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  • Steven Barrett

    McMorris’ horribly biased reporting was bad enough. Did AIM have to rub more salt in the wound by using a Union produced photo? No class. Absolutely no class. Thank you ALEC, thank you GOP, thank you Right to Work. Ha, yeah, right. Thanks for the right to work for less. Of all the states. This is an insult and disgrace to the miners who fought for better wages, working conditions and right to organize for all these and more things that help Americans maintain their way of life. West Virginia, you just sentenced your miners to working for chump chunks of coal in third world conditions. They’ll bring you right back there now that they have this. As for the legislators, including that piece of work Howell, we know what side he was on. Not the workers. If there’s a Scab Producer’s Union in Hell, I’m sure its non-unionized workers have already engraved his new office placard.