Accuracy in Media

Ted Koppel, who is not known to be a neutral journalist and is a part of the old guard, liberal legacy establishment media, criticized Fox News host Sean Hannity over how he runs his TV program. Specifically, Koppel blamed the likes of Hannity for increasing polarization among the American people by prioritizing ideology and opinion over facts:

“You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.”

Hannity’s rebuttal was to trust the American people to make their own decisions and reach their own conclusions. Too bad Koppel did not recognize that the liberal media does the same, as far as misinforming the American public.

Did Koppel not realize that the moniker “fake news” resonated with Americans because they were tired of the same old liberal indoctrination by the liberal news media?

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  • Mike S.

    Our media defies the First Amendment, so fire the most egregious of media CEOs and appoint replacements while arranging for joint ventures that lessen overt bias. Obama’s administration ordered such actions with several corporations (GM and Chrysler come to mind), and the media thought it was all good. I would also freeze the U.S.-held assets of our enemies such as George Soros immediately. FDR, through an executive order (signed in London, no less), froze Japan’s U.S. assets six months prior to WWII to foment a war that would spread Marxism and protect Stalin.

  • Amargomate

    And for that reason, the 45 minutes recorded they show only few seconds…. what about the rest of it?
    Koppel and the liberal media ( can I say fascist media? ) are now in the open. The times they where able to say and do anything, and we the people have not other choices but them…. are over….
    More than ever the people voices can be ear now.
    And they don’t like that. They lost the control… and control is power.
    Koppel is part of the remains of another era, a time in which they made up things to their taste and desire without any chance for us, WE THE PEOPLE… to check them up.
    Party is over Koppel, go back to your pantheon and stay there.
    WE THE PEOPLE…. we don’t need you…