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From American Family Radio:

Mitt Romney will get the GOP nomination for president, one media analyst expects the mainstream media to turn up the heat on the former Massachusetts governor.

Rick Santorum’s campaign suspension has more than likely cleared the way for Romney to face President Obama in the November election. And Logan Churchwell of Accuracy in Media (AIM) suggests news outlets will be on the attack against Romney. In fact, he says they have already hinted at what is ahead for the Republican.

Churchwell believes the liberal media, with the help of the Obama campaign, will focus on three main areas: Romney’s Mormon faith, his wealth, and the perception that he is not well-liked.

“Between what we’ve seen with the Associated Press and NBC News, they have their areas of attack … they’ve got their narratives already in place and they’re just going to keep feeding that,” he offers. “Just because it’s a two-man race, you’re going to hear more of it now.”

The AIM public relations director explains that the liberal media will treat Romney like they did John McCain in 2008.

“Anyone running that comes out of primary that receives relatively fair treatment, but also calls himself a conservative, can’t expect to have the same safe handling once you get down to a general race,” he warns.
So, as “the long knives are really starting to come out,” Churchwell predicts it will only get worse for Romney.

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  • im American im never wrong

    Is the Mormon thing an attack from the left or is it a report of the fact that Mr. Romney has had an evangelical Christian support problem? That is my impression of the reporting. For the record I don’t think we will ever rise above or religious test (that we Cleary have) until we elect a pragmatic atheist or agnostic… But I’m not silly enough to believe that would ever happen. We are a religiousness filled country.
    As far as the attacks on Mr. Romney…. He is a less charming George W. Bush and his policies are not only created by the same group of thieves but will finally “starve the beast” and drag this country down to die economically speaking.