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The Washington Post made it seem that a top White House official who works for President Trump is under investigation in the Trump-Russia investigation. But, upon further analysis, the Post is vague in their wording, per the Washington Examiner’s T. Becket Adams:

The Post’s Friday scoop, however, which alleges federal officials have identified a top White House official as being a “person of interest” in the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 election, should be handled with caution.

The Post’s report is thin on details, and it makes use of a great deal of suspiciously vague language…

…That’s not saying a whole lot about anything. First off, the sources are implicating a whole group of people (White House advisers close to the president) while deliberately not naming the one “person of interest.” Secondly, that term—”person of interest”—is hopelessly vague.

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  • mioahu

    The WaPolitiks is probably the most shameful fake news , leftist propaganda machine out there. Shame on you Bezos, after what this country did for you, allowed you to become who you are, you turn around like a rabid dog and bite the hand who fed you… all these people are pitiful, show lack of historical knowledge, lack of american history and world history understanding, and think they are doing the world a favor …..but they are just blind pawns in the worlds march towards leftism, the biggest most intolerant religion in the world… leftism hates individuality (even though it says it loves diversity, what they mean is that they don’t like western values and would like to diminsh them as much as possible until they cease to exist), they hate exceptionalism (every society and culture is the same they claim, there are equivalents for everything in the western values in other societies…let me think, ummm, the equivalent of the grand piano in african or pre colombian cultures… must be the drum, how about the equivalent of the violin …hmmm, must be the drum, the harp ??? ..probably the drum…the wheel ??? must be the foot, i guess you could find one after all:-)) …they hate religion, cause leftism needs to be the highest power , they hate free speech (cause everything that opposes their ideology is hate speech and should not be tolerated)..they created the most murderous and totalitarian regimes in the world…and don’t tell me that the nazis were right wing, they were the National SOCIALIST party, and the whole holocaust was an idea along the eugenics ideas of the left (like let’s say planned parenthood, whose initial goal was to reduce the “undesirable” poor , uneducated, MOSTLY black population by providing them with abortions so they don’t multiply).
    So, gain, SHAME ON YOU BEZOS

  • Gregg Jensen

    Was watching CBS news in southern Calif, political commentator cited WaPo like it was some kind of credible, objective news reporting organization – What FN BS. WaPo = CraPo = CBS/LA. Wastes of time.