Accuracy in Media

Rep. David Kustoff, a congressman from Tennessee, voted in favor of repealing Obamacare via the American Health Care Act (AHCA). He was nearly run off the road by a pro-Obamacare supporter, per Townhall. He went to a meeting at the University of Tennessee and left in a car, after which a woman allegedly followed him on the highway and scared the congressman.

She followed him until he entered a driveway and walked up to his car, yelling and the like.

This is not how to have constructive dialogue, liberals.

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  • mioahu

    Liberals ? You mean Leftists … these are not your grandpa’s liberals, they are indoctrinated leftists, who hate america, hate western values, hate white protestant males and want to fundamentally transform America. well, NO MORE of that , America woke up and chased the gutless leftists out of the WH, Senate, House, state houses and Governorships. Amazing defeat for the traitors, who want open borders so this country can be overrun by people with different values and dilute american values, who want to stop teaching our kids real history and culture and instead embrace questionable multicultural values who actually run against what they pretend to stand for (need I say more than islam and women and LGBT rights 🙂 ? but they contradict themselves every time they open their mouths, so no surprise) , they want to weaken the military power of this country and embolden our enemies (need I say more than Iran treaty, Syria red line, abandoning Israel in the security council, help topple our allies in Egypt, create chaos in Libya, create ISIS, ignore North Korea, praise the murderous communist regimes in Cuba and Venezuela ….do nothing against Putin and now being loud mouthed, backtrack from installing defenbse systems in Europe because Russia complained, it is PATHETIC ! …i can go on) , want to socialize medicine and transform us into one of the spineless, identity devoid European countries, want to transfer wealth by using the pretense of climate change… everything they do is AGAINST AMERICA !!!! And now they lose !

  • biilyjoe

    They’re all; on Obongo-Trayvon Skittles Kool-Aid that Soros funds for them and is kept in storage for them by criminal Sharpton.