Accuracy in Media

From the Free Beacon:

The U.S. Navy sent a small fleet of ships to the South China Sea in recent days as tensions continue to escalate over China’ territorial claims.

The Navy Times reported that the Pentagon has sent the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis, two destroyers, two cruisers, and the 7th Fleet flagship to the South China Sea, according to military officials. The report came on the heels of Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s warning to China that the country refrain from “aggressive” actions in the South China Sea.

Photo by #PACOM

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  • R Gary Branchaud

    Ho boy…here we go… World leaders need to sit down weekly together & watch film footage of past wars. We can serve them popcorn & have a ‘question & answer/sharing’ session between film changes.

  • Jarlsbane

    Hillary says we all owe Henry the K a big ‘Thank you!’ for “opening-up China.” Add that to needlessly prolonging the Viet Nam War for nothing more than his own personal advancement. America’s ‘Black Adder’.

  • Greg Zeng

    Next President of the USA, Donald Duck, is already making the USA great. ?