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Our nation is being stolen before our very eyes. The American people are being robbed of their livelihoods, their security and their freedom. President Obama makes grand sweeping gestures and delivers soaring rhetoric about helping the poor and achieving fairness. But he merely draws our attention away from the hand that is reaching deep into our pockets. Such is the nature of his extremist legislative agenda. Call it Grand Theft Obama, but it is no video game; this is for real.

And it is not merely monetary theft, as is apparent from Obamacare. America is being fundamentally transformed, as Obama promised. This is one promise that he clearly intends to keep, no matter how many people lose their health insurance policies, their jobs, or their productive futures.

Even the liberal media have been forced to acknowledge President Obama’s lies regarding the Affordable Care Act, especially the whopper about being able to keep your own health insurance policy.

Consider what we have learned so far as the lies are being exposed:

  • Despite repeatedly being told we could keep our healthcare plans and doctors, the White House estimated three years ago that 93 million people would lose their plans. Obama knew this and has been lying about it all along.
  • Rather than provide healthcare, the Obamacare website is being used to boost low-income Democrat voter registration. Election integrity activists have called it “The biggest voter registration fraud scheme in history.” The Soros-funded Demos has bragged that Obamacare exchanges will register “68 million people to vote.”

While some of this is now being discussed and debated, the revelations come three years after the passage of the health care legislation. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi famously said they would have to pass the legislation to find out what was in it, but the media should not have used that same excuse. They failed in their jobs to uncover the hidden costs and real agenda. They failed, in other words, to do their jobs.

Simply put, they took Obama at his word—that he just wanted to help the poor. His actual agenda was political power.

For the most part, until the Obamacare lies became a national story, Obama was aided and abetted in this process by the institutionally corrupt and ideologically driven mass media. They attack, smear, and assassinate the character of anyone with the gall to speak the truth. Today’s media do not provide information, but misinformation. As Pat Caddell famously said, the mainstream media have literally become the “enemy of the American people.”

For modern-day progressives, lying is not merely something one does to avoid getting caught, lying is tradecraft. Thus our President lies. But these are no ordinary lies; they are grand, sweeping, all-encompassing lies. He says exactly the opposite of truth, consistently, to confuse people, and tops it off by accusing his opponents of doing what he does.

This may sound harsh, but Obamacare provides the proof.

Media Malpractice

During the 2008 election one commenter stated, “It’s like running against God. The media have anointed him.” Clinton campaign manager Terry McAuliffe claimed 90 percent of the media were behind Obama. This was reflected in the unwillingness of the major media, such as The Washington Post, to subject candidate Obama to elementary vetting. Hence, his relationship with Communist Frank Marshall Davis and backing from the Democratic Socialists of America were topics considered off-limits. Even some conservatives in the media thought Obama would turn out to be a centrist.

The important film “Media Malpractice” catalogs the breathtaking conspiracy of media advocacy for Barack Obama during the 2008 election.

This may be changing, judging by media reporting on the Obamacare lies and the belated coverage by the CBS “60 Minutes” program of the official lies about what caused the Benghazi terror attacks.

Shutdown Police State Tactics

To understand how lies drive the administration’s policies and agenda, consider the coverage of the recent government “shutdown.” From what you probably heard in the media, Republicans forced the government shutdown. Actually, Republicans provided funding for most government activities except the problematic Obamacare. Obama orchestrated the shutdown to pin blame on Republicans and improve chances for Democrats to retake the House of Representatives in 2014. With media help, the strategy worked perfectly.

Unlike previous shutdowns, agencies got specific orders to “make life as difficult for people as we can.” In many cases this actually cost the government more than if they left things running. Breitbart compiled a list of 47 outrages the Obama administration committed to pressure Republicans, while Obama consistently refused to negotiate. This list included:

  1. Suspending Treatments for Children Suffering From Cancer
  2. Barricading the World War II Memorial
  3. Blocking sports and entertainment programming to overseas troops
  4. Closing the Vietnam Memorial and Overseas Memorials
  5. Closing base exchanges but leaving the Andrews Golf Course open for Obama.
  6. Forcing residents out of private homes
  7. Locking Yellowstone tourists in hotel rooms under armed guard
  8. Closing 1,100 square miles of Florida ocean to fishing
  9. Closing private businesses on federal land
  10. Attempting to block people from even LOOKING at Mt. Rushmore

Finally, Obama furloughed intelligence operatives, putting our entire nation at risk, according to his own Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

When protests over one aspect of the shutdown, the barricades in front of the monuments, became too impossible to ignore, the media smeared the protesters. Leftist “comedian” Bill Maher said, “[WW II veterans are] the greatest generation—nobody said they were the brightest generation.” Radio host Bill Press called veterans of the Million Vets March “Idiots.” Meanwhile Democrats called Republicans everything including jihadists, arsonists, blackmailers, and terrorists running around with bombs strapped to their chest.

As a result, the conventional wisdom is that Republicans have suffered from the shutdown. The “conventional wisdom” is provided by the media, and their often-skewed polls designed to exaggerate that effect.

Debt Limit Brinkmanship

Prior to the latest debt limit agreement, Obama threatened to default on the federal debt—sending jitters through financial markets. It would have been the first default in history. Obama’s Treasury Department also issued a report titled, The Potential Macroeconomic Effect of Debt Ceiling Brinkmanship. But President Obama was the one engaged in “brinkmanship,” even while accusing Republicans of doing so.

To avoid default, the government needs only to pay interest, about $35 billion per month. The Treasury collects about $250 billion per month, more than enough. But Obama claimed he didn’t have the authority.

To call him on it, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 807, the Full Faith and Credit Act, making the authority explicit, but Obama promised to veto it—implicitly admitting he could avoid default if he wanted. But Obama was willing to threaten a major financial collapse to achieve short-term political objectives.

However, all we heard from the media was a non-stop barrage of angry “news” reports accusing Republicans of trying to destroy the economy.

Stimulating his Cronies

Obama’s background as a “community organizer” was well-known when he ran for the presidency. But less well-known was his role as a board member of five non-profits in the 1990s, when he used his position to shower money on friends and political associates. When he later ran for office, they returned the favor. President Obama has applied this corrupt, Chicago machine method on a national level, most spectacularly with his so-called “economic stimulus,” the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

The secret goal of the stimulus was to execute Obama’s political agenda. The bill was originally crafted by Obama transition staff and congressional Democrats almost as soon as he was elected. It recommended a Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board (RATB), to oversee disbursement of stimulus money, and incredibly, gave RATB power to block IG investigations into their activities. Subsequent events demonstrate why the “most transparent administration in history” needed RATB.

In 2004, the Apollo Alliance—a constellation of radical leftist labor, environmental, civil rights, business, and political leaders—was specifically created to direct “green jobs” funding. Its New York branch was led by Jeff Jones, a former Weatherman terrorist and friend of “Bomber Bill” Ayers. He quit when his identity was revealed.

Yet, Apollo’s national steering committee had included Van Jones, the former communist who was Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar” until exposed by Trevor Loudon and Glenn Beck and forced to resign. Jones landed back on his feet, as a “fellow” at the Center for American Progress and later as a co-host on CNN’s new “Crossfire” show.

The fate of Van Jones is instructive. No matter how disgraced they become, Obama’s leftist allies never give up and always maintain their credibility with the media. Likewise, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who left four Americans to die at Benghazi, is running for president in 2016, with media interest and encouragement. Even Republican Senator John McCain (AZ) makes headlines by saying she did a good job, except for Benghazi.

The Green Jobs Scam

Although the Solyndra bankruptcy served as a glimpse into the use of tax dollars for political purposes in order to benefit Obama’s cronies, the story is not over. In total, $150 billion, including $80 billion from the stimulus, is supposed to be spent on “green energy” projects between 2009 and 2014.

So far, 33 companies that were provided $7.4 billion in tax dollars have either gone bankrupt, are declaring bankruptcy or are on the edge. And this is just the beginning. Even The Washington Post agrees that the entire “green energy” program has been “infused with politics,” with Obama supporters invested in green energy companies selected for stimulus funds, and others joining the administration to oversee the program.

But we have to dig deeper, in terms of the effect on the economy. President Obama promised that the “stimulus” would “create or save” 3.5 million jobs by 2011 and that the unemployment rate would never rise above 8.5 percent. His economic advisors predicted that unemployment could rise to 8.8 percent if the stimulus was not enacted.

A 2011 study by the Mercatus Center showed just how wrong they were. Chart 1 compares the President’s forecast unemployment rates assuming the stimulus bill was passed (blue), and the unemployment rates that actually obtained (red).

Chart 1

The President’s advisors further forecast that by 2012, unemployment would be down to 6.0 percent. The official civilian unemployment rate is now 7.3 percent.

By any objective measure, the Obama policies have failed. But were they designed to succeed? Or just benefit Obama and his allies?

The more accurate measure of unemployment includes discouraged workers—those who have given up looking for work. This stands at 13.7 percent, more than six percentage points higher than the official rate. Furthermore, the gap between the official rate and the discouraged worker rate has grown, suggesting that a greater proportion of the working age population is staying out of the labor force. (See Chart 2).

Chart 2

Obamacare Could Cost Over $1 Trillion Per Year

With the media finally paying attention to the lies that gave rise to Obamacare, it is worth taking a detailed look at this program, dubbed Obama’s “signature” legislation.

The number of lies, deceptions and payoffs that went into enacting Obamacare could fill an encyclopedia. People who criticize Senator Ted Cruz for his historic 21 hour Senate speech should recognize that he focused the nation like a laser beam on Obamacare’s many flaws. His stand was vindicated by the seemingly endless series of stories now appearing about not only the Obamacare website malfunctions but the millions of Americans losing the health policies they were promised they could keep.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) initially estimated Obamacare’s 10-year cost at under $1 trillion. They dishonestly counted costs from 2010, though the program wouldn’t officially start until 2014. And with $900 billion in “savings” from increased taxes and Medicare cuts, Obamacare would be free! As humorist P.J. O’Rourke quipped, “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.”

CBO’s projected cost for 2014 to 2023 is $2.5 trillion. But the CBO ignored additional burdens faced by businesses and individuals that government does not pay. This and other factors could raise the 10-year cost to over $6 trillion.

Even this doesn’t tell the full story. Market distortions and future law changes are sure to add more costs as Obamacare is likely to be transformed into a single-payer system as in Britain, where expenditures have grown 1,000 percent since the program began. Currently they spend $170 billion annually, serving a population of 53 million. Extended to America’s 315 million people, it would cost $1.2 trillion per year.

Whatever the final cost, Obamacare will not save money. According to a Senate Budget Committee report, Obamacare will add $17 trillion to the government’s unfunded mandates over the next 75 years, raising the total to $82 trillion, including Social Security and Medicare.

Obama claimed health insurance premiums would go down by as much as $2,500 per year. In fact, individuals and families will see increased premiums in 45 of the 50 states.

Subsidies will lower costs for about 15 percent of the population, who will defend the program once it becomes entrenched, but quality will decline for everyone. Ultimately it will falter, just as Britain’s system is failing now. More taxpayer dollars and more central government control will be required to prop it up.

Clearly, Obama’s goal was not improved healthcare, but more political power and benefits for his political party and his allies. A good example is Canadian website contractor CGI.


  • CGI received an $11 billion contract for IT security from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) this spring.

Before the Obamacare website rollout, the media mindlessly fawned over it. CNN’s new Crossfire co-host, former “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones, heralded it “a huge breakthrough” for the uninsured. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz enthused that it was easy to navigate. Bloomberg’s Peter Gosselin equated it to shopping on Amazon. CBS’s Jill Schlesinger thought it was like Travelocity. ABC’s Rebecca Jarvis compared it to mall shopping.

Premeditated, Manufactured Chaos

Considering the debacle it has become, the media should not only expose the glaring problems that continue to unfold, but also examine whether this is the result of incompetence or design.

Following the shutdown/showdown debacle, Obama gratuitously accused Republicans of a “manufactured crisis.” It is interesting that Obama accused Republicans of such a plan, given the title of a viral 2008 article, “Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis.” There is such a strategy; Obama has known about it for decades and is using it now.

It was developed in the 1960s by Columbia University professors Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, who published an article in Nation magazine titled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.” By packing welfare rolls with new beneficiaries, they hoped to bankrupt local governments and foment a blazing revolution when benefits dried up. It came to be known as the “Cloward Piven Strategy,” or simply “Crisis Strategy.”

The strategy helped explode welfare rolls in the 1960s and 1970s, and precipitated New York City’s near bankruptcy in 1975. Speaking of that crisis, New York Mayor Rudolf Giuliani accused the pair of economic sabotage.

Cloward and Piven created the organizations tasked with executing this strategy, most notably ACORN. Subsequently, the strategy was applied to: 1) Housing, where the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and similar groups colluded with the Clinton White House to foment the subprime mortgage crisis that led to the 2008 crash; 2) Voting, through enactment of the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, (aka Motor Voter), again with Clinton complicity; and 3) Illegal immigration.

Cloward and Piven were the authors of Motor Voter, which turns motor vehicle and other state offices into defacto low income voter registration drives. This law allowed the nationwide explosion of voter registration fraud conducted by ACORN, and is largely responsible for today’s 24 million bad registrations nationwide. Motor Voter also made Obamacare’s online voter registration possible.

Obama has connections to Cloward and Piven, ACORN and its voter registration arm, Project Vote, going back to the early 1990s. The Holder Justice Department has been caught colluding with Project Vote in Motor Voter lawsuits. Matthew Vadum, author of the ACORN exposé, Subversion Inc, reports that former ACORN leaders are still working with Obama.

One has to consider the distinct possibility that Obamacare is part of a deliberate strategy to overwhelm the American people with crisis upon crisis until they throw up their arms in despair and give up.

Voter Manipulation

Obama and the Democrats’ latest complaint is that voter ID laws suppress the vote. The Holder Justice Department has turned that accusation into a legal assault against voter ID laws. The charge is absurd on its face. The reason that Democrats don’t want voter ID laws is because they don’t want their various vote fraud schemes exposed. We know they engage in vote fraud.

But even if they had not stolen a single vote, Democrats have been using tax dollars to buy off entire voting blocs of Americans with trillions of dollars in benefits and created thousands of taxpayer-funded non-profits that are actually ground armies for leftist activism.

This has been going on for decades. In 1961, Richard Cloward co-founded a welfare program that became the model for President Johnson’s “War on Poverty,”[1] which birthed the Office of Economic Opportunity. Conservative activist Howard Phillips ran OEO in 1973, and identified Cloward and Piven as OEO’s “ideological architects.” He said OEO financed “10,000 organizations employing several hundred thousand people” to radically transform U.S. policy outside the political process.[2]

Democratic politicians justify the burgeoning welfare state as reflecting compassion for the “poor and oppressed.” Cloward and Piven were much more honest: “If organizers can deliver millions of dollars in cash benefits to the ghetto masses, it seems reasonable to expect that the masses will deliver their loyalties to their benefactors.”

It worked. In 1960, only 58 percent of black voters were Democrats. By 1968, 92 percent were Democrats and only three percent were Republicans.

In 1932, FDR used this same kind of strategy to deliver Democrat majorities in Congress for the next 60 years. Cloward and Piven explained:

Although these [New Deal] measures were a response to the imperative of economic crisis, the types of measures enacted were designed to secure [a] new Democratic coalition.

Today, close to 50 percent of Americans pay no taxes, and lower income groups can obtain government benefits that provide the equivalent of up to $50,000 per year, strongly encouraging welfare dependency.

Democrats don’t care. It was Cloward and Piven’s explicit goal to create misery and strife sufficient to trigger a blazing revolution. As they reported in their “Weight of the Poor” article:

“Moreover, this kind of mass influence is cumulative because benefits are continuous. Once eligibility for basic food and rent grants is established, the drain on local resources persists indefinitely…”

The consequences of welfare state policies are evident everywhere. Consider the following statistics:

  • More people collect means-tested benefits today (108.6 million) than there are full-time workers (101.7 million)
  • 46.5 million Americans live in poverty. This is the first time the poverty rate has remained at or above 15% three years running since 1965.

Witness the burned out, abandoned buildings staining our cities, especially Detroit. Think of the entrenched crime, drugs, prostitution, and abandoned children that are the face of inner city ghettos, and reflect on Cloward and Piven’s enthusiasm that “the drain on local resources persists indefinitely…” In Detroit, the response of the Obama administration has been to pour more federal money, an estimated $300 million, into the city, in part to demolish public housing originally constructed with federal funds, and then to construct more.

Incredibly, Bill de Blasio, poised to become New York City’s new Democratic mayor on November 5, says, “The federal government must get back in the affordable housing business, and the federal government must get back in the mass transit business and infrastructure business.”

On top of failure after failure, this Obama-backed Democrat wants more of the same. He might as well be a spokesman for the Democratic Party as a whole. Perhaps that will be his role in the years ahead.

Obama and the Democrats are now feverishly working to inflate this roster of the needy by pushing through amnesty for illegal aliens, officially numbering 11 million, but probably more like 30 million people. Congress is currently debating this plan, with some Republicans, such as John McCain, willing to accommodate Obama’s scheme, in the name of “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Spending is THE Problem

The ARRA is the largest single Keynesian stimulus program since the 1930s. And that wasn’t all. There was the $100 billion auto bailout, endless unemployment benefit extensions and the $26 billion teacher bailout. Obama proposed an additional $447 billion “jobs” bill in 2011, which, fortunately, never passed.

As the unemployment analysis showed, these programs do not help; they merely transfer dollars from the private market to government.

Chart 3

Government spending will continue to increase substantially in the coming years. This is a deliberate effort by Obama, who learned from Cloward and Piven how to collapse an economy. The strategy has moved from the local to the national. It will have global repercussions.

This was originally published at Accuracy in Media.

[1] Matthew Vadum, Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, WND Books, (New York, 2011), p. 77.

[2] Ibid, p. 79.

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    No one else can “turn this country around”? Because he’s black?

  • Martha Jo Peters

    Rupert Murdoch gave Obama half a million in known money, but it has probably been ten times that amount. Murdoch has continued to victimize people including Jude Law, Angelina Jolie’s body double, those two young men he falsely reported as the Boston Bombers, and also me.. I was his victim.. my identity was stolen and used to create and distribute on Murdoch’s website for over four years with profits generated for Murdoch with banner ads on each of the harmful pages. these pages,filled with extremely graphic sexual photos depicting in full color sex acts of perverted nature. The actions shown in the photos included anal sex with a baseball bat, a penis wrapped tightly in duct tape, and a young girl of undetermined age biting down on a limp penis. this is the kind of thing that destroys a teacher, which I was for several decades. It was seen by my employer when she did an employment search of my name on the internet, and then terminated me on contrived reasons. I did not understand why I was being put out of the job until I discovered it and then I understood what had been done. I had also been submitting online applications for over 300 teaching jobs in California for three years and when I expressed frustrations to a friend, she suggested I conduct the same search, and then found the criminal identity theft and distribution of pornography under my name. I have been fighting for justice and damages since 2010, while the state and federal courts unilaterally order the evidence sealed, suppressing the evidence from being presented in any court, and dismissing my complaints on an alleged civil immunity held by Murdoch. He is not immune from liability for federal criminal violations, which is what he has done. I am ruined, financially destitute and left with no home, no job, no reputation any more at all. I joke with people I know : “Steal my identity please, … it is worthless to me now.” and I believe that the only way I can escape greater harm is to leave this country in order to even survive. The Calif. State Attorney General Kamala Harris, took $5000 from Murdoch while the hearings of my complaint were ongoing, and then joined with Murdoch, the criminal, to declare me a “vexatious litigant” and take from me all my Constitutional rights to file any complaints against his crimes and to deprive me of my rights as a crime victim and to deny me even an appeal against this order. She and Murdoch, the perpetrator of the crimes, imposed a $30,000 penalty upon me which I had to pay to continue the complaint, and since he had ruined my ability to earn any income, I had no money to pay anything, so the complaint was dismissed without any appeal and now for up to the rest of my life, I must ask prior permission of a court in order to file any complaint no matter what wrongs might be done to me.. This is the country I served during the Vietnam War, and that I served as a high school teacher, an outstanding one at that, and paid high taxes to all my life. Can anyone really blame me for now despising my own country? I have been so ruined that I am like the walking dead.. alive but like a shadow figure with no options, no redemption, no shelter and little food. I am being given $17 per month in food stamps. That is right.. I said seventeen dollars for food for an entire month. Outrageous don’t you think ? And I am sleeping and living in my car.. in rain and freezing nighttime temperatures. What a great country this is, she says facetiously….

  • Roseann

    Oh yeah, there are definitely more. But space does not permit the entire list of the travesties committed against American citizens by these hacks and cronies.

  • Driving Mules

    In 1948 Truman signed the “Fairness Doctrine”. It should have been labeled the “Fairness Censorship”. Its purpose was to shut down any discussion except that put out by the Democrats. I know people who refused to listen to the news, and they bragged about it. They knew the news was not balanced.
    Truman in 1952 also signed laws that restricted the classification of news that could be released. In 1953 an Air Force Captain was lecturing to his class of cadets. He said we can not discuss religion or politics. I dropped my upper plate, my family every day at any meal discussed both subjects. If you discuss you might go to the bible or encyclopedia and become informed. We lived from 1948 to 1987 when this abomination of laws was repealed. Thirty nine years when a lot of people became very uninformed. They listened to funny shows and so much more uninformative bull crap. In 1996 Fox News came on the air.
    In 1998 Rush Limbaugh was able to have a program that would not be wiped out. I heard his program on the day he described how his current boss would tell him you cannot say things like this, before 1987. Before the Fairness Doctrine was repealed, he had frequent radio job changes.

  • Like comparing a bee sting to being beheaded. Typical liberal nonsequitur. Liberals are like little brats who keep whining, “Well, he started it,” while they kick and stomp a smaller kid on the ground who was the victim and not the bully.

    Bring up modern day IslamoFascism, and they’ll go back eight centuries to the Crusades which were DEFENSIVE batles to remove the murderous Moslem invaders and brutal occupiers of every nation from Spain to India to Indonesia.

    Sorry, but the tactic doesn’t work anymore. It is an EPIC FAIL everytime a liberal tries to drown out somebody else talking about the 21st Century by bringing up ancient history, or 60 years ago versus the current year, and the members of a long past Presidential Administration versus the current Presidential nightmare that has spent his six years in charge of running our government and running our country into the ground – while also setting the Middle East on fire by supporting terrorists and deposing our allies in the war on terror.

    The Left ignore anything that interferes with their agenda, and they endlessly drag up the name of Timothy McVeigh – falsely accusing him of being a Christian and right-winger – and use this one person as a counterbalance to the 27,000 acts of Muslim terrorism since the 9/11 attacks.

    McVeigh did not act alone (Liberals totally forget aboutr Terry Nichols) and the overwhelming evidence that they had Iraqi accomplices who were trained, armed, and financed by Saddam Hussein’s regime. Saddam wanted revenge on George Bush Sr. and McVeighwanted revenge on the FBI and Janet Reno for the Waco and Ruby Ridge massacres.

    However, hiding the Iraqi link to McVeigh is the reason why Bill Clinton summarily executed him, lest the truth come out regarding Clinton’s complicity in hiding the links to Iraq. Clinton also received a large sum of campaign money secretly sent to him by Saddam Hussein to defeat Bush I.

    Clinton’s cover-ups are legendary, too. Just like his denial that the bombing of the WTC in 1993, the bombing of the Khobar Towers, the bombing of the US Embassy in Tripoli, the takeover of Somalia, and the bombing of the USS Cole had anything to do with Al Qaeda and radical Islam.

    Today, Obama is on the other side of the war on terror. As he said in his books, “He will stand with them {the Muslims} should the political winds take an ugly turn.” The ugly turn is IslamoFascism and Islamic terrorism and the political winds are being whipped up by Obama and his fellow conspirators to blow the stench of treason away from him and his cabinet.

    Obama stands with Al Qaeda – not America.

    Obama should have been impeached five times over by now and punished for high treason, sedition, grand larceny, extortion, RICO violations, conspiring against the United States, leaking Top Secret information (from both the USA and Israel) to the Muslim Brotherhood spawned terrorists, giving aid and comfort to Al Qaeda and ISIS, and being an accessory to the murders of Seal Team Six and Ambasador Stevens & three others in Benghazi.

    The rap sheet would fill a room but he can get away with treason and murder by having a fully complicit national media along with race mongers ready to play the Race Card to cover up for Obama’s crimes.

    Obama is responsible for the Measles epidemic that has infected over 1,000 children and killed over 100 (five times more than Adam Lanza killed) by flooding the Southwest with infected children from Central America who took trains across our open Southern borders and whose health status was intentionally never checked.

    It’s one outrage after another, and OBama is just itching to declare martial law and take total control over our country. Obaama was not elelcted as President in 2008 – he was part of a silent coup to overthrow our Constitutional Republic.

    And the sheeple continue to support Obama because they cannot discern right from wrong, truth from fiction, and foreign from American. They cannot see just how delusional and dangerous this one man is.


  • Ed Ehlen

    could you reference what Obama book and page… ‘he will stand with them’…you are quoting.

  • spartacus

    they may be “educated” but not by any common sense standard , fools lying to bigger fools ! , mankind what a mess !

  • spartacus

    go play in traffic and make a large contribution to road kill !

  • Nicholas I


  • Kahlil60

    Obama is a socialist with strong Muslim sympathies.
    Nothing is wrong with liking any religion, but deliberately condemning Christianity, while claiming to be one is the hallmark of this man.
    Transforming the world into a dangerous place for all mankind will be his legacy. The far left secret weapon has a black facade,but really it is white communist ideology.
    The communist now completely own America.
    Freedom is lost. The Globalist have won.

  • Kahlil60

    Because Obama and his minions project a supernatural power over people.
    We may have The Anti-Christ walking the corridors of power in America today.
    Good honest people are lost for words against the Devil,the great Deceiver.

  • Isaiah49er

    The money is the thing.
    We’ve known for years that entitlements were going to blow the budget up.
    Then, Obama came in spent $800M on a ‘stimulus’ that even HE joked about.
    Then, the Federal Reserve became the government’s money-drug dealer.
    Low interest rates are not helping Americans, they are helping government borrow more and more money while keeping the deficits ‘low.’

    Americans STILL do not understand how marxism IS undermining this nation. Keynes was a marxist. His theories were promulgated in the 1930s when everyone believed that Germany’s nationalist-socialism and Russia’s communist-socialism were fantastic successes.

    Most of our leaders today have been programmed to refute free markets and promote government control of all facets of society. They refuse to admit that THEY have been mal-educated by the enemies of individual liberty.
    Free men and women EVERYWHERE have a LOT of work to do to undo this delusion. The sooner we start the better.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    The ad portrays a menacing man wearing a scarf around his head and face, includes a quotation “Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah” attributed to “Hamas MTV,” and then states, “That’s His Jihad. What’s yours?”
    You couldn’t run ads like this against any other group or race in America with out a vast and spontaneous action by the government – When the homosexual fellowship and followers like Obama say that they want to stop the hate , what they actually want to do is facilitate hate against other groups of people like women and children. Their the biggest bunch of racist in the world ! AIM should hold a mock trail on the constitutionality of running the ads and publicly invite these judges to move to Germany !

  • Tom Trevor

    If a Hillary come along it can

  • Peter

    You would not know the difference between a Jew and a Jesuit. Catholic Jacob Rothschild’s office is full of Jesuit symbolic paraphernalia. That is why you would be better off as, or eating, road kill. Look at the wrought iron IHS(V) [ In this sign, conquer.] sun symbols next time you view him leaving his office on Youtube.

  • Peter

    Perhaps that is why Rupert Murdoch is famously a PAPAL KNIGHT. Cardinal RED is the colour of that church symbolising THEIR WILLINGNESS TO SHED BLOOD. Just like the Jesuit oath says. That is why their colour RED also denotes communism with its peaceful agrarian hammer and sickle, beating of swords into ploughshares from Isaiah 2:5. Religious communism plays around with the word ‘Christian’ to socially include itself with Protestantism. High time delineation was made separating ‘Christian’ back into Protestant and Catholic.
    Protestants have forgotten their roots. Today’s best Protestants are ex Roman NWO Catholics.
    R. C. Christian of Georgia Guidestones fame would be indicative of that church Roman Catholic ‘Christian’ (like hell) wishing to destroy America from
    Virgin Mary Land with its capital ‘Annunciationapolis’ condensed to Annapolis.
    This Virgin Mary Land headquarters, also known as, Washington DC.
    I really sympathise with you Martha Jo Peters. All anyone can do is ‘dump’ on them.
    So we have ‘mainstream media Murdoch’, Papal Knight, contributing up to perhaps $5 million to shore up Obama’s back passage Ratlines into the Presidency in ’08.

  • Mark moulds

    Dreams of my father, you should read it especially if you have any doubt about this article

  • Pumpkin King
  • Ace

    Very good comment!

  • Anthony Duhe

    That Murdoch has been seen out to dinner of late with the likes of Valerier Jarrett and Jeb Bush…and tha Murdoch hired Valerie Jarrett’s niece Toni Bush as NewsCorps liaison to all lobbyists and politicians should instruct…That Toni COOK Bush’s father is Rufus Cook, long time attorney to Farraqhan’s Nation of Islam….and Cook was business partner to Jarrets grandfather who also partnered with Soviet Spy Alfred Stern who fled the country when charged with espionage….and further that Jarretts father Bowman and her father in law Vernon Jarret were shown to be on the FBI Security Index….as in league with Doviet agents –anti American agents…just like Frank Marshal Davis was on that Security Index

  • Anthony Duhe

    Clues Unlock Obama I.D. Mystery: FBI files, Soviet Spies and a Dead Body

  • Christopher Fite

    You’re called “Accuracy in Media”, but in this article, you come across to me as a Republican who is “mouthing off” a bit. Accurate journalism requires painstaking thought regarding the accuracy of everything you write down. When you’re not really accurate, your opponents can say you’ve misquoted them or misrepresented them, and you can even lose your credibility to a certain extent.

  • Victoria Beek

    Diffusing these two also kills 99.9% airborne germs, flu season in the air. Love them!!!! Learn more- go to T

  • RobRBarron

    Wayne Simmons was a source for this…anyone seen him lately…?

  • 1Gandydancer

    Yes, you are.

  • Nicholas I

    Are you a kike or just a whore for the kike?

  • 1Gandydancer

    Do I look like a kid? You on the other hand are clearly sh!tforbrains.

  • Nicholas I

    obama’s just a whore for the kike

  • Mac

    Yes, your words are clearly very knowledgable . obummmer is DEFINATELY , the worst of the worst! he is No president…never was and never will be! the entire ADMINSTRATION is corrupt beyond our imagination. he is completely incompetent as a man and human being. he is hell bent on destruction of our country and the freedom of all Americans. obummmmer has ignored our Constution and all the vows he swore to uphold. The Constitution is the heart of all Americans and he will never change this, no matter what he does. God is our leader and only He can destroy this monster called obummer…and He will. We need to stand together against obummmer and his cohorts. We need to our faith and trust in Our God. We are stong as a nation, no matter what this filthy traitor does or says….he is a liar…..his greed and selfish ways will soon be gone….We need to stay Strong and stand Tall !

  • Peter

    It just goes to show that LIES will get you anywhere in deMOCKratic politics towards a fascist communist New World Order. Obama wants America inside the NWO. To do that he has to take away, first your guns, and then your sovereignty. To do that, he is ‘steeling’ himself not to let go of the presidency for anyone. That may require martial law, which according to sources I have read, has existed and never been lifted since about the 1930’s, and is required by legislation to be decreed lifted, by a presidential statement that never happened. If that is so, America is in a state of ‘sleeping’ martial law already, which only needs to be awakened and re-invigorated, not having to be declared. Only Americans can do something about it before it’s too late, while you still have your sovereignty and 2nd Amendment legal right to do it. But, the question is: – Are Americans up to it? Personally, I don’t think Americans are up to it. I’d prefer they were. The American people (not their government) is the last domino standing in the way of the NWO – between a free world and world tyranny. The millions of illegal Latino Catholic immigrants and unvetted Moslem refugees (courtesy of UN covenants the USSA government should not have countenanced on your behalf – Exodus 23:32-33 RSV – Read it. Do it now!) can vote and also bear 2nd Amendment arms, which unfortunately may be used against the right of “We the people” – the native born American populace – to their detriment, but not against Obama’s planned subjugation and tyranny of “You the people”. And still they come, and keep on coming, ever strengthening Obama’s open borders policy and his ambition to become – not just your most despised President – but your most despised, loathed and hated DICTATOR.

  • TheMechanicalAdv

    100% false. And also a triple-bluff to bolster the NSA’s surveillance myth as delivered by Snowden.

  • john robel

    SADDAM HAD WMD’S. Just ask the Kurds, no wait you can’t, they DIED FROM SARIN GAS.

  • john robel


  • john robel

    The Jesuits I knew at Gonzaga in the 70’s were strongly ANTI COMMIE, and ANTI HOMOSEXUAL.

  • eric pethers

    he may have had chemical weapons in 1988 but after the first Iraq war they were all destroyed. According to experts, the chemicals dropped by the planes
    may have included mustard gas, the nerve agents sarin, tabun and VX and
    possibly cyanide.
    MAY HAVE……

  • Drake Rocky Eric

    Why vote? Impeach and jail obola and eric holder. Then we will have fair elections as our Founding Fathers and Christians intended. obola was elected in NEITHER election.

  • Peter

    They pretend they are what they are not because they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Politics, disguised as religion, that will finally rule the world as Daniel’s fake 5th kingdom forever in the name of Jesus Christ, but only by taking that name in vain. Expanding that subject of breaking the first four or five commandments, our relationship and duty to love God with all our hearts, or ditching them completely, eliminating God from America, leaves the last five commandments, our relationship and duty to each other as neighbours – the social law. The social law minus God in the equation equals godless socialism – communism. The Catholic Church was pivotal in this separation of God and State, by destroying the first five commandments, the fifth of which guarantees that your days may be long in the land. (God being the Father, the USA as founded being the mother.)
    Now you know how America got itself into this fix called communism that I call the USSA. America mistook separation of Church and State (which is non-existent) for separation of God and State. Turn your back on God, He will turn His back on you, forsaking you. Here’s the proof. “Woe to them for they have strayed from me! Destruction to them, for they have rebelled against me.” Hosea 7:13. ” Woe to them when I (God) depart from them.” Hosea 9:13.
    Reagan and the Pope brought down the USSR in 1989. The contest is now between that Church and your State. The One World Order Church is now ascendant in the process of bringing down the United States of America.
    Well may we say “God save America.” Because God will in fact rescue America (Psalm 46:11 Living) on some Passover night in the not too distant future (Exodus 12:42 RSV). The God we turned our back on is our only hope. The Jesuits and Vatican have proven to be America’s peril – and the USSR’s.

  • America still hasn’t figured this out…The Media complicit. It’s time to release the floodgates of reality.

  • HongKongCharlie

    In my opinion all those well educated are simply labeled well educated. Most are maleducated with limited reading comprehension. Most also succumb to the rhetoric instead of the dialectic. Emotions instead of logical thinking. Anyone educated since the early 60’s will have limited knowledge of the Constitution and Bill of rights.

    Our founding fathers gave us a Representational Republic. Voters were stakeholders. For those that don’t understand, stakeholders were property owners who paid the taxes to support the gov. We have morphed into a Democracy, one person one vote. Take a look around you. How many people are you exposed to each day that shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    Some interesting reading: My understanding of this points to an unstoppable juggernaut. In the whole article he lays out his steps and where we are currently on this list. Link below

    by John Eberhard


    In 2003 I became very interested in a theory developed by Scottish
    historian Alexander Tytler, and wrote an article on it at the time,
    which ironically enough is now getting a lot of attention due to being
    linked to from Wikipedia.

    Tytler’s theory set forth a cycle that every democracy goes through,
    which goes like this. Tytler said the cycle starts out with a society
    in bondage. Then it goes in this sequence:


    Spiritual Faith








    Then starting over with Bondage


  • Francis

    Hi Magi. Yes, This is a wonderful article! PS. So sorry for responding to your post that’s two years old. I hope you’ll receive this message. I just want you to know that Dee blocked me on Conscious Debate. I’m very upset about it. I’ve always enjoyed your comments ever since I began posting on gretawire. I will greatly miss interacting and sharing comments with you and Daimon and others like BigTex and Nancy, although BigTex and Nancy post on other sites where I do, I think. I sincerely hope that Dee will reconsider what she did. I meant no harm or disruption whatsoever. I always tried to post with respect for others. Please take good care of yourself and be well. I only hope that Dee will let me back in. If you want to, and it’s totally up to you, you may make a posting on my behalf and just tell Dee I meant no harm and that I’m sorry. I would love to be back posting with my friends, and that includes you, Magi.

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  • Francis

    Comments edited.

  • magi52

    I know you admire Ted Cruz, i do as well but when you keep posting repetitive 2016 campaign photos about him, it becomes very pointless.

    Ted Cruz still has a very very bright future.

    He will be a part of our government.

    Things will work out.

    Everyone or mostly everyone knows the very nasty trolling element from the other blogs, personally i vote them all down, i will not converse with them because of what they are.

    You need to stand back, take a deep breath and see what is going on. I understand your passion but when you keep posting over and over it really becomes overkill.

    Keep emotion out of it.

    You are a good soul like all of the regulars at CD, and i do mean all the regulars, the others are just troublemakers.


    We are all very unique individuals with very different and similar views, which makes this blog so different and refreshing.
    Let’s celebrate that and continue our civil dialog to share thoughts, opinions and ideas.

  • Francis

    Okay. Thanks, Magi. I’ll be careful.

  • magi52


  • Francis


  • magi52

    Francis, i would ignore them, they follow me and report on Sua all the time being very negative, some who post at CD, there and the other blog.

    It is very hurtful but it points out their very deceitful character.

    They have no life Sua Editor included who is a self-serving buffoon.


  • Francis

    I just read your message, Magi. I totally agree. I don’t even post over at that site. I haven’t posted there for at least a year, yet they are obsessed with me.

  • Francis

    I’m getting sick and tired of RetPM’s attacks on me. I’m not bashing anyone, I’m presenting FACTS that he and the others do not want to hear. Did you see Deb M’s posting last night with the Trump video. So we’re ALL supposed to believe that Trump and his family are perfectly clean and that they’ve never ever done anything wrong. We’re ALL supposed to bow to King Trump like a bunch of dummies. I posted one clip of Ted earlier, and Daimon (or RetPM) deleted it. Yes, I know. Ted is the DEVIL, and I’m forbidden to ever mention him on CD. BUT I see Marty posted that very nasty picture of Ted right after your posting about the “Trumpenstein” article. I noticed Daimon and RetPM didn’t criticize Marty or delete his posting. And CeeCee and others are back in there creating trouble I don’t believe for one minute that CeeCee is a reading teacher. I also don’t believe that Marty works as an administrator at a college. If nasty people like that worked for me, I would FIRE them immediately. So what am I supposed to post now? Am I restricted to posting ONLY cute dog pictures? I absolutely refuse to suck up to Trump, which is what they’re trying to force me to do. A bunch of real SICK people in there. If anyone should go go to another blog, it’s Marty and his group and RetPM because he/she appears to be no better.

  • magi52

    Francis, i can tell you where the problem is coming from, over at Sua, TBo, BaltimoreBev, KS, Magnolia, Dr. Marty and several others.

    Just do not bash Trump over and over and over. Cruz is not the nominee nor will he be anything in the 2016, i just hope and pray he retains his US Senate seat this coming year.

    Cee Cee is a problem as many others rom Sua and the X place, they continue to stir the pot and they continue to discuss me and others at their blogs. Marty is a very nasty piece of work and i have resigned myself to not responding to the problems or troublemakers.

    You do not have to suck up to Trump but do not go over board on your comments or posting about Cruz, i would stick to current information and facts, keep your emotions out of it.

    There are a lot of good people still at CD also, the ones that i do not get along with are the ‘blog hoppers’ and i have really offended by them trying to get me, you, and others who have long since gone banned.

    RetPM is clueless to what is going on, they just receive emails posts of the above winning people complaining.

    Do you understand what i am talking about? Even therightscoop has gone over board in my opinion. I am watching Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin several other people that i admire, to determine where my vote is going this year. Still 100 days off.

    Facts are facts…

    Hang in there {{{{{{{Francis}}}}}}}

  • Francis

    Magi, Yes, I do understand what you’re saying. Thanks for explaining where the problem is coming from. I’ll try to be careful with my remarks about Trump. I noticed that RetPM attacked me on a posting I made with an article from The Weekly Standard. That article contained facts, so he/she attacked me for posting facts, which is wrong. I agree about RetPm being clueless, and a whole lot of others. In their world, the birds are singing and the sun is shining and Trump is the next best thing since mom and apple pie. It makes me sick, and it boggles the mind, but of course I never would say that on CD. The thing that nauseates me the most is when I’m told I must vote for Trump for the good of the country and to keep the Democrat Hillary out. They refuse to accept that Trump is a flaming Democrat. As you know, I absolutely love Mark Levin. I also like Steve Deace. There’s also Michael Berry who broadcasts out of Houston, but you can listen to him at his site. Elwood was the one who got me hooked on Berry. There’s also Dave Levine. He posts in Right Scoop. His shows are great. I love Charlie Sykes. Not to mention Dan Bongino. I prefer facts like you do, and I absolutely refuse to brush them under the rug.

  • Francis

    Hi Magi. Yes, it’s late, but I can sleep later today. I’m in Right Scoop. I just hit the jackpot. Take a look at this below. I will confirm that it’s true here in my state, which I believe it is, and you should do the same where you are. I am SO sick and tired of ill-informed people who attack me and claim that writing in Ted is a vote for Hillary and that my vote won’t be counted or there is a “sore loser” law. Of course, ALL of that is BULL. Ted is MUCH too smart. He’s got all of his bases covered, including the write-in option for the general election.

    Here’s the RS conversation, and I’ve edited out names to protect the commenters:

    tx**** to The Ted****** #NeverTrump • 26 minutes ago

    BTW, Cruz has already filed the paperwork/fees to be write-in in all 50 states.2

    Francis to tx**** • 3 minutes ago

    If you find a link about this, please post it. Thanks SO much!

    The Ted****** #NeverTrump to tx**** • 22 minutes ago

    Really? If that’s the case, then the LP can suck it, because I Choose Cruz.

    Do you have a link or any further info?

    V****J***14:6 to tx**** • 24 minutes ago

    Really?! Please, do you have a link to that info?1

    tx**** to V****J***14:6 • 23 minutes ago

    No, just a birdie. But everybody can call their Secretaries of State to see who’s available as a write-in, apparently the paperwork has been done for a month or two.

  • Francis

    PS. Magi, I will not call my Secy of State immediately. I will wait a little while for the paperwork to be fully approved, and then I’ll call. By the way, the commenter who made the postings is most reliable. I’ve been posting at Right Scoop for quite some time, so I know who is reliable and who is not.