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Ron Paul didn’t do as well as the media thought he would in Iowa, but he is moving on toward New Hampshire, where the candidate has what the media call a good “ground game.” But the “Ron Paul Revolution” in New Hampshire looks a lot like what Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn tried to accomplish with the 1960s generation. Disillusioned young people, brainwashed with illegal mind-altering drugs and armed with weapons in the name of “liberty,” are being taught to hate their government and the police. They believe Ron Paul is their savior.

Remember that communist terrorist Dohrn had said, “We fight in many ways. Dope is one of our weapons. The laws against marijuana mean that millions of us are outlaws long before we actually split. Guns and grass are united in the youth underground.”

The same attitude is apparent in some of the libertarian-anarchist groups backing Paul in New Hampshire.

In order to grasp this phenomenon, consider what happened at the Porcupine Freedom Festival (PorcFest) held in New Hampshire in June of last year.

A film called “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom” was screened for the PorcFest participants. The “weed” is marijuana. This very disturbing video, which carries a warning, features many objectionable scenes, including one of a rapper with a gun dancing in front of a huge poster of marijuana leaves. “Today,” says the narrator, “many cops who enforce pot laws do so because it provides them with cushy jobs, good benefits, and a chance to push people around.”

Another video, “PorcFest marijuana users & their supporters lose fear,” covers one aspect of the PorcFest—open drug use. It shows participants smoking dope while paying tribute to one Stefan Molyneux, a self-styled “freedom advocate” who is described as a frequent guest on the Moscow-funded Russia Today (RT) propaganda channel’s Adam Kokesh program, which has since been cancelled, and RT’s Max Keiser Report. On the eve of the Iowa Caucuses, Molyneux recorded a 14-minute rant in a video for Paul, saying that the Congressman’s stance against “imperialism and foreign wars” would save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. He called Iowa “make or break” for the Paul campaign and urged people to vote in the caucuses and send money immediately.

This video, “Armed slam dancing & other PorcFest scenes,” shows a rock concert on the grounds of  PorcFest, with the lead singer wearing an “End the Fed” T-shirt while two young men, one armed with a gun in his belt, practice “slam dancing.”

The PorcFest was sponsored by the Free State Project, a political movement trying to recruit tens of thousands of “libertarian-leaning people” to move to New Hampshire. It became a gathering of the “New Hampshire Liberty Movement” and other such organizations from around the nation. This is Ron Paul’s constituency.

But the mixture of drugs and guns with an anti-government philosophy that borders on paranoia can have disastrous consequences.

One only has to recall that John Patrick Bedell, a 36-year-old marijuana addict, had used “medical marijuana” cards to get legal dope in California, before he drove to Washington, D.C. in March of 2010 to murder people at the Pentagon. Bedell, who injured two security guards before getting killed in the crossfire, was a libertarian who thought the government was out to get him. He was devoted to legal marijuana, believed in the 9/11 “inside job” theory, and accused the U.S. Government of murdering a Marine Corps colonel, James Sabow, in California in 1991.

Anarchy and Gay Rights

National Public Radio covered the PorcFest event, where New Hampshire correspondent Josh Rogers interviewed the lead organizer, “an anarchist who goes by the name Sovereign Curtis.” Rogers reported, “Curtis was between pulls on a marijuana pipe outside an event called the big gay dance party. Curtis thinks many Porcfest attendees will probably skip the 2012 elections because he says government is corrupt, period. But Curtis admits a soft spot for a certain Congressman from Texas.”

Sovereign Curtis explained, “I’m a big fan of Ron Paul. I tell people he’s my favorite government thug. But he’s still a government thug, you know.”

Rogers reported that some participants at PorcFest “wore pistols and knocked back cocktails, and others practiced yoga and traded silver as currency.”

One is tempted to laugh at some of this, except for the fact that young people disillusioned with American society and government are being drawn into the “guns and weed” philosophy and leaving their families. It’s much the same thing that happened with the New Left, the SDS and the Weather Underground in the 1960s. I have talked to a distraught mother who says her daughter was brainwashed into joining the Ron Paul movement. “I just wonder if the voters know what kind of political groups are backing Ron Paul’s campaign,” she tells me.

These are young people who have “dropped out,” to use the vernacular of LSD guru Timothy Leary, but are dropping back in through the Ron Paul campaign. They have certainly become cannon fodder for the Ron Paul Revolution. Ron Paul is their Messiah, with Gary Johnson, the libertarian former New Mexico Governor and drug legalization advocate, waiting in the wings. The “Next Ron Paul,” as he has been called, has openly talked about the joys of smoking marijuana.

It’s of course worthwhile that these young people have taken an interest in politics, but their political activities resemble something that we used to associate with the New Left and the anti-government radicals and communists of the 1960s. They are not only destroying their lives with drugs, but embracing a political philosophy that would leave America defenseless against real enemies abroad.

Left-Right Alliance

If this sounds like an area where the extreme left meets the extreme right, it is not the only one. Rep. Paul joined with Rep. Barney Frank, the Massachusetts liberal, to advocate massive defense cuts and the legalization of marijuana. It seems to be a deliberate strategy of Paul’s to seek the votes of the liberal/left on such issues.

Ron Paul was apparently not at PorcFest, but presidential contender Gary Johnson was. Reporter Rogers wondered if “embracing such a counter-cultural crowd would be good politics for a would-be president” and said, “Gary Johnson seemed to think so.” Indeed, Johnson, who dropped out of the current Republican presidential primaries to seek the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, was mingling with the crowd seeking votes. His campaign platform features “drug policy reform,” which is a fancy way of saying that drugs should be legalized so that the government can regulate, tax, and distribute them.

A video shows Johnson being interviewed by the reporter, who says to him, “A lot of people would say it’s a courageous candidate that would come to an event where there’s people walking around open carrying weapons, there’s gay disco, there’s people smoking marijuana. What do you make of that?” Johnson replies that he’s not courageous for being there and “Those things don’t bother me at all.”  How’s that for a political leader concerned about the future of America and its youth?

One of the featured speakers at PorcFest was Adam Kokesh, the Ron Paul supporter who had a program on the Russia Today (RT) propaganda channel before he got fired apparently for improperly raising money on the air for Paul’s campaign. The scandal revealed a cozy relationship between the Paul campaign and a state-funded channel run by the regime of former KGB officer and now Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Paul is also one of Iranian Press TV’s favorite U.S. politicians, obviously because of the Congressman’s indifference to the Iranian regime developing nuclear weapons.

An Official Ron Paul Connection

Allison Gibbs, who worked for Kokesh when he ran for Congress, was director of outreach for Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty before becoming advance coordinator for the 2012 Ron Paul presidential campaign. She has attended the PorcFest in the past, where she received this neck tattoo. Like Ron Paul, Gibbs is a supporter of accused Army traitor Bradley Manning and calls him a “patriot.” She also started the “Ladies of Liberty” group and was one of their 2010 pin-up calendar girls. A video features Gibbs describing her transformation from left-winger to libertarian anti-war activist. She explains that she changed careers because she didn’t want to work for the Defense Department and be complicit in “atrocities.”

One of Gibbs’s associates in what they call the “liberty movement” is Mike Gogulski, sponsor of and self-declared “stateless person” and anarchist. “I renounced my American citizenship in protest of what has become an American Empire, a nation that I see riding an express train to police state dictatorship with flags flying, anthems blaring and deluded, complicit masses cheering it along the track,” he says. He currently serves as a press spokesman for the Bradley Manning Support Network.

Gibbs’s video interviewer and associate, Pete Eyre, first went to the Porcupine Freedom Fest in 2005. “It was the first time I was around people who openly carried weapons and were living the free lifestyle,” he says. He became a libertarian and then an anarchist. He is now with, an anti-police organization which depicts police officers as demonic figures with blood on their hands and batons. “We’re watching” the police, it says.

Eyre’s animus for police may have something to do with the fact that he obtained an undergraduate degree in law enforcement but was then turned down for jobs in various police departments. “I tested with New York City Police Department, Seattle PD and LAPD, and scored at the 94%, 98% and 100% levels, respectively. But, after a questionable reading on the lie detector test administered by the LAPD, they found that I hadn’t been truthful about my use of ‘illicit’ substances.  Consequently, they dropped me from consideration,” he admits.

Eyre promoted the incident in which Kokesh, then with Russia Today television, disrupted tourism at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. and got himself arrested. Their strategy was to break the law and provoke a confrontation with police so that officers would be accused of brutality.

Eyre’s bio says that he interned with the Cato Institute and was a Koch Fellow at the Soros-funded Drug Policy Alliance. This is significant because the Koch Brothers are considered enemies of the “progressives.” It seems that, on the matter of ending the war on drugs, the Koch Brothers and “progressive” philanthropist George Soros agree. Eyre also worked at the Institute for Humane Studies.

One of the other interests listed on Eyre’s Facebook page is the “International Peace Movement,” which features speeches by Moammar Gadhafi, information about the 9/11 Truth movement, and tributes to Ron Paul. This video shows Ron Paul discussing civil disobedience with Pete Eyre.

“Marijuana Muscle”

But another video is perhaps the most interesting and frightening. It shows Eyre, described as a “marijuana muscle-sponsored anarchist/athlete,” talking in some detail about why he believes the war on drugs should be ended. As incredible as it may seem, Eyre promotes “Hemp Protein Powder,” advertised as a “vegan green protein,” for health purposes. It appears to be entirely legal. The website declares, “True freedom and liberty means using your body the way you choose. Freedom is to whatever it is that you choose into your own body no matter if it is healthy or not.”

Like Allison Gibbs, Eyre enjoys tattoos. This Pete Eyre website features his various tattoos, including one depicting a snake wrapped around an assault rifle. He also displays one tattoo called amagi, which is supposed to be the first written word for freedom or liberty. Another person has a “Come and Take It” pistol tattoo on his left forearm, with the “anarcho-capitalist flag” in the gun detail.

The heavy turnout of young people at Ron Paul events, including their loud and obnoxious behavior on behalf of the candidate at presidential debates, has been mentioned by the media throughout the campaign. Some of these young people are on news programs saying they are concerned about the national debt. Others oppose U.S. involvement in foreign wars. These are respectable views but they do not tell the whole story about what is going on in the “Ron Paul Revolution.” The media should take a much closer look.

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  • Mitt Romney

    Wow I’m joining the Ron Paul revolution. Thanks for the article!

  • Ken

    I love how propaganda must always come with a cover to hide that it is propaganda; in this instance it is served by the name of the organization. I’ll give the author a hint – it would serve you better not litter your article with obviously biased adjectives if you actually want to accomplish the goals of propaganda. You let the reader infer them out of your carefully constructed picture.

    I may be wrong – perhaps the author honestly believes this is journalism, if so God help our nation.

  • Robert

    I’m from New Hampshire, I have guns, I dont do drugs, and I am truly for Ron Paul!!!! This article is silly. I get a kick out of all the ‘conservative’ pundits like Limbag and Hannity. THey cried for 3 years about all the stuff Obama has done, and the candidates they are backing are no better than he is. When a real candidate like Paul comes around they call him a crazy kook. I have lost faith in both toose radio sell outs and will not listen to them anymore. If only they took the time to listen to themselves make asses out of themself they would understand.

  • Stephen

    This article is great! It expresses the fear that the youth won’t support the status quo, but then makes no attempt to defend the absurdity that is the current two party fascist dictatorship. If this government, or this “system” is so wonderful and worth defending, let the author of this article and those of a similar mindset defend it. As for those that have been derogatorily described within this article, I am honored to call you my brothers and sisters! You know you are in good company when the establishment cannot stand your presence.

  • Able Freeman

    WOW! Did some one really write that? Talk about a little bias with your morning news. Danger is the developing federal police state, warfare state and job killing regulatory state, to start with. Not what is going on at Porcfest! Get a clue Cliff Kincaid, I did not see you there. To a person (except for the fed infiltrators) I believe that all at Porcfest are peaceful and wanting more peace for all. It occurs to me that the US government has been promoting the opposite of peace. A very good reason to oppose that entity.

  • Jeff

    This is the kind of reporting I’d expect from the Neo-Left, but Conservatives that were founded on the Principle of Classical Liberalism aka as Libertarian, individual rights ?,
    All I can say is thank you for helping me make my final decision to vote for Ron Paul, because anyone that scares both liberals and Leftest, must be doing something right.

  • Lloyd Danforth

    This sounds Really Cool! Where do I sign up?……..Oh wait!……..never mind.

  • NH Liberty

    I have a full time job, have never used cannabis in my life, and enjoyed myself very much at the last Porcfest. I just didn’t go to the one or two events that didn’t appeal to me, out of many many dozens. The author’s really heavily distorting the truth in order to try to scare people.

    Hey, feel free to nominate another big government “conservative” who wants to spend more both domestically and overseas, and violate more of people’s civil liberties. Just don’t expect my support, or that of anyone who actually has principles. We’ll see if you can turn out enough blind party loyalists for your next Obama/Bush clone with an R next to his name, but based on 2008, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  • Luke Willis

    HA! Great article! I always like to start the day with a good laugh, and this bit of fluff did the trick.

  • Elsie Stevenson

    I am so sorry to see this published under your name. I have read and supported your ideas for years
    especially your attacks on Obama and Bush’s “War on Poverty” Act and “Law of the Sea”.
    This is so unlike the image I had of you. Just because such a wild ,outlandish group exists with an equally outlandish leader does not prove that Ron Paul supports or approves of this. The media has ignored Paul for years and downplayed him to the extent they would allow him on minutes in the presidential debates. Now that his philosopy is rising with the Public, all are ready with attacks as our Congress does not want a Constitutional government. They want business as usual. This falls so definitely in the propaganda realm. It is probably supported by George Soros. or CFR.. Do you plan a companion article on Ron Paul’s Young Americans for Liberty and all the wonderful work and constitutional education that he has done with civil, intelligent, patriotic young college students and other young Americans? This article is pure political propaganda. If you don’t support Ron Paul, you have a right to say so. but not in this manner.

  • I was saddened as I saw the page opening with the headline, thinking this was the American Indian Movement in conflict with the Free State Project. I don’t know how you sneaky devils snagged this web address. For those looking for the American Indian Movement’s actual website, it is

  • Antonio Buehler

    I’m proud to be a member of the Ron Paul revolution!!!

    I’m sorry if you don’t like me because I refuse to be a compliant slave.

  • Wow! This looks like American Legion propaganda ca. 1918. I’m surprised Kincaid didn’t throw in “disloyalty,” “100% Americanism,” and “raise the bloody flag of anarchy over American soil!” Don’t look now, Cliff — they also support racial miscegenation and unnatural sexual positions!

    With that kind of extreme bluenose social authoritarianism and worship for everything in uniform, I’m guessing Kincaid is a Santorum supporter (just don’t Google his name, Cliff, or we’ll have to scrape you off the ceiling). Does he still have the stick up his ass he got for graduation from Bob Jones University?

    BTW, Cliff, if you really want to get your panties in a bunch check out another site Mike Gogulski’s affiliated with: Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) at

  • What an utterly pitiful right-wing Judas job. Kincaid, you and your kind are dinosaurs. History is finishing you off, and you seem to know it.

  • Will Duffield

    As a PorcFest attendee and one of the young men slam dancing the the video, I am proud to report that all firearms were secured in their holsters as we danced, and there were no accidents!

  • Dan Patrick

    It’s hilarious that after you outline all of the “horrific dangers” of PorcFest, you have to turn to an example of a lone nutcase and “marijuana addict” (really?) that had nothing to do with NH libertarians or the Free State Project. You might as well have used Timothy McVeigh as your example. What a joke! Clearly if PorcFest and the NH anarchists were such a danger you wouldn’t have to spend so much time making strawman fallacies.

  • Bob Robertson

    I am impressed. I learned quite a bit that I hadn’t known before, and I am even more impressed than I was before by the Free State Project and the quality of people that have been drawn to it.

    These are exactly the kind of dedicated, serious individuals whom I would want by my side in a fight, and I would be proud to find out they felt the same way about me. I certainly intend my personal conduct to be worthy of such examples.

    All that, and not one person threatened, not one person harmed, no trespasses upon other people’s liberty. By Cromm, I am honored to not be the kind of American who would fear people merely for standing up for their individual rights.

    Shame on you, Mr. Kincaid. For shame, to slander such good people.

  • Cathy Bodain

    Thank you for this article!

    I’ve never HEARD of anything like this before, but now I want to join them. I’ve finally FOUND MY TRIBE, thanks to

  • Investigative Journalism? This reads more like a hit piece from a political campaign office. Congratulations on success in not even feigning objectivity.

  • Renee Camille

    I don’t even own a gun or do drugs – moved here some years ago after signing the intent to work towards limited government, bought a house, got a job, then another job, paid taxes, gardened, met my neighbors and shared stories and food with my neighbors, went to local political meetings and voted, talked with people who have lived here all their lives and found they have a lot of the same ideas and thoughts on government being a bit out of control, brought my out-of-state daughter and grandson with us to Porcfest and we all felt safe and had a good time, got together with other porcupines to play board games like cribbage and Scrabble … maybe I’m in the wrong Free State Project?! The one you describe sounds a lot different than the experience I’m having here in New Hampshire. I think you might want to investigate the Free State Project more and get a ‘bigger picture’ of it than this blurry unsubstantiated snapshot?

  • Mary

    I was pictured in one of the Porcfest videos holding my 7-month-old daughter, surrounded by friendly people sitting on a hill. Being at Porcfest is like being in any large group of human beings. Most of them are caring, considerate and responsible. A few of them aren’t. But at Porcfest, the ones who are caring, considerate and responsible don’t expect the government to handle their problems and take care of them. Instead, they take personal responsibility to care for themselves and to watch out for their neighbors. I ate food prepared by them, wandered around freely with my child, and never felt a bit threatened by any “horrific dangers” that you mentioned. As others mentioned in the comment section, the adjectives you use in this piece reveal so much bias that your credibility is shot. That is unfortunate, because you did interviews and could probably make some good points that are worth debating. Maybe some more people who share your views could come to PorcFest this summer and do some interviews and look around.

  • Hank Xavier

    Wow this is amazing. I am definitely supporting Ron Paul!!

  • Brian

    I love how all of the praise for this article comes from people laughing at it. This is great publicity, highlighting the true heavyweights in the movement.

  • I pledge allegiance to the United States Of Amerika and to the wars for which it stands. One nation against drugs, with murder and oppression for all.

  • I was going to say something… but everyone else did such a good job here there isn’t much to add.

    Oh, and I’m the little old lady out west in “Guns & Weed.” Individual integrity, responsibility and self ownership. Yep, sure sounds like a commie plot, doesn’t it?

  • James S.

    Thanks for the article. I’m not a big fan of his foreign policy, but most of the rest of his views are more in line with my thinking. I’ve done my homework on all of the candidates, and the obvious mudslinging campaign against Paul is really sort of mindblowing when you compare it to the way the others have been treated. I mean a good friend of mine was telling me about how the media seems to be pretty keen to put down Paul with propaganda, but I was sort of on the sidelines until he showed me this.

    Definitely voting for Paul now, and I’ll be urging everybody I know to do the same. The power of the media is too pervasive in the American culture, and it would be way too disturbing to just give this a free pass… and the guy makes sense.

  • Stephen

    Since your head is wired wrong, I can see why you are so afraid of freedom. Please keep up your endorsement of these ideas with your ridiculousness.

  • Allow me to sum up this article: “Freedom is scary, dangerous and evil! Do as you’re told! Worship the state! Obedience is a virtue! Hate the infidels!” Oddly, the author didn’t mention that at Porcfest, where there were lots of guns, no doubt lots of drugs, hundreds of anarchists, and NO cops for an entire week … the crime rate was zero. No violence, no theft, no nothing. I was there. People left cash, silver, and other things just lying around, and it all worked out just fine.

    This dumbass author can’t distinguish between approval and tolerance, and so he advocates his statist control-freakism. I’m not gay, I don’t do drugs, and I’m in many ways quite conservative (socially, not politically). But, unlike the author, I also grasp the fact that just because I don’t do something, and even if I don’t approve of it, doesn’t mean I have the right to forcibly control what others choose to do. That’s called being civilized, and practicing peaceful coexistence. How ironic is it that state-worshipers, who are constantly advocating that the will of the politicians be forcibly imposed on everyone else by men with guns, are so terrified of normal people being armed? Which has caused more damage to society, people committing violence on their own, or people committing violence in the name of “government”?

  • Bill W

    What pure drivel this is. For all of the “loud and obnoxious behavior” at PorcFest, I have never been anywhere in my life where people were more peaceful, pleasant, and approachable. It is a gathering of people of all ages and political backgrounds, in the name of that concept of liberty that is obviously so elusive to windbags like you. It is propaganda like this article that is “madness.” Ciao.

  • The man

    This sounds awesome! RON PAUL ALL THE WAY.

  • Anthony V

    I never thought I’d say this, but the mainstream conservative writers are starting to get as devious and guttersnipish as the mainstream liberal ones. Especially when it comes to writing about Ron Paul!

  • Ryan

    Thanks for this article, Cliff! Great use of links and videos! Gets the word out and really does a great job of promoting the rEVOLution from a terrified, craven statist’s perspective.

  • Pot Head

    I am so voting for this guy Ron Paul now that I have read this enlightening article; thank you for sharing the info on him and his wonderful supporters!

  • Terrymac

    If this besotted author works hard to improve his skills, he might elevate himself to writing for the Onion, or some equally serious work of journalism.

  • Aaron Elbar

    Nice hatchet job on Ron Paul. You really rounded up great “detail” on almost everybody who’s interesting in the Ron Paul movement. With access to “inside info” like that, you ought to be able to get your old boss, Oliver North (who oversaw the government’s mass-felonious importation of illegal drugs from Central America into the U.S.) to look at the records of his down-line drug re-sellers to see who all the druggie-Ron-Paul supporters are. With your “information” from Ollie, we’ll be getting REAL accuracy in media. I’ll bet there are enough clients of the re-sellers of Ollie’s illegal drug imports to elect Ron Paul, you fascist neocon.

  • Is the right to keep and bear arms in the constitution? Pretty sure it is, in our country having guns is equal to breathing air, it is a basic freedom.

    Why is a movement that is looking for equal rights for all citizens, minimal government intrusion in our daily lives and a non interventionist foreign policy suddenly some sort of crazed group of lunatics? Isn’t that what our country was founded on?

  • Don Meinshausen

    I would love to see young conservatives having anywhere near as much fun,dedication and sass as these young people but Ron Ron Paul has corralled them all. I think that says something about the conservative movement

  • Ron Paul draws support from a wide audience, even anarchists who don’t like the government at all support him. This is dangerous, they might actually start thinking government might be a good idea again.

  • John Doey

    “This is Ron Paul’s constituency.”

    Actually, his constituency is the 14th congressional district of Texas. Times 12. I don’t have guns, I don’t do drugs, I’m not gay… I support Ron Paul.

  • Marla Hughes

    Cliff, thanks for linking to that video. Most of the Paul videos showing his anarcho-capitalist ideology have been taken down. I guess because the Mises Insitute calls him a ‘stealth candidate’ for anarcho-capitalism and are openly hoping he ‘comes out of the closet’ AFTER he’s elected.

    btw, just in case you’re wondering where all of the Paulbots came from, they have Google Alerts set up and arrange ‘slam commenting’ on sites with negative articles about Paul to make his support seem larger.

    Good article and informative for those of us who prefer to do our own research and think for ourselves rather than depending upon the platitudes and campaign promises of those who attempt to hide their political agendas until elected.

  • jojo

    I think it’s hilarious how you try to get through with applying all the logical fallacies known to mankind, and still fail.

    In my opinion, you did a good job in convincing people to join Ron Paul’s site, though.

    Cheers from Germany.

  • Russell Smith

    Wow… all this liberty, people who don’t want to poke their nose into others’ business, Muslims, Christians, and Jews hanging out together, and not getting into fights… This place is madness! It must be regulated out of existence! Someone call the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the ATF, the NEA, the IRS, and any other alphabet-soup group you can find and have them shut this down before… y’know, I can’t fake the anti-liberty nonsense any longer. I laughed almost entirely through this silly little hit piece. Try harder, AiM.

  • Isabel

    Wow, does anyone take this sort of writing seriously? Who reading this is going to feel scared by libertarians? Nobody who has even the slightest awareness of the last century: Stalin, Hitler, Mao are a few of the most famous tyrants who banned guns before killing millions of people in the name of Progress. Oh yeah and they were really fanatical about not drinking or smoking too. Governments with a monopoly on force have been the danger to public safety and peace. Not people who believe in liberty and objective morality. The beauty of freedom is nobody is going to force you to smoke weed or own a gun.

  • Isabel

    The real reason there is so much resistance to Ron Paul is because he is the only one exposing the central banks deliberately destroying the US Economy.

    Read The Banks V The Constitution:

    Drugs, guns and gays have nothing to do with Ron Paul’s message but have been seized upon by the sensationalist, identity politics loving corporate media to distract people from what is really going on.

    Wake up America! Don’t fall victim to the old trick of Divide & Conquer.