Accuracy in Media

The allegations are just allegations, that Cruz had extramarital affairs with five women who are not his wife Heidi, including Donald Trump’s own campaign staffer Katrina Pierson. Despite Pierson being on his own campaign, Trump did not denounce the National Enquirer’s allegations.

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  • Johnny_Nick

    Why does Trump have to denounce the NE’s allegations? Isn’t it enough that he had nothing to do with circulating them and has said so? It’s been reported elsewhere that the Cruz sex rumors began with the Rubio campaign. It’s nothing to do with Trump.

  • bellez

    He made a statement that is why 1st time in my life I knew this publication was even in existence..another lying media source..Cruz blames Trump for EQ with no proof for submitting an article on Infidelity without proof yet threatens lawsuit not to EQ but to Trump..Sorry Cruz weasels like you are dime a dozen to Trump..They will never report Rubio is responsible never even though all the proof is out there because the is who the GOP still thinks they can get in office. They changed the rules at convention no longer candidate has to win 8 states

  • sblue

    Trump and Cruz supporters had better unite or we both will be guilty of handing the Whitehouse to Hillary. These are attempts, quite successful I might add, to break us apart. I will vote for either of these men.