Accuracy in Media

Maybe Joe Biden should have run against Hillary Clinton for the 2016 White House bid on the Democratic Party ticket after all, considering he’s still wincing from Trump’s victory.

Biden blasted his own party for staying silent on the woes and struggles of America’s middle-class, which was a large part of Donald Trump’s surprising victory over Clinton on Election Night. He said that the party ignored the middle-class in the 2016 cycle:

Former Vice President Joe Biden questioned the Democratic Party’s strategy for targeting middle-class voters, suggesting Sunday that Democrats “haven’t spoken enough to the fears and aspirations to the people we come from.”

“Because of the negative campaign that [President Donald] Trump ran, how much did we hear about that guy making 50,000 bucks on an assembly line, [and] the woman — his wife — making $28,000 as a hostess?” Biden asked a crowd of 1,200 at a campaign rally here.

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  • Rick

    I do not like this man because he caresses and plays with children in public to their obvious discomfort.

  • sox83cubs84

    Not to mention borderline groping of adult women.

  • Mike S.

    Gimme a break, Biden! DNC officials and the Clintons ran the presidential campaign like the captain of the Titanic! “Damn the icebergs; full speed ahead. We are invincible! No one can stop us!” Democrats should liquidate DNC assets and give them to the working class. Middle Americans can take it from there, thank you very much. We certainly don’t need Biden, Schumer, Warren, Obama, Soros, et al. They are the real losers.