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Relying on documents made available exclusively through a Freedom of Information Act request, we can add another face to the growing picture of racial “flash mob” violence in America. It is a face that the media have concealed from public view.

This writer was forced to use the local Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to ascertain the facts about the racial identity of one of the victims of these attacks. The media concealed the identity of the white victim apparently because of misguided racial sensitivity.

What makes this even more startling is that it is just one of many examples of racial mob violence occurring around the country, without any comment from national figures such as President Obama or Attorney General Eric Holder. But if whites were attacking blacks in this manner, you can bet it would have already have become a national story worthy of comment from national political figures.

Consider these incidents:

  • At the Wisconsin State fair, groups of black teens numbering anywhere from 25 to 100 “were targeting anyone who was white or appeared to look white,” and beating them, according to the local police chief. At least 18 people were injured, and 30 have been arrested.
  • In Denver, couples leaving restaurants were being attacked by a group of black men with baseball bats.
  • A young white man named Carter Strange had his skull fractured by a mob in South Carolina. He was attacked at random while jogging.
  • A young white man named Dawid Strucinski was beaten into a coma by a mob in Bayonne, NJ.
  • Anna Taylor, Emily Guendelsberger, and Thomas Fitzgerald were beaten to the ground and stomped in separate Philadelphia flash mobs.
  • Every weekend in July,” according to local news, “police have battled large, flash-mob beatings and vandalism” in Greensboro, NC.
  • In a mostly-white suburb of Cleveland, witnesses reported large groups of young blacks walking through the streets, “shouting profanities and racial epithets,” and one man was viciously beaten while leaving a restaurant with his wife and friends.
  • A young white lady named Shaina Perry was taunted and beaten by a black mob in Milwaukee who remarked “Oh, white girl bleeds a lot.”

The similarities among these attacks point to a trend: First of all, these are not run-of-the-mill crimes. They typically involve group attacks against defenseless, random victims who have no means to resist and did nothing to provoke their attackers. These flash mobs often stomp their victims even after they are down, as most of the news reports describe.

Then there are the racial similarities: The attackers are invariably black. Philadelphia’s mayor conceded as much when he condemned flash mobs, addressing the rioters with the charge, “You damaged your own race.” The victims are usually not black. Several qualifications are in order: It is clear that only a small number of black teens take part in these attacks. Blacks are more likely to be victims of violent crime than any other group due to black-on-black crime. Also, interracial crime is a fraction of all crime, and hate crime is an even smaller fraction of that. Nonetheless, these flash mobs are a social problem that needs to be addressed. If the races were reversed, we would be witnessing an outpouring of guilt of biblical proportions. Instead, the victims are white and we get an outpouring of ignominious silence. So far, precious few leaders in academia, politics, the legal system, or the media have spoken out directly against this troubling trend.

Far from being isolated incidents, violent flash mobs are part of an emerging social problem that turns the traditional story of American racism on its head. If opinion makers reported accurately about these flash mobs, most Americans would probably alter their views about racism and conclude that these flash mobs are the worst form of racial violence in our nation today. Not all of the flash mobs meet the strict criteria of a hate crime. However, they do represent a growing wave of racial violence.

The national media should acknowledge what a serious and potentially widespread social problem they are, but instead the press has concealed the racial aspect of this problem.

To take one particular example, in Chicago on June 14 of this year, the local media reported on a 15-year-old, without identifying his race, who was attacked and robbed by “a group of seven male teens,” all “black.” In a summer filled with mob violence, this story registered as another small blip in an alarming trend that has emerged across the country. However, the June 14 robbery was more troubling than most of the other flash mob attacks: One of the attackers that day had a gun.

Following their official policy of self-imposed PC censorship, the local media didn’t mention the race of the victim. Thankfully, the Chicago Police Department replied to my Freedom of Information Act request and provided that information in a redacted version of the incident report. It should not surprise anyone that the victim on June 14 was white. (These FOIA documents are attached to this column).

I can hear the chorus of complaints asking, “Why does race matter?” That question is usually asked with a tone of consternation, as if the person asking the question has determined that race must not matter and is refusing to consider race.

‘It’s not about race!’ some will say. People are people, and crime is about bad people doing bad things—or good, poor people whose social conditions drove them to beat people. But these mob attacks are most certainly about race, and there is only one specific type of person committing these attacks. In Chicago, and around the country, flash mob attacks have been committed by blacks, apparently without exception.

Not every interracial crime has racial significance. Sometimes a fight is just a fight, a robbery is just a robbery, a mob is just a mob. But when there is a trend of racial victimization and a stark racial component in the participants of the attacks, then there is racial significance. We are fully justified to be concerned with the racial aspect of flash mobs, given the larger context of the flash mob phenomenon in Chicago—to take only one example—this year.

The flash mobs in Chicago began with flash mob robberies in January when groups of teens shoplifted at three separate stores along Michigan Avenue. In February, Loyola University warned students and staffers about “flash mob offenders” stealing items from nearby stores. In April 2011, a group of 70 “youths” ransacked a McDonald’s and “created a disturbance” according to a news report.

Then, on Memorial Day weekend, the cultural enrichment turned ugly. A witness told Chicago’s NBC local affiliate that mobs of “animals,” as the witness described them, “were being rude and abusive and throwing trash around and defecating…” Other witnesses reported that “gangbangers” were pushing people off their bikes.

In June, the attackers  showed up armed. In robberies on June 5, between eight and 15 teens boarded a bus without paying and “began hitting people,” according to the Chicago Tribune. Three of those teens were charged with armed robbery, one with unlawful use of a weapon.

The most publicized flash mob attacks took place when five non-blacks were attacked in one hour by a pack of 20 teens on the North Side. As of June 13, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said that over 30 people had been arrested in the various mob attacks that month. Then, on June 14, the white 15-year-old was robbed at gunpoint by a group of blacks.

Not far away, the flash mobs could have reached an awful crescendo in Peoria. On June 24, a mob of at least 50 blacks teens were stopping traffic in the street, and “running wildly through yards and porches” in a quiet suburban neighborhood in what one witness described as a “show of force.” Another witness says that a black teen yelled out, “We’re gonna kill all the white people. This is our neighborhood.” In this context, a reasonable reporter would be acting appropriately to include the race of victims and attackers in group attacks.

However, when it comes to black-on-white crime, as Chicago Tribune editor Gerald Kern publicly admitted, “We do not reference race unless it is a fact that is central to telling the story.” In other words, the Tribune will not reference race. How will we know if a fact is central to a story unless we have context? We’ll never have context to understand racial violence if the media conceal racial facts. If we’re not told the race of victims and attackers, we can’t observe a pattern of behavior, and we will have no idea whether race is central to a story. The Tribune’s reporting is thus an Orwellian void that leaves us all less informed, and less safe.

But this is not unique. The Washington Post, New York Times, and L.A. Times join the Tribune in admitting that they have, in effect, a policy of not reporting race.

Whether or not a fact is “central to a story” is naturally a value judgment that says as much about the ideology of an editor as it does about the facts of a story. Needless to say, when the race of mob violence victims is white, a liberal editor will usually not find that fact “central” to a story.

White victimization in racial violence is an inconvenient fact for those who are dedicated to social justice, a dogma based on faith in perpetual white guilt. Journalism departments play their part in maintaining the dogma. We’re not going to remain addled with white guilt if we fully acknowledge anti-white crime. So liberals downplay white victims to maintain their traditional belief in monolithic white racism, the one tradition that liberals believe in maintaining.

If we are truly committed to “social justice,” however, we must acknowledge that concealing the facts about racial violence and other social problems leaves us endangered and intellectually impoverished. Refusing to face facts will inhibit finding a solution to the problem, and virtually guarantee that the problem will only get worse.

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  • Amrenner

    Why does race matter? Because blacks have integration, Civil Rights, the NAACP, Affirmative Action, Diversity Quotas, and the Congressional Black Caucus. They insist on racial identity, so anything thing they do as a group is a part of that identity.

    If they want the race credits for their heroic struggle against Jim Crow segregation and inequality, then they also must accept the debits when the fail to live up to Martin Luther King’s nonviolent social change.

    We got rid of lynching in the White Community, so blacks are long overdue for getting rid of violence in their own.

    The say race matters, so it does. It matters to us in the way we say it does.

    When they defend the censorship of race in black on White crime stories, they might say, “Once you know the race, what else do you know?” That means you aren’t supposed to know anything else, because only racists would equate blacks with violence.

    We are fast approaching a vicious day of Racial Reckoning. If Obama is defeated in 2012 by a White, look for so many flash mob beatings of Whites that a black is guaranteed a winner in 2016.

  • Mutantone

    I want to know who has organized them? there is to much of the puppet in all this someone else is getting them together to act as a “Mob” that will be the interesting information when it comes out who’s hand is guiding the puppets?


    I was channel switching this week…and happened upon Pat Buchanan on “Morning Joe”. He was the first one I recall mentioning in detail the very large number of flash mob occurrences here in the US. The other members of the program..quickly changed the subject. I had no idea how bad the situation was. Why the silence of the MSM?

  • JayMar

    Anyone surprised? The Obama-Holder team will not pursue black-on-white crime, The animalistic mobsters know they will never be prosecuted. And stealing is what they do best. I am 70 yrs old and remember when blacks were working members of society, before the Great Society spawned these sub-cultural beasts. I for one would love to see communities stand agaist this barbarism, but we will probably be the ones accused or racial prejudices. Yes, things have changed as Obama promised in 2008. There is no HOPE for us and the little CHANGE we have in our pockets might not be ours much longer.

  • Joe the Pimpernel

    Lock and load.

  • Jaime

    I’m glad someone is looking into this concerted cover-up by the media. The public needs to know if only to be more aware of the danger of large groups of black teens and the mob mentality. I was particularly disgusted by the cover-up of a mob beating near San Francisco in March of the is year. A 47 year old man was beaten and robbed by up to 15 attackers at the Redwood City Caltrain station and left in critical condition. There was no description of the attackers and the man was never named and there was no follow up stories. I don’t know if he is dead, in a coma, or recovered. Meanwhile, there are constant updates of Brian Stow, who was almost beat to death at a Dodgers game. Two people were later arrested after using the victim’s credit card to buy a pizza. A small, alternative paper published the mugshot showing the perpetrators as black. I don’t know if there was a conspiracy to have a virtual media blackout because Caltrain was afraid the thousands of daily riders would stop taking the train or that blacks may be profiled.

  • Brian

    This has been going on for a long time. I witnessed a mob of black ppl robbing and beating white ppl in St. Pete FL about 15 years ago. I thought for sure such a spectacle would be big news. It never even made the news.

  • David – Boston

    There are disturbing similarities between this behavior and that of the ‘Brown Shirts’ just prior to Hitler’s rise to power. These were called ‘collisions’ then and were carried out by the youth inspired by the anti-Jewish sentiment popular during that time. It was only later – with the meticulous documentation so characteristic of the Germans, that it was clear the youth were inspired and led by leaders who specifically targeted their enemies.
    Similarly also… was the lack of social condemnation of the actions.
    Very disturbing.

  • Observer

    When the backlash comes, and it will, these people better have good swimming skills. They will need them to escape with their lives.

    Another thing will be when one of these “mobs” attempts this with a concealed weapons carrier. Watch the media go into orbit about all the dead from the “evil” trigger happy gun owner.

    Decline and Fall of a nation sure is interesting to watch.

  • Freeman

    Exactly why I carry.
    I moved away from a nice area in Florida because of this trend and the kick in robberies against older people.
    These sorts of incidents most probably will increase in frequency and intensity.
    I carried everywhere I went, nice areas or not, just in case.
    Being a combat veteran offers me the capability to permanently drop any enemy, and sleep well that night.
    I stay away from big cities and large population areas because of this and the fact that I see things as only getting worse.
    I’ll be forwarding this report to my media contacts in the hope it might be reported.
    Thank you for a solid report.

  • Incredulous1

    And people say, “Why would anybody need a 30-round magazine for a gun?” Need any more answers?

  • smoki

    It’s precisely because the “mainstream” media doesn’t include race in the black on white flash mob attacks that they continue unabated. As long as the attacker’s black race remains unidentified they will keep on beating up and robbing white people. Notice too that the black attackers are always making sure to pick on white individuals with a large attack group and are relatively certain, at least for now, that the victim is not packing. This kind of crime is always prevalent in those areas where the people have been disarmed in violation of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for self defense. It has been proven over and over that in those areas of the country where the citizenry is allowed to be armed by permit, crimes of all categories go down, especially violent crimes. It is the liberal nut jobs in positions of power and celebrity that argue only they should be allowed to be armed or be allowed to rely on armed body guards while we, the peasantry, are to be unarmed relying solely on an armed police who never show up in time and shouldn’t be expected to. Open warfare and anarchy in our streets is not far from reality in America especially as economic armageddon draws nigh.

  • Barbara Siegfried

    if this continues there will be no laws that will be followed or enforced. Self protection is a natural thing.
    My family, friends, home and my COUNTRY are going to be protected to my Dying Breath. God Bless America and its true people.

  • Bill

    Flash mob ? Or are they just chimping out ?

  • Outlawcajun

    An invitation to flash mobsters….try this in southeast New Mexico…we’vwe got something for ya, but ya ain’t gonna like it!~

  • semus

    I’m afraid these incidents may aren’t random I could be wrong but given what’s going on all over the world. I suspect there are some sinister people at work pulling the strings, Sure most of the losers committing the crimes are ignorant racist who think this is a good opportunity to get some payback against white people, any white people, because if you’re white you’re guilty. But I have a suspicion some have bigger fish to fry then racism. What if some people within these mobs are plants, there to “gin things up” and fan those flames and the goal? Even scarier, to create chaos, instill fear and uncertainty in the general population. Very similar to the uncertainty we’re seeing all over the world.

    Race may have very little to do with it not that that wouldn’t be bad enough.This kind of thing has been done before many times. The main tools of the left are ignorance, stupidity, hatred, they’d be nothing without them.

  • semus

    Sorry this sentence was not edited properly

    This sentence:

    “What if some people within these mobs are plants, there to “gin things up” and fan those flames and the goal?”

    Changed to something like this:

    What if some people within these mobs are plants, to “gin things up” and make sure the flames – of hatred – are properly stoked?

    I changed things without rereading and ended up with gobbledegook.

  • Metro

    how much more are you willing to take, America?

  • Brandon Boggs

    The sad thing is that this will never get further than this article no matter what. They flat out have stopped reporting flash mobs I havent seen one story lately. When blacks are attacking whites calling them crackers and racist names it isnt a hate crime for some reason and it’s because white people dont have an organization to protect the civil rights. If we did it would be labeled racist by the scumbags on the LEFT…It’s Obama that is organizing all of this….

  • Charles Kunderer

    Is the theme song officially “The Holder Stomp” It’s not a hate crime if it’s just a honkee?

  • JLA

    Reading this article and the comments that follow, two things strike me very strongly:

    1. Anyone participating in one of these flash mob attacks should be shot on the spot

    2. The majority of people who have commented on this thread disgust me. I have little doubt that some of you, were your skin darker, would be flash mobbing yourselves. Racist violence is not an appropriate response to racist violence.

  • Jessica

    I don’t know if I’m more disgusted by the comments allowed on this page or the actions of the small percentage of flash mobsters that have been reeking havoc on some streets and for black people.

    News coverage about race has always been questionable. I remember growing up and watching TV, noting that each time an arrested person was veiled on the 6pm news it was definitely a white person. The dignity of the black criminal in the next segment would never be spared. Saving race (face).

    I know the social-economical causes and implications of such actions might never be fully erased, just like the science of rioting has never truly been discovered. We can all see the effects and devastation of the problem when it happens, but we will always be reluctant to take responsibility for the causes– whether we are the victim or aggressor.

    Flash mobs, as illogical as they might seem, are fueled by hatred of others, frustration, ignorance, and hatred of one’s self. It involves an extreme sense of hopelessness to commit such crimes, even with mob mentality.

    Should the media report on race? Yes. The real question, however, should be will reporting on race really address the issue or just continue the cyclical and racially motivated violence, as soo many commentators below your post stated they were willing to continue?

    …I hate that I live in a world where I will always be marked by the color of my skin– white, black, yellow, brown, red….

  • Christian M

    Thanks to welfare/ foodstamps/ public housing ect ad naseum every city in the US has created its own suicide sack that’s ready to burst. All media newspapers realize this and are terminally afraid that they will set off a city destroying riot like LA in 92′ or New Orleans in 05′. This is coming anyway. These are creatures without jobs, without a work ethic, without a concept of responsibility to anyone but there own animalistic desires. Barbarians will destroy civilization unless citizens are prepared to destroy the barbarians. If government won’t protect you, that’s why we have the 2nd amendment. Live free or die.

  • ProudUSAVet

    Disorderly crowds, those “flash” mobs and Wall Street Occupiers. They are being let by Obama backers. It is part of their plan. Let the mobs get out of control and that gives Obama the excuse to decalre martial law to “restore order.” By declaring martial law, he can then call up the military, establish his long anticipated citizens police corp (or corpse), nullify the Constitution, and even postpone or cancel the 2012 elections. Wake up, people. Why do you think that Obama is trying to make guns illegal and why is he trying to control the sale of ammunition? It is all in the plan. The sad thing about all this is that the Congress and the Supreme Court lack the backbone to do anything about it. And, that is why he is holding on to A G Holder, who is the worst of them all and who will refuse to indict and prosecute the troublemakers just as he did the Black Panthers who were intimidating voters in Philly.

  • Astralopth

    The only flash a mob is going to see if I’m there is muzzle flash.

  • becky21k

    On the bright side, at least blacks are throughtful enough to give their children goofy names so when you see who the police have arrested listed by those names, you don’t really have to ask what race they are.

  • House of Kell

    When one or more of these maladjusted ‘yoots’ get shot down in the street by one their unexpectedly armed, potential ‘non-victims’….THEN Mr Bennett it’ll become a national story with the then armed ‘victim’ majically becoming the ‘voilent, racist offender’ and this crap will 1st escalate out of control, then 2nd, be positively dealt with by the armed populace who refuses to be victimized…then obama can once again claim imaginary kinship to his ‘yoots’ and garner sympathy and votes for his campaign, which in my world, makes him a most dispicable POS!!!

  • House of Kell

    When one or more of these maladjusted ‘yoots’ get shot down in the street by one their unexpectedly armed, potential ‘non-victims’….THEN Mr Bennett it’ll become a national story with the then armed ‘victim’ majically becoming the ‘voilent, racist offender’ and this crap will 1st escalate out of control, then 2nd, be positively dealt with by the armed populace who refuses to be victimized…then obama can once again claim imaginary kinship to his ‘yoots’ and garner sympathy and votes for his campaign, which in my world, makes him a most dispicable POS!!!

  • Peter

     I am sitting here with pistol in hand. I have shouted everything from Ape to Zip Coon and you don’t appear. I am very disappointed. Here in alphabetical order (As a White we like to organize things) are the things I have said out loud: Ape, Brillo Head, Coon, Darkie, Eggplant, FUBU (Farmers Used to Buy Us), Gutter-monkey, Haunt, Inky, Jigaboo, Knuckle-Dragger, Lawn Jockey, Mud Turtle, Nignog, Orangutan, Porch Monkey, Quashee, Rope-Straightener,
    Spook, Three-Fifth, Ubangi, Voodoo, Welfare Monkey, Xerox, Yellow-Eyed, Zip Coon.

    This of course leaves off the classics like Spear Chucker and others.


  • Peter

     Jessica, the best thing you can do to be avoided being judged on your skin tone is to go live in peace amongst your own kind. This is easy for every race except for Whites. Every White Country is encouraged to allow in floods of of others, while Africa drives out Whites out of Rhodesia, South Africa, etc. The Japanese want to remain Japanese, the Chinese want to remain Chinese, the Africans want to remain Africans, it is only Whites that are encouraged to forget their heritage and their people.

    Whites have let themselves be convinced that it is racist merely to object to dispossession, much less to work for their own interests. Never before has a people been fooled into thinking that there was virtue or nobility in surrendering its heritage, and giving away to others its place in history,
    only whites have been tricked into thinking that love for their own people is somehow “hatred” of others. While others have a “racial history month” or special privileges to be accepted in school because of “Diversity”. See, what Diversity really means is “less Whites”.

  • bobby1122

    Obama and Holder have given a pass to his Mau Mau  hooligan squad. These are the results.

  • Descendant of Sam Colt

    Which is why the Founders gave us the 2nd Amendment.. This has been happening since the LA riots when they pulled the white truck driver out of his truck. So just carry a piece and when a flash race mob attacks you simply pop a couple of them.Or use a shot gun and take them all out..  No jury is going to convict. Just use these articles as proof. They are cowards thats why they are in mobs..

  • Descendant of Sam Colt

    Cialis gone to your head???

  • William Howard

    Dum A$$…..the KKK are just as bad as the flash mobs and the would hurt you a jew and me a Catholic. How about the return of another MLK who spoke against all that crap.

  • evey needs to carry that jewish weapon uzie that is much like a machinr gun.

  • The head of that snake is ironically in Chicago. Flash Mob’s and Ghetto Violence are the worst in the country, in Obama’s home town. 

  • Billcowan1


  • Ingle98004

    Sorry, MLK was a Commie racist.  Do some digging and find out for yourself.  I would just simply like a return to a WHITE AMERICA.  All these other folks can go back to their countries and make their country a better place.  

  • gene willis

    i take it that people like you agree with the liberal merdia that whites should be genocided?

  • St Louis Yid

    Nazi wannabes always gotta blame the Jews, when it’s liberals causing the problems. Some are Jewish, some aren’t. Like the leftists that find one murderous wacko Christian and try to paint all Christians as murderous wackos. Give me a break!

  • Only going to get worse.Welcome to 1930 Germany all over again.Land of the free and home of the brave? Ha,Ha. After Satan in the White House is re-elected,it will be amusing to see how many whites will join what’s left of the military so they can enjoy dying for him. He’ll be on vacation so no problem for him.

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    Factoid: 75% of media CEOs are Lutheran – sorry to burst your bubble, Adolf

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    apparently, you don’t think people have a right to self-defense, eh? Perhaps you should learn to choose your words more precisely, as well.

  • finabiscotti

    I am tired of this Black Crap. Let’s give everyone a Free Pass – for terrorizing people – because they are black punk thugs – committing these crimes –
    during the Obama Administration –
    especially since Obama is a racist THUG himself.

  • finabiscotti

    Read this article from Western Journalism = “Is Obama A Closet Racist?”


    Also tells a lot about Michelle Obama – and how she manipulated “Public Allies” – in her personal pursuits of her race-obssessed agenda –
    that would be the basis for Paid Staff and volunteers leaving in droves – from Obama For America – once The Obamas’ REAL intentions were revealed that was a compltele contradiction to their message during the 2008 presidential campaign to assist Obama to get elected.

  • Saddenbyevents

    Maybe we need the Italian Mob to protect our towns. If they have to hurt them the public should say I didn’t see anything!!! Please buy protection folks.

  • Saddenbyevents

    I say we hire protection for our communities like the Italian Mob. If they end up hurting them because they were trying to kill someone the public should say I didn’t see Dog Doo Doo. Buy Protection Folks now don’t wait.

  • Saddenbyevents

    Attention All White Communities hire Protection like the Italian Mob. If these evil Black Flash Mobs try to kill our children and families I say we have no choice and put them down fast. Our community should say I didn’t see anything. Buy protection everyone. Take that Media!

  • Saddenbyevents

    Hire Protection for the community. Like the Italian Mob. If they stop someone by killing them the whole community should say I didn’t see anything. Also buy protection folks

  • Saddenbyevents

    We are going to hire people like the Italian Mob or returning soldiers. Should your Black Flash Mob racist mentally ill freaks show up and try to kill one of our children or families I say let them take you out. The whole community would remain silent. I didn’t see nothing. Right back at you. In your face Media.

  • Bill-D

    The liberals have effectively neutered the white male as of 2016. I can only hope that the “White Guilt” BS will finally die off and we are allowed to see and speak the truth. Only the White Liberal is intent on bringing down their own race. I can NOT get my head around this mental disease. The “back wash” from all of this is NOT going to be pretty. What will happen to the Blacks when they cry “racist” and the White say “Big F*ucking Deal”?

  • Bill-D

    The Blacks are pack animals and will always attack when they have superior numbers. Making an example a few times, will set them back. Also, vote out the Democrats who pander to them and pass laws in their favor. Vote for those who want law and order. Vote to keep your family save, and to pass on a better USA to you children.

  • CQ

    That “goofy names” thing is really strange to me. Up until about WWII, maybe a few years after, immigrants would often change their names to Americanize them, to fit in with their adopted homeland. Starting about the 1970s black parents were beginning to choose decidedly non-mainstream names for their kids, I assume to show Black Pride. The names were clearly of a character that showed unity for the black race – separating them from mainstream America. Today one can instantly tell when a particular name is black. A very popular genealogy site is running commercials in which two young black males appear, with their family tree as the backdrop. All the ancestral names without exception are typical American names – until we see the names of the two young men, who have African given names. Assuming that their parents named them, that shows that in the 1980s or early 90s, blacks were showing a form of defiance against the American norm. And we wonder why today’s blacks feel like they don’t fit in.

  • CQ

    I disagree. There really is very little similarity between the Brown Shirts and these teen gangs. The Brown Shirts were government sponsored and directed. The Black Teens are, so far, purely local and spontaneous, aided by idleness, a lack of daily responsibility for earning their food and shelter.

  • Terri Wilson

    Yeah, well I could’ve told you that when you and the rest of the libs were marching for blacks during the 60’s and 70’s!! So thanks a heap, Konnie!! I guess you now have the pleasure of seeing what you and your “social justice” buddies have created!!

  • Terri Wilson

    The Indian community needs to band together and seek assistance from others in the community who would sympathize, and I’m certain there would be many Caucasians and Asians. They should get a group together quickly and demand that the DA order the murderers arrested and remanded immediately!!!

  • Terri Wilson

    I know it’s tempting, but never get involved with any type of mob, because you will be indebted to them indefinitely. Band together, train, and pack heat; then formulate your plans to protect your neighborhoods.