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In the wake of Al Jazeera’s $100 million payoff to former Vice President Al Gore, Accuracy in Media is urging a congressional probe into the controversial operations of foreign propaganda channel Al Jazeera on American soil. Cliff Kincaid, Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, said, “It is time for the House Homeland Security Committee under its new chairman, Rep. Michael McCaul, to examine how Al Jazeera’s anti-American programming is seeking to gain a dangerous foothold in the United States through the acquisition of Al Gore’s Current TV cable channel.”

The mysterious transaction reportedly involves a $500 million deal with $100 million of that going to Al Gore personally.

Kincaid said Al Jazeera’s attempt to expand to millions of homes poses “an unacceptable danger to American citizens by further adding to the potential for home-grown Jihadists inspired by Al Jazeera’s inflammatory programming.” He said, “Through this deal, Al Jazeera English is planning to reach American Muslims, who primarily speak English,with inflammatory words and images making America out to be the enemy and villain in the Middle East.”

The hearings, Kincaid said, should also examine the fact that 30 public television stations around the U.S. are already airing Al Jazeera in violation of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules.

Florida broadcaster Jerry Kenney uncovered this aspect of the scandal and filed an FCC complaint over it. He discovered that Al Jazeera and other foreign propaganda channels are being provided to public television stations through the MHz Networks division of the Virginia-based Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation.

AIM notes that Kenney has also filed complaints with the Department of Justice citing evidence that Al Jazeera is not complying with the Foreign Agent Registration Act and labeling its broadcasts as foreign propaganda paid for by the pro-Jihadist Arab government of Qatar. The DOJ refuses to enforce the law against Al Jazeera, Kincaid noted.

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  • I’m sure once Holder is made aware of this he will act.

  • I admire Cliff Kincaid and value his opinion. But, I’ve found that I far more enjoy watching Al Jazeera English online, and their documentaries about the slave trade in India and Africa, along with their shows about Asia, than I do Fox News on Saturdays. I only wish that Fox news would at least devote a half day on Saturdays to international news.

    Americans ARE interested in learning about the world at large. Unfortunately, we’re allowing Al Jazeera to fill that void, because our own media — NPR, PBS, CNN, FOX, etc. — only give minutes or even seconds to international news coverage.

    Senior citizens who are interested in learning about world events might not have the desire to strain their eyes reading newspapers, nor fumble around with using the Internet.

    American outlets better fill a void soon, if they don’t want A;l Jazeera to dominate. As they are becoming a top news preference for college students. if this frightens us, then we must combat it with something better than our lame entertainment-laden media.

  • OccupyBawlStree

    sounds like we need an UPDATED “Terror Televsion”, eh?