Accuracy in Media

This week, Don and Brian tackle all the noise about Russian hacking and alleged influence on the presidential election, the spread of fake news, Trump’s latest cabinet picks, Kanye West’s visit with Donald Trump, Nate Silver on Comey and Clinton, Electoral College voting and more.

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  • discusser4

    This would be more useful if the transcript were provided.

  • Ted

    Any reasonable person would agree that Comey cost Clinton votes. How many and where … we don’t know

    Beyond that, this whole Trump things is just a showboat farce beyond anything P.T. Barnum could have imagined … and his cabinet and agency picks thus far are adding up to being the biggest joke ever played on the American population … dwarfing “The War of the Worlds” … especially since Trump has at least 1,460 days to keep perpetrating the joke! Welles only a couple of hours.

  • siquijorisland

    great information

  • D.G. Williams

    I’m think i’m a reasonable person of integrity. Lies, corruption, and arrogance cost HRC the election.