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donald trump gop debate thumbs up

Later tonight starting at 8 PM Eastern, CNBC will host the next GOP presidential debate. Dr. Ben Carson’s surge has former front-runner Donald Trump worried, while Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are making late gains. This is Dr. Carson’s time to shine as the front-runner for the GOP leading up to the Iowa caucuses, so tune in with us tonight and follow and live-tweet the debate with us!

We’ll be pointing out the inconsistencies among the candidates and giving our candid opinions on their performances during the debate!

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  • Steven Barrett

    Trump will eat him up. All that needs to come is Medicare and Medicaid. I realize the more ideological conservatives will scowl a bit reading what I’m going to say, but Carson’s scorched earth approach towards the “two M’s” (if you’ll pardon my admittedly lazy shorthand) by gutting them and replacing them with a voucher … or whatever he’ll be forced to come back with to replace these very popular programs … just to save “taxpayers’ dollars” is nuts. Who are these taxpayers he wants to save their money so badly that he’d be willing to risk so much economic, never mind social and emotional trauma amongst the vast majority of Americans over 65, on SS, or SSDI and depened on it to keep them out of either bankruptcy courts or early caskets? What wealthy few would be so crass and grossly insensitive to approve of such a “savings” that’d result in such turmoil (not just for people the programs were established for and paid by through their payroll taxes? Many of the younger wealthy who many never need these programs would never want to see it denied to their parents who paid for them, just so they (the adult children) could live even more luxuriously. And to think this is coming from a doctor, a pious Christian doctor, no less.
    Dr. Carson is indeed a blessed and talented man who’s achieved great things with his medical skills and deft hands. But there’s something eerily too cool about this soft-spoken man who never seems to lose his patience in public, has some of the most wildly speculative notions about foreign policy and especially history; which combined with his Seventh Day Adventist Church’s views on the “end times” should scare the living daylights out of every man, woman or child on the planet, never mind within our borders.
    Even Trump, with all his bluster, baloney and campaign-related histrionic BS doesn’t scare me as much as Carson. He knows what it takes to build and keep building liveable societies or portions of them around the world. And using religion as a guide to “explain away all things” doesn’t fit into Trump’s game plan. Nor, thankfully anybody else’s. Just Ben Carson’s. If we didn’t have enough to worry about in terms of foreign leaders misinterpreting our every move as some part of an overall “let’s settle this matter” attack upon them by countries other than the US, if we elect this guy, we sure as hell will. And hell, is what we’ll deserve for allowing this cook to get his ice-cool hands and mind focused on the button should he take to reading too much out of his daily intel reports mixed with a passage out of the very last book in the Bible.