Accuracy in Media

Joe Scarborough, a host of the MSNBC morning TV show, “Morning Joe”, officially declared that he’s left the Republican Party on late-night television. The irony is that his show was a conduit of how Donald Trump became the next President of the United States with their initial praise of then-candidate Trump.

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  • searchingfortruth

    It too Morning Joe a long time to realize what we all have known for some time.

  • Debbie Miller Parks

    did she not donate to the Hillary Clinton fund–and joe was always trying to underhanded say things about Trump. So he went to the side that supported crooked Hillary and all of the corruption that has been reveal. What does this tell you about this man–he is a little nutty.

  • c1

    i am so unset about this. Well, maybe not! Really, who cares?

  • James R. Currier

    GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE, now go home and kill yourself.

  • lou7

    Who cares? He’s a moron, left his wife and children for slutty Mika.