Accuracy in Media

President Donald Trump has not fulfilled all of his campaign promises, said NBC News. Well, it is difficult to fulfill all of one’s campaign promises in the firs one-hundred days of one’s presidency.

The NBC News piece went over which promises he has made and which ones he has not kept, with unknown results since progress has either stalled or are moving along.

Did they do the same for Obama? Doubtful.

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  • Lee

    I am still waiting on my $2500.00 savings from Obamacare. why don’t you talk about that?

  • Lee Berry

    uuhhh – what is NBC news? (and why would anyone listen to them….)

  • xmisterx9

    I thought a Presidential term was four years… not 100 days.
    Just another bogus media concept that a Presidency has failed if all promises are not fulfilled in 100 days.
    The real failure is the Demo Party that has figureheads like Pelosi, Schumer and Waters. Disgusting people.