Accuracy in Media

James Comey will be testifying before Congress today and yesterday, his team released his prepared remarks set to be delivered before lawmakers. It was shocking that the remarks came far in advance, as prepared remarks are usually published minutes before the hearing.

But, as Noah Rothmans pointed out, nothing stood out in Comey’s prepared remarks and it is very likely that Comey’s testimony will be a “nothing burger” and will lack the smoking gun that the Left would need to push the “Trump should be impeached” narrative.

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  • IHC

    I don’t underestimate the cunning and dishonest Comey ever because he had no problems lying before. His goal always was to do his part in the plotted coup against DT. Going back to the Hillary investigation he demonstrated that it is he who determines the outcomes come h$ll and high water.
    Lying is part of Comey’s DNA!

  • carroll wood

    amen, and they all said “so what”. He writes memos to himself and idiots believe him. You can’t fix stupid

  • J. Glenn

    Hate and (the big) lies are part of the Democratic party’s genome structure.

  • beladnj

    There is no know cure for stupid that allows the patient to continue breathing.

  • itsme

    Over time everything will come out. Too soon to jump to conclusions. The POTUS behavior is not normal though. Usually POTUS doesn’t even talk to FBI director. I’m not sure why he doesn’t want an independent investigation to hurry up and end this instead of asking Comey or to insinuate to Comey to make the “cloud go away”. No worries God will see this country through if people would turn to him and not politics.

  • itsme

    So is the POTUS

  • itsme

    Republicans aren’t innocent