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image screenshot from Alderman Raymond Lopez’s Facebook page

Unidentified vandals burned and vandalized a bust of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln last week, after a lot of charged rhetoric and outrage after violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Antifa, or anti-fascist protesters, squared off against white supremacists and neo-Nazis in the Virginia college town and it led to one woman’s death after being hit by a car driven by a neo-Nazi sympathizer.

But, to vandalize a bust of Abraham Lincoln, who was not a supporter of slavery in the Civil War? That sounds like the vandals don’t know American history.

CNN claimed the bust has been vandalized many times before.

The bust was unveiled in 1926 and the vandalism of the bust led to significant damage.

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  • Paul Anderson

    I suspect these vandals had little if any knowledge of our historic past. When the left alters our history books, and destroys historic monuments, knowledge of our rich historic past, is lost forever.I suspect they didn’t know, Lincoln labored to end the Civil War..


    This just proves their violence has nothing whatsoever to do with slavery or them being offended by these monuments to slave owners. It’s just violence for violence sake, trying to scare everyone into silence so they won’t even attempt to oppose them or their agenda. Time to stand up block them out and state clearly to them all, NO, JUST NO.

  • DesertHam

    This is just one more act of violence by the Marxist infiltrators of the Democratic Party to destroy American history and dumb-down future generations of our children, grand children and beyond. Oddly they MAY be able to destroy historic fixtures, books and documentaries; but they cannot destroy the actual history itself.

    Dumb/Stupid is as dumb/stupid does. Stand by for the upcoming Civil War; be “Locked and Loaded”!

  • mioahu

    CNN are shameful liars and nothing they say should be believed. Anyway, the story goes that the civil war was not fought against slavery, but for economic reason. Any black radical would tell you that. They cannot acknowledge any positive antislavery action done by any white person. And yet slavery is gone, banned by white christian males… cause it is not black people who somehow managed to block it… It is still alive and well in Islam, in Asia, middle east and parts of Africa .. if not for white christian males (and females), there would not be democracy and freedom in the world, but the stupid leftists and their useful idiots the liberals don’t seem to see that..

  • samo war

    is time on patriot rewolution ?

  • NoUsurpers

    If blacks weren’t being misled by leftist propaganda, they’d know Old Abe was a white supremacist who wanted to deport freed slaves to Liberia & Haiti– he sought a purge! Lincoln said in 1862 in an interview that the war was not fought to free slaves. He pushed the Corwin Amendment to appease the South, to make slavery “permanent and irrevocable”– a fact not taught in history classes. Most southerners never owned a slave- #s range from 2 to 10%. Why would 90% (taking the high#) of southerners fight a war in which they had no stake? The major reason had to be onerous tariffs- the Tariffs of Abomination and later the Morrill Amendments. Sliming southerners as racist is an act of bigotry and stereotyping. Lincoln’s statues need to stay up, but there also needs to be an honest reappraisal of his presidency and the root causes of the devastating war he provoked.