Accuracy in Media

Gizmodo published the “full” ten-page memo from a Google employee, who dove into the divide at Google between diversity hires and quality hires. The employee was fired after the memo became public, but it was discovered that the memo actually had data in it.

Gizmodo’s version did not include the data, but only the general text in the memo. Why the omission?

The Federalist obtained the complete copy of the memo, which you can read here.

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  • mioahu

    In their immense stupidity and intolerance the left is starting to alienate liberals, as I have many times predicted. The democratic party has moved far left, and so did the so called progressives, they should be called regressives cause their ideology destroys everything it touches. The liberals are now starting to see where their progressiveness has led, as the left is attacking everybody who does not wholly agree with them. Pro choice liberals, religious liberals have no place with the democrats, conservative women and minorities are being trashed as traitors, life long liberals are being fired and attacked by leftists because they dare to express liberal ideas , like freedom of speech , of expression, tolerance against different opinions etc…
    Recent examples include the above one, where this liberal scientist was trying to bring common sense back into a leftist ideological culture at google, liberal teachers attacked and fired because they dares to support rights of conservatives to speak on campus, life long liberals being denounced as racist by the idiotic Maxine Waters because they dared to observe that by moving the grand jury to DC, it favors the anti trump forces, liberals attacked and fired at college campuses because they protested an attempted push by black activists to force white students off campus one day, or because they oppose separate graduations and dorm for minorities as racist …or because they dared to say that wearing a sombrero during halloween is not racist… welcome to the world you have created, my dear liberals. Your ideas are closer to the conservatives of today than to the leftist democratic party…you have been boiled slowly , and didn’t jump out of the pan…The left is a disease that destroys everything it touches, and turns it into an intolerant totalitarian nightmare. So sad many liberals don’t understand this

  • amongoose

    A lot in the Midwestern states did in 2016, and they swung the election.
    I think even more are waking up.