Accuracy in Media

He says he’s just the messenger. What do you think about Donald Trump tapping into the angry American voter?

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  • Humble

    The obviously well orchestrated disruptions at the Trump rallies, by the new useful idiots.. the new ‘Brownshirts’, exactly demonstrates how much America.. the real America, needs Donald J. Trump. Have you noticed.. no new Jihad attacks since his candidacy became established? Donald J. Trump is already protecting us… they know if they strike again now, he will be elected for sure. The sickies, the crazies and the betrayers are petrified by the thought of a real man, a tough man, with a true heart for America, spoiling their easy games.
    That’s why every news source and website are slanting every bit of information against him.. and that’s how we know… Donald J. Trump is good and true. TRUMP EM !!

  • Steven Barrett

    Humble, your prideful and vain assertions on The Donald’s part prove his critics claim. Look at who his biggest name backers are, and not just the celebs, but he more airy-headed elected public officials like Florida’s moronic but ever so devoutly Christian governor, Scott and Cong. Scott Desjarlais R-TN, whose record on abortion is at best checkered by his personal conduct, never mind any record of legislative flip flopping. And there’s this vote of his to block a bill designed to ban parents from taking their minor children to watch dog n’ cock fights. BTW, DesJarlais also holds an MD.