Accuracy in Media

A good take from the FiveThirtyEight blog, where they dive into who makes up Donald Trump’s voting base.

Photo by Christopher Dick

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    It isn’t difficult to pinpoint the Trump supporters, we aren’t the ignorant, hate filled, racist, bigoted, rednecks like the media want to make out we are. If you wish to see those people look no further than the liberal bunch that have been trying to shut down the Trump rallies and prevent him from being heard, there you will find the face of bigoted hate filled socialists. We are simply put, the remains of the true America. We want our country pulled back from the edge of the communist abyss we are heading for thanks to the lies that are being forcibly fed to our own children by the socialist that have been trying to get control since the 70’s. They are selling a bill of goods to our kids, telling them all about the clean, shiny ‘white people socialism’, the one where you get free school and a place to live and food to eat and never have to work unless you just want to, it’s just like living in Mom’s basement without the harassment of her telling you to go out and find a job. The reality they are shooting for is the ‘brown peoples socialism’, the one where the free house is a slapped together shack that you slap together, where the free food is what ever the government allows you to have in limited amounts, the free school is only if the government deems you worthy of spending space and resources on educating you and the government also decides on what job you will be doing and how much you will get paid for doing it, the choice part comes in with you deciding whether you wish to do that job or starve. Oh and by the way, you will never really own anything no matter how much money you spend on it, because the government can take it away from you at any moment to ‘share’ with someone who needs it more than you. You can’t even build a business, that can be take away and given to someone else who will do more with it than you, cause you know, ‘you didn’t build that’.

    Trump supporters, simply put don’t want to live a communist hell hole controlled by someone like Obama or Pelosi or Hillary.