Accuracy in Media

Authorities found a list of Republican congressmen on the body of the anti-GOP shooter, but they could not say if it was a hit list or an assassination list. None of the names listed were injured in the attack, which has hospitalized one of the Capitol Police officers and Rep. Steve Scalise.

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  • J. Glenn

    Since the Marxists like Shakespearean plays in the park, how about the play that includes the line “kill all the lawyers”? If trial lawyers were getting shot and their names were found on hit lists, Demo-media coverage and the Demo-media’s collective encouragement of such sociopaths would make for an entirely different story.

    The term sociopaths applies equally to shooters and many trial lawyers. Just listen to Sen. Chuck U. Schumer, a hateful Marxist idiot. I think of him when I see the TV ads about how it’s the “New” New York. Yeah, right. And why don’t the commercials tout the Communist NYC mayor? Are not they proud of him?