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That’s an interesting line of thinking by Donald Trump.

Trump, who made the attack during a rally in Little Rock, Ark., told attendees that Cruz “gave us Obamacare,” pointing to the Texas senator’s support of Roberts while he served as solicitor general of the Lone Star State.

“Ted Cruz goes out — you talk about liars. He goes out and says ‘Donald Trump loves Obamacare. I’ve been fighting this thing for 4-5 years. And by the way, if it weren’t for Ted Cruz, he’s the one that got Justice Roberts onto the United States Supreme Court. He pushed him. He approved him, and Justice Roberts approved Obamacare twice when it should have been rejected. His vote got it over the top. Ted Cruz did that. Ted Cruz gave us Obamacare, believe me.”

Photo by evan.guest

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  • sandra-paquette-

    As I have said before, Cruz does not crack up to what you really see. There is more to this guy that runs deep. Be-aware. Do I trust him, NO, Do I believe everything he says NO. He is your typical LAWYER double language.

  • Poppy

    Cruz wasn’t in the Senate when Roberts was approved. Further more is it reasonable to hold supporters responsible for decisions on issues that could not possibly be foreseen/defined at the time?
    Trump seems desperate here.

  • f–k you trump. ok??!!