Accuracy in Media

A recent study roiled the Left and encouraged pro-business advocates, who warned about raising the minimum wage too quickly. The study pointed out that the increased minimum wage in Seattle, Washington, decreased about $125 for minimum wage workers per month, or about 9% of their hours worked.

Talk about a failure of the union-backed ‘fight for $15’ wage fight.

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  • AngelHorseMomMD223

    While shopping at my local drug store on the North Seattle/Shoreline border I asked the checker why she doesn’t go across the street to work for a higher wage. Her answer, she would lose her benefits her food card and her medicaid insurance while commenting others have lost daycare subsidies all over a nominal wage increase that is unable to cover the lost benefits. This is just one of the reasons workers are unhappy with this. Some workers report their employers no longer offer free lunches low cost insurance for part time workers or bus passes in an effort to recoup the expenses mandated by the city.