Accuracy in Media

This week, Don and Brian discuss Obama’s commutation of traitor Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence, John Lewis on Trump’s legitimacy and the subsequent Democrat boycott of the inauguration, Obama blames Fox News, Rush Limbaugh for his failures, Free joints at inauguration and more.

We experienced a technical problem with the video so there is only audio of the podcast.  A video of the podcast is available on our Facebook page.

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  • Ted

    Wasn’t it during Barack Obama’s first inauguration that Mitch McConnell and several of his nincompoop cohorts went somewhere for a posh lunch instead of attending the inauguration … and proceeded to adopt the GOP policy to do everything possible to obstruct Obama and make him a one-term president?

    (Yet, the guy leaves office with a 60% approval rating … third highest behind Clinton at 66% and Reagan at 64%.)

  • worried for future

    You’re dreaming if you believe that fake 60% approval rating.
    Remember how they moaned for 8 yrs. that the Republicans were un-cooperating obstructionists? But it’s now just fine for them to vow to never reach across the aisle. Why is it the Dems always accuse their opposition for exactly what they do? What a sorry collection of hypocrites!

  • John Cunningham

    Welcome to the Zoo that used to be called The United States Of America. If you think it is bad now just wait until they unwrap everything. I believe booby traps were set up to further confuse the Trump Administration. Trouble is Donald Trump has nothing to loose. He has done everything and been successful at it. He is going to have a ball destroying the Zoo Barack Obama has created in America.