Accuracy in Media

Despite the recent development of a limited end of California’s emergency drought order, leftists and liberals alike have blamed global warming and climate change on the ongoing drought in the state.

However, as The Daily Caller pointed out, the state of California has had droughts over the course of its history (even going beyond European settlement):

Scientists found evidence California suffered through “mega-droughts” long before European settlers arrived in the 18th Century. California is home to nearly 40 million people.

More recently, California went through a major drought in the 1970s and Brown — the very same — imposed emergency measures then as well. Scientists blamed that drought on a “cooling cycle.”

The “Dust Bowl” droughts of the 1930s spurred the construction of more extensive water systems in the state, which helped when the 1947-1950 hit and again during the 1959-1960 drought.

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  • look_later223

    The liberals just don’t have clue. Their climate change push is not based of facts. It’s emotion, greed, and a globalist viewpoint. The computer models they put out are generally wrong. If they cared about getting out the truth we would see national televised debates between skeptics and proponents. Instead they say skeptics should be imprisoned or executed. Now that’s really productive, isn’t it?

  • Craig Thomson

    Combustion produces heat. Combustion also produces carbon dioxide, which helps the atmosphere trap that extra heat. Multiplied by several billion, that warms the planet. If you seriously can’t understand that, you are a dope.

  • look_later223

    But we are mere products of the earth. The earth is much more durable then you think. Humans think we are much more powerful then they are. We aren’t as powerful as you so called environments think. All climate change proponents do is act emotionally. They adjust the facts to fit their story.