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Sanctuary cities, take notice: The Trump administration and the Department of Justice, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, will not take inaction on immigration lightly.

As NBC News reported, Sessions said that sanctuary cities will lose Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security grants as a result of their decisions to not share immigration information with federal authorities.

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  • mj_rocks

    Thank you for standing up for law and order. Sanctuary Cities have terrorized their own communities. Cut the funding of all federal services and arrest the police chiefs, mayors or whoever is aiding and encouraging these illegals.

  • Rick

    We the states placed into business the Federal Government, giving it certain “enumerated” duties among which is included the safety and security of us all.

    Sanctuary cities are not only unwanted, and unneeded, but are in fsact “criminal”. It is a criminal action because it provides sanctuary and protection to law breakers, by definition. It provides blockages that prevent the Federal Government, which we put in the business of protecting us, from protecting us!

    And if you look at sanctuary cities honestly, and judge them by what actions they take, they are, in effect, beachheads of communism and lawlessness.

    So, those who promote Sanctuary from the laws, or establish them, are law breakers, and we should arrest them, try them before their peers, and jail the guilty ones, the authorities that create “Sanctuary from the Laws”, so all Americans can be protected from law-breaking.

    Simple as That.

    Thank you Mr. Sessions. You obviously “know” your job.