Accuracy in Media

CBS employs late-night comedian Stephen Colbert, who replaced David Letterman. Colbert recently made a crude and vulgar oral sex joke about President Donald Trump, which offended conservatives and Trump supporters. The hashtag #FireColbert started trending on social media.

Colbert said he would say the same thing again, which is not really an apology. Critics call for his firing, considering it is stooping to a new low in late-night TV and politics. Supporters say that Colbert is a masterful comedian and this would be a form of censorship.

Either way, it is a classless way to refer to the sitting President of the United States, no matter what you think of him. Imagine if a comedian said the same thing about President Barack Obama.

What will CBS do? Keep Colbert? As of right now, it appears they will, but Colbert may have to be careful what he says from now on.

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  • grnjllybn

    Colbert is disgusting! Now I know why I never wanted to watch his
    idiot show with his idiot guests. No class whatsoever!!
    I have always despised Obama, but would not show ‘publicly’
    such a level of disrespect to a sitting president. Colbert is just
    showing that he must have been raised in a barn with the other
    animals. He is spitting on the half of America that voted for our
    President. That half of America should just tune him OUT !!!
    Even Richard Nixon, as much as he was disliked, people were
    not publicly so damn disrespectful.