….all communist! Any one of them would cut your throat in a New York minute and not give it a second thought! It’s already happened to several! Reporters — ‘accidental’ deaths! Obama’s homosexual baths in Chicago – he’s always been a homo and his marriage is a fake …and she isn’t licened to practice law either…..FRAUD! Chicago is the birthplace of communism in the USA and has NEVER had an honest politician! If they’re from Chicago, that alone should tell you enough about them as a politican!

  • oicu

    WRONG! Poppy Ayers paid his tuition! Obozo and Slick Swilly Billy have been butt buds for decades!

  • oicu

    He gave Muslim idiot Hegel the Sec of Defense job as pay for fixing the voting machines! I thought you were supposed to be ‘educated’? So far, I’ve learned nothing from anything you’ve typed here. Obamabot, undoubtedly! How much are you being paid to try to disrupt intelligent conversations on the internet blogs?

  • oicu

    There’s no such thing as ‘right’ ‘left’! Get rid of the delusional BS! There’s only ‘right’ and ‘wrong’!

  • oicu

    As soon as your Usurper in Thief sends you to a FEMA camp via the boxcars that are equipped with various sizes of shakels, and you are without bread and water, and instead of a position of power, you’ll be ‘up against the wall, you once useful idiot’ – now that you’re no longer needed, he will treat you as Stalin did the little chicken he defeathered totally…and put down in the cold. FEAR! That’s all you know….fear, death, multiCULTurism, go get a boat load of your ilk take all the commieCore thugs and go to North Korea (Cuba is too close) where you will be at home! Take all your sodomite buds with you and schedule your GAAY Pride March in Saudi Arabia! Yeah, let’s see how equal all religions are! One thing about it – you’ll only need a one way ticket! Take your blather and spew it in the countries with the ideology you say you’re so fond of! I bet you had kempchee for breakfast too!

  • oicu

    CommieCore aka ObamaCore aka Common Core is right up your commieRed alley! “Confused””

  • Steven Barrett

    Pathetic bunch o’whiners. Don’t most of you people have jobs to create with all the tax breaks you’ve received down through the years, or safe off-shore tax-free banking locales, (sheltervilles) to be heading off to? See what contemporary “conservative thought” has done? It’s as healthy for the core of one’s inner mind and soul as overly sweetened junk food snacks and sodas are for the heart n’ teeth.

  • simplynotred

    I know that the whiners are lazy socialist redistributionist who have produced the “money for nothing & the chicks for free mentality.” Don’t blame us, blame your mama’s and papa’s for telling you to vote Democrat. Now that you have your dictator in charge running the country (into the grown), while all the Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, and None Voters are growing RICH, you shouldn’t be complaining, you should be a happy camper. Smiling at everyone and saying, ” I have never been so happy, now that Obama is giving me everything that I ever wanted.” But NO you still haven’t received your fill, and NEVER will.

  • Steven Barrett

    Looks like I made your day. All kidding aside, I, too, share a disgust for wasteful spending because it’s theft in far more ways than the simple act of an individual or cabal or two lining their pockets. It steals from the poor faster and in far more insidious ways than most people realize until it’s too late. At that point, with all the bad press, and political bloviating that follows, laws get passed that invariably target the easiest and weakest classes: the poor, disabled, elderly, public institutions like schools and libraries, and most tragically, poor moms and their kids. How ’bout the former wunderkind Scott Brown who voted against a COLA for disabled veterans in 2011. How on earth could a veteran, an officer no less, have done this, save for holding the contemptible “I’ve got mine, so long Pal,” attitude? Worse yet, he did this just before Christmas! Voting to keep a tax break and justifying it on behalf of helping the so-called “job creators” create jobs (all they while they were snubbing their own country and tucking the wealthy’s tax “savings” in tax shelters located overseas) was nothing less than a wholly legal but wasteful theft from the vast majority of Americans. Aging poor Veterans and Granny’s SS and SSDI checks were considered expendable and “wasteful,” but nary a peep came from our 1 percent crowd about the trillions they were able to sock away. I’m all for success and living life to the hilt; but in all honesty, how can one really “live” his or her life to the hilt if they can’t provide a straight-faced answer to their Maker when He asked “What doth it profit a man … ” if he couldn’t profit honorably without stealing from His Lord’s “littlest” and “weakest ones”? I hope He asks today’s robber barons “How can you lecture the poor for nickel and dimin’ programs like SNAP when your Gerrymandered/hand picked pols like a gospel singer/”agribusinessman” turned politician from west Tenn. can get assigned to the very committee in charge of setting farm subsidies … that he already received millions before his election to Congress, vote to give himself $75K only to turn around to vote in favor of cutting SNAP that helps poor young and elderly Americans who are far more deserving?
    LOL, we all have our sins we’ll have to answer for. But this looks to be a doozy scene for anybody who’s fortunate to be a fly on the wall in St. Peter’s heavenly foyer.

  • simplynotred

    You should do your homework better, this unfortunate was a loser to start.

    If Scott Brown were in office, I might conclude that your screaming protest of the man was significant. On the other hand, Scott WHO? As far as I remember, Mr. Brown voted with the Democrat party approximately 33% of the time against what the Republican minority focused upon.

    ABC News Source: ABC’s Z. Byron Wolf reports: Scott Brown is
    proving to be an elusive vote on matters of cloture. During his month in the
    senate, Brown is just about evenly split, siding half the time with Democrats
    and half the time with Republicans.For a man ushered into the Senate as someone
    Republicans should “exalt in” and signaling the death knell of Democrats’
    super-majority, Brown has shown himself to be no fan of Senate Republicans’
    slow-everything-to-a-snail’s-pace strategy.

    No wonder he is no longer there any more. Since he appeared to be a slight bit more liberal and progressive in regards to all his initiatives, it is likely that he pissed off everyone to include yourself. He is not one of my Senators, both of whom I can identify as aging ignorant women who are the most egregious twits this side of the moon.

    Outgoing Sen. Scott Brown appears to have a good shot at winning a still-hypothetical special election for Sen. John Kerry’s U.S. Senate seat, despite losing his re-election bid to Democrat Elizabeth Warren last month.

    Outgoing Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown has become the first Republican senator to endorse a federal assault weapons ban in the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/sen-scott-brown-backs-assault-rifle-ban-article-1.1224280#ixzz32yXmEEqK Amazing how he is so much a republican, and yet the party doesn’t seem to approve of his presences. Could be He’s a RHINO Republican In Name Only.

  • Steven Barrett

    For crying out loud, just how conservative do you want every Republican to vote? Do they have to pass some litmus test of Megan Kelly to get your vote? What level of cheapness does the GOP have to sink to in order to pass your litmus test to qualify as a real conservative?

  • simplynotred

    Actually I would prefer Stalin’s approach to clearing out the rotten politicians, but then Stalin’s time has passed and that kind of process only works in Socialist countries, RIGHT! Just kidding.

    Hey don’t get upset, you’re the one who brought up the loser Scott Brown. Never liked the guy from day one.

    So you think most of us Americans, like, Rhino’s in the Republican Party (not that I am a member), HELL NO. All of them might as well join the Dem’s or Socialist party and vote their beliefs, NOT their Name Tag. By the way I was raised in a Democrat family, learned my lessons as to why and what a Democrat is all about – will never go back.

    I support the idea that litmus test are done by technical/scientific specialist for reasons that have to do much with chemistry!

    Seriously these so called politicians (Rhino’s Dem’s Socialist) already have a test that they pass, its called “Sell out the public to make a fortune Test.” I like the idea of preventing any politicians from acquiring any money for a higher life style than the pay check that they were elected for. Gee didn’t you just make that recommendation recently?

    In fact,

    1. I am beginning to think that term limits for judges and Supreme Court Justices is sounding better and better each day. So that all the Supremes only get 6 years Max Feds and State.

    2. That Attorney Generals for each State that does not defend the Status Quo lose his/her Law License by the Bar of each State, for failing to fulfill his responsibilities and having to be removed from office via a new re-election.
    NOTE the Legalization of Same Sex Marriages, almost exclusively has flipped overnight in this country because the Attorney Generals for 13-15 of the States did not attend the Trial hearing. Just amazing. Winning A cultural issue by default. Love it. All of these trials needs to be revisited, that is overturned because of failure of the States to supply Due Process for the peoples of same. The Proposition Initiative Process is the way to go with this along with term limits for Judges.

    3. That the electoral college be controlled exclusively by the House of Representatives and the individual states, continue to control the election of those Representatives based upon (remember this was your phrase) the removal of Gerrymandering.
    Love the idea. What I don’t like is the fact that a Wealthy Hungarian Citizen (i.e George Soros) is spending the money he steals from his somewhat questionable business dealings to circumvent our Electoral Process. Check it out this project of his has been going on for a number of months now.

    4. People who don’t show their ID at voting booths should have their drivers license revoked right after they drop the voting pamphlet in the Box if they say “I don’t have an ID.” Therefore the State will control the use of Drivers Licenses more efficiently, Instead of having it to merely verify that you can take a airplane ride, or cash a check those things are not really important RIGHT!. Oh yeah driving a car – NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT. That a law passed by the Federal Government that identifies a person who voted more than once and having a Drivers License Nationally Suspend that license.

    Anything else you want to know.

    Sorry can’t slow down now. having way too much fun …. there is more to do. Nice talking with you Steve.

  • Steven Barrett

    Following Uncle Joe’s example? That’s a new one. Aren’t you guys gonna save all that ammo for the day when Obama’s guys are carrying out the round up and sending you off to some hidden locale in the super boonies? Hell, all you have to do is get the people you want to weed out to listen to countless hours of such exciting orators like Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and both Sessions from Texas & Alabama?

    How is it that in the land of James Michael “Vote Early n’ Often…” Curley, voters aren’t required to bring IDs? What about people who don’t drive, but have to have a state ID for check cashing, buying

    Term limits won’t help drive out the sleaze in politics. It’ll only help to increase the size of lobbying armies. Oh, I forgot, increased numbers of “consultants” and other fancy titles ex-pols will conjure up to cover up their real occupations. Term limits on any elected position or appointed (e.g. judgeship, atty gen’l’s office, etc. only discourages anybody, of any ideological background stripe from wanting to go into public service. If we continually disparage public service as a noble calling, we’ll only get more mediocrities and/or just plain outright corrupt “lawmakers, and deservedly so.

    I’d also get rid of bonuses and other “novel” ideas brought over from the private sector. Any guy or gal who gives the old line, “I’m going to make sure we run government like a business” is a pol to keep a close eye on. The business of government is to serve the people, and that means all the people; not private investors.

    I’ve gotta go — and likewise, it’s been fun talking with you.

  • http://rationalmathed.blogspot.com Michael Paul Goldenberg

    Hey red, you do an awful lot of name-calling. Not any documentation to a single thing you say, though.

  • http://rationalmathed.blogspot.com Michael Paul Goldenberg

    More empty name-calling and ad hominem. No substance. Throwing around terms you haven’t the first clue as to the meaning of. Other than that, very impressive.

  • simplynotred

    Well by the sound of it – the “Aren’t you guys” statement puts you into the category of “Knowing whats best for the rest of mankind.” One who knows all, sees all, and is…. (full of BS)

    Where did you get all that wonderful knowledge. (Hope it wasn’t by a government sponsored Cracker Jack Box).

    By the way the Uncle Joe’s things was a joke, but I guess you’re not capable!

    Hey man you’re way to serious to be taken seriously now.

    The ID thing is an ID thing doesn’t matter whether its a drivers license or and personal ID -ITS AN ID (boy are you lame).

    “Thing brought over by the private sector,” You must be a government clone of sorts, a worshiper of the all mighty Federally

    What – your now making Government into a Religion.

    Well you are human and you do have to worship something on the god level, it might as well be government. Really worshiping the “Federal Government?” Sorry man, its just so damn silly.

    I. Your politicians are your Priest. The president is your pope.

    II. Your Government building are your churches social security, DMV, Post Office, Superior Court.

    III. The White House briefs on the Major News Channels are your sermons.

    IV. Your Sacraments are..

    1. Abortion (legalized murder) A baptism of the select.

    2. Paying Taxes (forced offerings) necessary to keep those in power.

    3. Gun Control (trusting government to protect you life like the Ambassador to Benghazi)

    4. Redistribution of wealth (Legalized theft) a means of keeping the poor alive until needed for energy production.

    5. Having a social Security Card, Personal ID, Passport, Government School Certificate (membership in the church of the all and powerful socialist god) Baptismal, Ist Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Certificates included

    6. Eating and Taking Medicine strictly by those recommended by the FDA (government identified poisons.) (Daily Communion)

    7. Euthanasia (means of dealing with the utility of old people when they no longer can work and pay government taxes) (Last Rights.) Because you have to be alive to have any Rights.

    Your all set, all you have to do now is recycle the dead for an energy source (to include the aborted children). Then the EPA , Obama care and Planned Parenthood can go into the energy business and the Economic Sustainability of the US is resolved.

    Guess you deserve the outcome of what you believe in!

    Seriously now, you really believe that the Government has your interest as its goal.

    I think they call that “Being a Fool.”

  • Steven Barrett

    ROFL, Seriously though not on the points, I’m a Catholic, not Federalist, or a libertarian Ayn Randist. (That spiritual turf I’ll leave for Paul Ryan, or Randist “Aqua Buddhist” Paul. Have a great weekend, anyway.

  • simplynotred

    I wished that you could have convinced me that you where Catholic, in how you speak, and what you believe. The trouble with most Catholics you wouldn’t know they what they are by the politics, philosophies, and ideas that they support. It’s frustrating to think that we should be able to know within a few minutes who is and who is not Catholic. Not so easy anymore. Something to think about. Enjoy the weekend.

  • Steven Barrett

    Gotta ‘fess that I’m a bit of a “cafeteria Catholic” at times, but only on the “externals.” As you can imagine, I like this new pope’s gutsy willingness to stand up for what he believes in no matter how often the monied Catholic laity try to ever so gently, or not so tactfully, blackmail him with threats of cutting off their contributions. Not matter what the prevailing ideology might be in any given pope’s reign, the Church’s rock foundational truths, beliefs, Canon and Scripture, aren’t for sale or revision because of some folks ideological leaning$. It’s been tried before and didn’t work. We only have to point to Jesus’ example when he let the money changers get their comeuppance, not to mention the Pharisees and Scribes who were quite pleased with the status quo cuts that flowed into the Temple (plus their) coffers.

    It’s a tough road for some of us over sixty who remember what a real Mass was like, with all the sublime Latin chants, smoky candle wax, beautiful art on the walls, bells and well, I think you know what I’m getting to. It’s a cryin’ shame when a Catholic has to attend any Middle Rite Anglican Mass to draw himself or herself back in time, even if the Mass is in English and who knows what the priest will say.

    Nowadays, by the time we’ve reached the point where Father or his Deacon gets around to giving his Homily, the parishioner is so rattled, distracted, and PO’d by the banal Kumbayakrap that so many parish musical committees have shoved down many a cowed priest who seem more grateful that they have any respectable number of fannies in attendance … have all but tossed their already dwindled leadership authority out the nearest (formerly stained glass) window. Oh yeah, the stained glass windows were taken out to pay for the start up of a food kitchen. That revenue will go fast, but the deed was done, windows sold and everybody felt snug ever after. Right? I’m for helping the poor, but not to the extend that it short changes the most important form of nutrition, their spiritual nutrition. And sure as hell Kumbaya Katholicism will never replace the good old days of bi-lingual St. Joseph Missals, rigorous pre-Vatican II catechism, be it Baltimore or a local variant, or an order’s version of the same. But they were rigorous and the kids of those “harsh, awful and tedious” years before the “kind Pope John XXIII” came along . . . can say with confidence in our grayin’ years, “Hell kids, we’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever learn no thanks to what they’re giving you nowadays.”

    Ahhhh, speaking of “inclusion,” (a word down there with “transparency”or “accountable”) . . . here’s a newsworthy story out of the oracle of The Street that should make your day if you’re looking for a good laugh to end the weekend. I double dare you to keep from peeling over with laughter:”


  • simplynotred

    Sour Grapes, Envy, Lack of Knowledge, Ad Hominem, oversimplification fallacy, acrimony, delusional, malcontent. uninformed and definitely not holding any Catholic heritage. So your point is…..

  • Steven Barrett

    That’s what a lot of my CCD teachers, nuns, and Augustinian profs (at then Biscayne College, FL) now St. Thomas Univ. just after I graduated from there 40 years ago, not more than a few parish priests have said about me, too. Forgot, a lot of readers for the local diocesan paper I wrote a column for in the mid 80s. Gotta run and brush up on my Baltimore Catechism.

  • simplynotred

    Catholicism is no longer Catholicism when it reflects the culture around
    us more than the Christ within us. So why call yourself a Catholic when you really do demonstrate the behavior that proves to the world that you are one of them. If you want to be an Atheist, I am not going to hold you back.

  • Steven Barrett

    To be safe, it’s best to leave it to God, the Pope, and my local parish Priest/and Diocesan Ordinary to discern how genuine another Catholic’s faith and standing within the Church is. We have enough Pharisees working within our political system, not to mention the punditocracy. Imagine how flawed our opinions might be just by forming them upon how we observe the driving habits of our fellow Catholics as they exit the respective parish parking lots. I can still remember while living in Wiesbaden Germany 50 years ago and my mother saying “It’s a good thing the Germans weren’t able to watch how American Catholics and Protestants try to maneuver their way in and out of this small parking lot (used primarily for the base h.s., across from the main chapel) . . . They couldn’t be blamed for thinking the 30 yrs war broke out again.”

    LOL, by the way, St. Thomas wasn’t the “inspirin’ saint” for my alma mater’s name change back in the early 80’s. I’d just hate to poll what some of the now still living and retired Dominican nuns in charge of running Barry University (then College) what they thought of the Biscayne students of my then all-male college.

  • simplynotred

    Not another way of deferring you activities from your life’s primary responsibility to live truthfully, holding onto Catholic Faith, Hope and Charity. Deferment a disease of our modern times, what liberals do with regard to so much of what surrounds them? Things like letting the government decide what kind of life you want to live. The temptation still fresh from the Garden of Eden is to believe that Government IS GOD. It’s so easy to let BIG POWER handle your miserable life’s problems. You miss the boat man, the church and the government “ARE THE PROBLEM” these
    days. Don’t mix God into that group of losers.

    You’re a doormat and they are walking all over you. Begrudging your temporary inert status
    in regards to your souls responsibility for your own “well being” you over indulge in a sales pitch that suggest (for the most part that) everyone acquire your lackadaisical fence sitting attributes.
    Truthfully, bored you appear to be and are sadly uninspiring. Am I my brother’s keeper if my brother sits all day on a fence, as the world goes by. It’s your cup of tea. The Alfred E.
    Newman approach to everything in life is Big Pharma’s goal to establish contentment, though pharmaceuticals, procuring the listlessness brain dead millions who ascribe to the “Why Me Worry” effect. As we speak 50% of the worlds drugs are used by a mere 320,000,000 people (not all indulge mind you) who happened to live within the boarders of the United States.

    Well when one decides that humans are on the same intellectual playing fields as their apparent rivals the non rational living things; one should expect to become a living door matt. I believe they call that the “Vegetation State. “Is there any less a common expectation then being mused these days?” Ignorance abounds. Sorry that you have no serious interest in what is being done to you.

    By the way considering the fact that you call yourself a Christian “in Name only might be the assertion”, remember the phrase, “By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of
    thorns, or figs of thistles?” Matthew 7:16 Your particular fence sitting Fruit is a wasteland.
    Remember, Jesus Christ had to piss of the Jewish Community rather royally in order that the Providence of God take effect (referring to the Gift of Saving the souls of those who want it). It took action on His part to getting those holier than thou religious Jews to become rip roaring mad enough to crucify Him.

    Yeah, it’s true, He is God, but we are made in the image and likeness of Him, as well – which means we (as a creature created by the all power Creator) have intellect to do something more than fence sit for Providence or Government. Intellect, Wisdom, Intuitiveness these three
    Gifts are seldom used and sorely lacking by many in these our modern days. In your case you have reluctantly surrendered your creativity, for a cake a beer and INTERNET keyboard. Yes God is in charge, but your lack of participation prevents Him from helping you.

  • Steven Barrett

    Brother, if you’re at home and at peace with the Opus Dei, EWTN, uber/proultramontane crowd, fine. I won’t condemn nor bust you chops because of it, no matter how much I might disagree with some of its biggest stars. May God’s protections and blessings be with you always, points of disagreement notwithstanding.

  • simplynotred

    None of the above, will do, their charming for a number of people who need them. But true catholicism is not found on a two dimensional screen. The dynamic is invariably simple. The Truth is touchable with real sacrifices and joys. Consistency over years, and humiliations that are honest and not pie in the sky bloviations from Rome which suggest Ex Cathedra authority. No my friend, just take the time away from Wall Street, Washington and the Vatican and invest in what the prior 1900 years has wrought for the Catholic Faith, and then dig in.

  • pslim

    Sorry…too late….we are toast…..no….the world is toast…the last of freedom will die with us…

  • pslim

    tragic…the American experiment in man being the charge of self governance has failed……pretty fast too…less than 250 years….I would fight and die for freedom(I’ve lived a great life already) but the American people seem intent on selfishness, sloth and self destruction. No morality….or so little as to not make a difference anymore. Lots of good people left….but not nearly enough.

  • Rigel
  • Rigel

    You are using indoctrination to describe political leanings. Read the constitution to find the standard for “center”. Further left you go the more extreme the constitution appears.

  • Travis Judah

    When I was in 7th grade, I was asked to join the IB program at Garland High School a full 2 years before high school even began for me. My parents said they wanted me to have no part of it. At that age I didnt really question it. Im glad you posted this here as I would like to ask them why they wanted me to have nothing to do with it. Thank you.

  • Travis Judah

    I dont understand why nobody stood up to help that man! They let that piece of shit cop arrest him in CLEAR violation of his constitutional rights! All who sat there and let him be arrested are complicit in violating his rights. I just dont get it… I just do not get it….

  • Heartlander

    Bill Ayers’s probable role in Common Core becomes even more evident when you learn that Ayers was vice-president for curriculum within the American Education Research Association, the largest professional organization for professors and researchers in colleges of education — i.e., the professors who teach our future teachers! Think about that: Within the professional education community, Bill Ayers was the top officer for…. CURRICULUM.

    I don’t know what’s scarier — the fact that Ayers has had so much influence over our teacher training, and hence, over our schools, or the fact that the education community at large is already so radicalized that they would ELECT Bill Ayers to such a high position.

  • Lukalost

    Very good article Mary. Knowledgeable, informative and eloquent.

  • lilyred

    So true.

  • Jen

    What an unhappy old troll you appear to be, misinformed, outdated and biased. Boats sail every day to ‘utopia’…check on it.

  • Jen

    I’m not as vehement as you appear, but I can’t argue too awfully much with your basic premise that conservatives
    haven’t stood watch and been as vigilant or diligent against the subversive, underground agendas and movements that have brought the nation to this cliff. Comfort zones can be hijacked and used against us, so it’s time to seriously catch up to speed and take it back.

  • Jen

    Tell it!

  • simplynotred

    Just read it and live it or don’t saving a soul is more a problem than the whole of world politics combined these days. It’s called DISTRACTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.marktraina.webs.com Mark N Starla Traina

    COMMON CORE CURRICULUM has been used in CUBA since the mid 1950’s, the CASTROS refer it as their COMMUNIST MANFESTO!





  • Gardenz

    Ah, the most used of all retorts by the progressive liberal socialist set; the argumentum ad hominem; used always when you have absolutely zero to offer as a logical opposing point of view.

  • dihard

    I am not a fan of Common Core. I can also tell you the above article is full of misinformation. Common Core grew out of a meeting of the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in response to corporate demands, not the Obama administration. Additionally, the feds may not set a “national curriculum.” This is defined in the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act. “Race to the Top” is a federally funded competitive grant program created to spur and reward innovation and reforms in state and local district K-12 education. It is funded by the ED Recovery Act. It has no association to Common Core, nor is it a national curriculum. The article’s author really should do their research before writing.

  • Ruth Rodriguez

    Mary Grabar, your arguments, while on point, lost me with your first word describing Mr. Ayers as a terrorist!, This type of “Dogwhistle” politics is attributed to those who fight the greedy corporate reformers by those who discredit anyone who does not prescribed to politically correctness as dictated by the oligarchy-run governance we have today. You seem to be among those who think they can have it both ways, that is, dumping together terrorists, communists and right-wing conservatives to work together? Really? How’s it possible that for Mr Ayers, a “terrorist” as you have described him, to be accepted into the elite club of the conservatives who masterminded the present education reform? You can’t have it both ways.

  • Ernie Zarra

    Dear Mary, I highly recommend my newly released book, THE WRONG DIRECTION FOR TODAY’S SCHOOLS: THE IMPACT OF COMMON CORE ON AMERICAN EDUCATION. (Rowman & Littlefield) Thanks. Dr. Ernest J. Zarra, III, Ph.D. https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781475814279/The-Wrong-Direction-for-Today%E2%80%99s-Schools-The-Impact-of-Common-Core-on-American-Education

  • john robel

    It will always AMAZE me that no one has put a bullet in bomber bills head, or a bomb in his home. If it were my dad killed by the sonofabitch, I would have a lifelong mission. and I would get it done.

  • john robel

    Are you a “certified” crayon sharpener, or a Post Hole Digger? (PHD)

  • john robel

    I have NEVER voted for a commie democrat in my 60 YEARS. NEVER WILL. HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL>