Accuracy in Media

The Washington Post published an article, entitled, “The Homecoming,” to editorialize on how Trump supporters are not enlightened as former conservatives-turned-liberals who grew up in the American heartland.

The article, which is more of a random story about how one Missouri Millennials has turned away from conservatism due to “peak enlightenment” toward liberal ideals, made it seem that Trump supporters cannot carry on normal conversations with liberals. The focus of the article, Emily, said she has reached “peak enlightenment” after going to receive a college education and converted to a political liberal.

However, it is Emily who is contentious, making it hard for people to talk about normal things without politicizing everything. It also doesn’t help that the author of the piece criticizes Trump for “demonizing” Syrian refugees, among several allegations.

See why “flyover country” (i.e. America’s heartland) cannot stand reporters or liberals?

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  • mioahu

    Ahahhaha, that’s what they found ? One person who went to college and got “enlightened” ? Plenty of those, just it’s not
    enlightenment , it’s indoctrination and talking points. As most people believe that they are smarter as they age as when they were younger, the fact that the country can still elect republicans given the massive indoctrination of our youth at all levels, goes to show just one thing : that as people age and become wiser, they switch from liberalism to conservatism. The opposite is quite rare, that would have been an interesting article, not one about a millennial, duh….It is even easier now to switch from democrats to republicans since the choice is clearer ; you don’t have liberalism on one side, you have leftism and anarchism…so liberals are more in line with conservative values than with the far left cooks in education, media, entertainment and all the leftist anarchist movements.

  • Rich Schmidt

    HA HA! The WaPo designating who is or isn’t enlightened. Now that’s rich!