Accuracy in Media

The infamous Trump dossier, produced by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, was paid for by an anonymous donor and then the work was paid for by the Democratic National Committee. At one point, the FBI offered to pay Steele but apparently did not pay him.

But someone did pay Steele for his services, which also involved paying former Russian intelligence officials. By doing so, it hints at the potential for collusion between the Democrats and former Russian officials, not the Trump campaign.

Now, the questions are the following: Who knew of this in the Democratic Party, and who in the Clinton campaign knew of the dossier?

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  • samo war
  • Richard Schmidt

    Who knew? Anyone with a working sniff test.

  • dogity dog

    Everyone knew but only people with a conscience are willing to admit it.

  • dogity dog

    Nice donut!

  • There are no longer any honest elected Democrats. Every single elected Democrat is incapable of being honest about anything, including what they had for lunch. Couple that with a complete absence of decency and leaders with room temperature IQs like Schumer and Pelosi, and you begin to understand how badly the swamp needs to be drained. Democratic members of Congress are now going as far as declaring that it is against the law to investigate Hillary Clinton. The saddest part is that many of these leftist morons may actually believe it.