Accuracy in Media

From early on in the Obama Presidency, it was apparent that the mainstream media were virtually an arm of the Democratic Party. At the White House Correspondents dinner back in May 2009, the President openly joked: “I am Barack Obama…most of you covered me…all of you voted for me.” They laughed with glee at the open secret that the mainstream media are biased in favor of the President.

In a terrific piece in The Weekly Standard, executive editor Fred Barnes sums it up well when he says that “No president in my lifetime has been covered so favorably and so gingerly.” In what Barnes calls “The Four-Year Honeymoon,” he says that “The press corps loves to zing presidents for reneging on campaign vows. Obama, as I recall, promised a press conference a month, an immigration bill his first year in office, regular meetings with leaders of both parties in Congress, and unprecedented transparency throughout his administration. He kept none of them, prompting media near-silence.”

In the first press conference after the November 2012 election, the President took a question from reporter Christi Parsons. Before she was able to ask her question, the President said: “Christi was there when I was running for state senate…so Christi and I go back a ways.” To which Parsons fawningly replied, “I’ve never seen you lose.”

So it comes as no surprise that in virtually every controversy and every policy debate during the Obama Presidency, the mainstream media have covered for Barack Obama. The hypocrisy however, is striking when compared to the coverage given to George W. Bush, and that duplicity was recently described in painful detail by Barnes:

It doesn’t take much imagination to come up with actions that would have aroused the press if committed by Bush, but didn’t with Obama. The list is long. Both the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal and the Benghazi killings would have led to months of stories, investigative reports, and outraged commentary. But the media proved to be largely incurious in Obama’s case.

Hurricane Sandy created damage in the billions in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. The role of Obama and his administration in handling the emergency was scarcely addressed. It’s doubtful Bush would have been let off so easily. He certainly wasn’t in 2005 after Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast.

What if Bush had claimed in speech after speech that Democrats who opposed his policies were putting “party before country”? The media response to an insinuation that Democrats were unpatriotic would have been along the lines of, “How dare the president make such a dastardly claim!” But repeated mentions of “party before country” by Obama have been treated as perfectly acceptable.

We might have thrown in Obama’s less than transparent past, his radical influences, and other potential scandals. But Barnes made a strong case for this disturbing reality.

At the recent AIM conference, ObamaNation: A Day of Truth, Pat Caddell described the mainstream media as “the enemy of the American people” because they now decide “what truth…you may know as an American, and what truth you are not allowed to know.” Indeed, media bias is not just a “problem” or an “annoyance.” It is a fundamental challenge to the political health and future of America.

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  • greatj

    I cant believe how disgraceful the media is.Just look at M.S.N.B.C.and you will see their is no difference between them and Obama and the Democratic party.This is so dangerous.

  • boysenberry

    We dont have a media, we only have PRAVDA, just like the former Soviet Union.

  • RK

    It’s been this way for years now. The MSM is merely the broadcasting arm of the democratic party.

  • Luzmark1

    The problem is, what can we do about it but get folks together to put more conservative stuff out there. The Fox news is one against four. We need some of the smaller but effective conservative outlets to come together and form one or more conservative stations like Limbaugh or Fox.

  • gmalarki

    The audacity of hype. Barack Obama makes even Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter look competent. He beats Richard Nixon in neurosis hands down. Yet Mr. Aronof is correct. The relationship between the MSM and Barack Obama is about like that between Josef Goebbels and Adolf Hitler.

    Well, what are YOU going to do about it?

    I have been hearing conservatives and libertarians grumbling in their beer about “media bias” all the way back to the days of Barry Goldwater. Then they pay the bartender, get off the stool, go home, and go to bed–and that’s it! Phooey!

    This libertarian Republican DID something about media bias. I served two internships, got an M.A. in Journalism and diploma in Video, spent two years banging on the door of every two bit type lice infected weekly or daily in one state and large parts of two other states, and ended up in automotive technical writing—which at the entry-level paid twice as much. But I spent a lifetime of career frustration. There are unemployed, underemployed, and mis-employed conservative journalists all over the place.

    When conservatives and libertarians were complaining about Michael Moore, I did some internet checking. There were at least 100 organizations where an aspiring leftist film maker could get funding. There were ZERO, zip, zilch, nada
    conservative ones.

    With modern technology it is far cheaper than ever to set up a motion picture
    company. Who needs a printing press? With the internet anyone can set up a blog fairly cheaply and with the new technology and some guts do a credible job. The talent is out there and the technology is out there. What has been lacking is someone with the entrepreneurial spirit to make use of them.

    It is true the AVERAGE Washington correspondent gets co-opted by the Washington magnficoes within three years and comes to think the politicians, bureaucrats, wheeler dealers, and corrupt businessmen are as important as THEY think they are. After that, such a correspondent should either be told to toddle off to some other line of work or at least reassigned to covering hog calling contests at Iowa county fairs or some other assignment where he can’t hurt himself. H. L. Mencken pointed that out a long time ago. The same could be said of the average Lansing, Springfield, Columbus, Sacramento, or London, Moscow, Berlin, or Tokyo correspondent.

    Likewise the only things really understood by the average grinning idiot on TV news are sports and celebrity gossip.

    But there ARE undiscovered people with integrity, insight, knowledge, and the
    needed dose of cynicism who might just hold the big shots’ feet to the fire if given a chance.

    But they won’t be hired by the MSM. Or if one does, he has to toe the Politically Correct mark or what happens to him reminds me of nothing so much as what happened on a nature show I watched a long time ago. A coatimundi fell into
    the Amazon River among a school of piranhas. After each of his colleagues gets done taking a bite or two out of him, there is nothing left but fur and bones.

    Change must occur on the intellectual level before it can occur on the political
    level. But we must face the reality that most people are rather passive in the way they approach issues. Likewise they approach things in terms of archetypical personalities rather than ideas. Added to that they don’t crack a book after getting their terminal degree whether it is a high school diploma or a Ph.D. As H. L. Mencken observed long ago, the AVERAGE person is not at all moved by IDEAS of good government but instead enjoys a merry chase after a particular human example of bad government.

    To get through to people requires visual and auditory media. The movement has had great book-writers from Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard to Russell Kirk and T. S. Eliot. FEE, ISI, The Center for Constructive Alternatives, the Ludwig von Mises Institute and other organizations do great seminars. The talk radio windbags from Joe Pyne to Rush Limbaugh have done useful and marvelous work. AIM and other organizations have done admirable critiques. But when it comes to hard news and video documentaries, and “entertainment” movies, our movement has been AWOL.

    After four to eight years of college it is hard to impossible for a new graduate to
    raise the funding to start a blog, newspaper, or motion picture company even if
    he is not saddled with repressive student debt. After a few years’ of beating his head against a stone wall trying to break in, he gives up and goes to some more profitable line of work—if for no other reason than to move out of his parents’ house and try to obtain the normal marks of adulthood.

    It is time for a lot of conservatives and libertarians to put something where
    their mouth is, besides another Budweiser.

    Meanwhile, I need a job:

  • Poptoy1949

    The Main Stream Media has become, over the years, a Propaganda Machine for the Liberal Left. Let me very honest here…..I do not think GOD himself could have won the Presidential Election given the coverage by the media in the United States today. And for that I pray…..”GOD help the United States of America right now.”

  • Gary,
    While I agree with much of your diatribe, the begiinning premise is wrong. The low-eared man-child messiah is anything but incompetent. The man knows exactly what he is doing and much of what he does is for the long-term. Republicans and Conservative have long dismissed him as incompetent, an empty suit or a Manchurian Candidate. But realistically, look at what he has accomplished. Clinton couldn’t nationalize healthcare, Obama did. Green energy, building dependency on the Federal govt., etc. Other Dems. couldn’t get it done Obama did. We are now paying the price for our own hubris.
    Welcome to Amerika. Welcome to the new normal.

  • wsk

    We Conservatives can b!tch all we want about the media bias (and I guess we should continue), but our message is falling on deaf ears. We in Amerika have reached the tipping point: The parasites, the lazy and the entitled now outnumber the producers and that’s not going to change any time soon.

  • The Madhatter 46

    Orwell, in his work of fiction, “1984” shows how the media becomes “the Ministry of Truth”, the propaganda arm of the Big Brother society. Did he know that the Minsitry would become a reality? What is really scary is that this propaganda, which would make Dr. Goebbels and Lenin proud, along with the indoctrination of public education, is taken for gospel by more than 50% of Americans. The tyranny of the majority is upon us, and the dumber we get, the happier the Big Brother Government with its aristocracy engage in social engineering. Beware of the ‘Ring’, hope for a Frodo and a Sam.

  • peteski

    no surprise here,,,,I do not watch them, do not listen to them, do not trust them, period…..

  • zizi Newton

    Taking over that sleazebag Meygen Kelly’s time slot. Tucker Carlson is doing a really good job. The problem is, I doubt the liberal left would watch or read anything that represents views different from theirs.