Accuracy in Media

Federal authorities are probing whether socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane committed bank loan fraud. The probe is investigating when Jane Sanders was president of the now-defunct Burlington College, where she allegedly falsified loan documents that stated Burlington College had sufficient donations to receive a $10 million loan.

The authorities are also looking at whether Senator Sanders influenced the deal, which could be a breach of ethics laws. There is no evidence of this allegation, but it does raise questions.

Stay tuned and see where this investigation will go.

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  • Ken Baskin

    Please, it’s ‘ whether or not ‘, not ‘ whether ‘ – can we have a little more accuracy from Accuracy in Media ?

  • MonadnockMan

    You knew it was going to happen before she left the college as the readings broadcasted questions of serious concern. Then ye olde bernie got some nice stuff once he succumbed to forces of you know who; hence, the investigation! Socialist doing wrong, really now!