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Interesting development in the surrogate fight :

Conservative personality Glenn Beck attacked former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Wednesday night for her attacks on Sen. Ted Cruz on behalf of Donald Trump.

The Tea Party former governor, who endorsed the Manhattan billionaire last month, posted a Facebook statement Tuesday. In the post, Palin doubled down on Trump’s comparison of Cruz’s not holding his team accountable for possibly duping Ben Carson’s caucus supporters to how President Obama operates.

Photo by jdlasica

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  • SWS

    Glenn Beck is just as crazy and stupid as Sarah Palin. Its fun watching these right-wing extremists direct their hate toward one another. Implosion coming…

  • alaskan1st

    I only see fake Christians on the republican side. None would pass the Christian test. They hate. They lie. They don’t believe in equality. Maybe there aren’t any real Christians on the campaign trail at all.

  • Steven Barrett

    Just more and more of the same old “so’s your old lady” kid stuff. If this is what conservatism in this country needs to keep its true believers interested … just goes to slow how shallow these talk jocks are; much less their fans. Tiem for people to get a reality check and grow up.

  • sandra-paquette-

    Because Ted Cruz has Glenn Beck support honestly, would make me think twice.