Accuracy in Media

Columbus Day, a federal holiday observed every October, has long been a lightning rod for criticism. The controversy returned to the spotlight this year when several universities and cities have decided to rename the day Indigenous Peoples’ Day to remember the legacy of the Native Americans pre-Columbus.

Here are universities that observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day:

  • Harvard University
  • Fredonia College
  • University of Texas-El Paso (UTEP)
  • University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Here are the cities that observe the alternate holiday:

  • Berkeley, California
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Seattle, Washington

Here is also a list of states doing the same:

  • South Dakota
  • Hawaii
  • Alaska

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  • samo war
  • thesafesurfer

    So on Indigenous Peoples Day we can maim and torture our enemies to death like they did?

  • Andy

    Now they have Savage Day

  • The Highlander

    I hate to inform you of this, but it was the Europeans who started the maiming and torturing in the Americas, starting with the Columbus and the other Spanish explorers. First they killed thousands of the natives, made slaves of many of them and torture was of the worse kind, they would cut off the natives hands and feet and leave them. Rape was another pass time of these Spanish. How do we know, the writings and drawings by the Spanish Roman Catholic holy men who traveled with the Spanish explorers and military. Which many of these writings and art work are still in public special collections in Spain at universities and government archives. Related to North America, Native Americans actually helped the early settlers from Europe, keeping them from starving to death, but as time went on and more and more rich European companies settled people in America, more and more land was needed, more and more animals were killed for their fur and land to grow tobacco back in Europe. And the first slaves in North America weren’t blacks, but Native Americans and White English orphans taken off of the streets of London and sent to America. And it wasn’t because the Native American Chiefs sold their people into slavery like the African Chiefs sold their own people into slavery. While Mr. Lincoln was having the illegal war fought in the South, not because of slavery, he ordered troops west to wipe out Native Americans for his pals who were rich railroad owners to steal the land, of course good ole Abe, Gen. U.S. Grant (Whose wife was a slave owner) and some other Generals, etc. owned railroad stock. In the West, Native Americans were put on dust bowls called reservations, today in Utah a tribe lives on unfit land, yet the U.S. government owns oil wells bringing in a lot of $$$$$$$$$, but the Native Americans lives in shacks, that snow blows into from the cracks and water is carried. In California a Native American tribe were put on good farm land to grow crops, but when the settlers years later didn’t have rain and turned their land into a dust bowl, the Native Americans were packed up and moved to the dust bowl and the descendants of the early settlers got the good land. And then a few years ago, the corrupt politicians in California felt a tiny fish was more important than all the crops to feed Americans around the country and stopped the farmers from getting the water from the canals, because it was killing the tiny fish. And when the farmers were being interviewed by the News they were talking about their land being so dry, that the land had been in their families a 100+ years, 3, 4 generals had lived on the land and farmed it. Guess what? It was the land taken from the Native Americans and moved to a dust bowl and these people on the news ancestors got from the land taken by the government. Blacks got the right to vote in the 1860’s, even some served in the Congress, but Native Americans and White women didn’t get the right to vote until the 1920’s. Many Native Americans fought in World War Two, but in states like North Carolina banned Native Americans from voting when they got home. Blacks and Hispanics have nothing to whine about compared to the Native Americans. By the way, the Native Americans were here thousands and thousands of years before Columbus, the Vikings were here at least a 1000+ years before Columbus and Welsh were here before Columbus by several hundred to a thousand years. DNA, artifacts found at dig sites, etc. in North America proves they were all here before Columbus. Columbus never set food in North America. An as far as radical blacks thinking their due $25,000+ each for the work blacks did over 150-350 years ago is a joke, when Native Americans is still owed for millions of acres stolen from them and their ancestors, hundreds of thousands of ancestors killed, still rated as forth class citizens and the corrupt U.S. government’s BIA’s keeps raising the blood count to be counted as an Native American, so this is killing off Native American tribes. It’s called GENOCIDE!! But, Native Americans aren’t eating up American taxes, there is 14+ MILLION illegal aliens in the U.S. getting welfare, food stamps, housing, health care, etc. Not to mention the thousands of illegal aliens being supported and care for in prisons for commenting rapes, murder, robberies, etc. Plus, Obama slipped in hundreds of thousands of “ISLAMIC” MUSLIM members of Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. Whose killing thousands of Christian Muslims, unmarked cash with cash converted to foreign bills, knowing Iran will use this cash for their world wide terrorist cells. Also, maybe Whites needs to sue Italy and the Middle East, Whites holds the records thousands of years over the blacks as far as slavery and our ancestors weren’t sold into slavery by their own leaders, it was to wars, etc. Most White Americans are descendants of the Celtic people on the British Isles and Rome occupied Britain a 1000 years and killed many Celtic people and many were slaves. Islamic Muslims captured White Europeans and made them slaves. On famous Englishman in history who was a slave of the Islamic Muslims was Captain John Smith of Jamestown, VA fame. And to think, the liberals and black radicals loves Obama and he’s half WIITE, almost half MUSLIM less than 7% AFRICAN-NEGRO, not African-American, no American Africans in his bloodline. And his Obama Muslim ancestors were slave traders in the SUDAN, before moving to Kenya. It seems a lot of the black ministers of hate, like Sharpton, etc. knew all this, but they used each other for $$$ and to destroy our Republic.
    Real savages today do this after loyal Americans died for the flag and country!

  • thesafesurfer

    You poor ignorant fool.
    Native Americans were animists and believed that they could gain power from their captives.
    Europeans had absolutely nothing to do with it.
    The Iroquois talked with disappointment about torturing Europeans who screamed and cried uncontrollably.
    You poor ignorant fool.