Accuracy in Media

TIME Magazine felt that the anti-Trump “Tax March,” which allegedly took place in about 200 cities country-wide, was like the Tea Party rallies in 2009. There was no comparison made to the recent anti-Trump “Women’s March on Washington,” which had some vulgar remarks from some of the speakers.

The Tea Party is different from the “Tax March” because it was a grassroots effort to bring about a wave of political change. The “Tax March,” according to TIME, is similar to the Tea Party because of the following:

Saturday’s Tax March, which took place in nearly 200 cities around the country, was unusual for a liberal protest both in its subject matter and its specificity: rather than focus on more typically leftist issues like police brutality, climate change or reproductive rights, the Tax March was all about taxes, which is typically a rallying cry of Republicans. Specifically, the marchers had just one demand: to see Trump’s taxes.

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  • Poptoy1949

    Not at all. The Tea Party Marches never sparked Riots or tried to start trouble.

  • Lillian DeVore

    I’ll bet none of these protestors even pay taxes themselves.

  • lou7

    I went to several T-Party rallies and never was there one leader or group leading. It was people gather to express our concerns. We were not violent, vulgar, did not wear genitalia on our heads.

    We just held signs expressing our feelings about outrageous taxes that have only gotten worse. We marched from the Washington Monument to the Capitol Bldg. and not a piece of paper in the streets.

    We were country wide. Note that these marches are in the inner, demoratic cities that count on our taxes for welfare and all the other freebies. You would think they would thank us but no, they destroy our stores, streets, violence is a trade mark.

    This really needs to stop NOW!